Which app is used for increasing Instagram story views?

How to overlay photos on Instagram Story

Apps for Instagram Stories#1: Create Clean & Minimalist Templates with UnfoldUsing Instagram Stories templates is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your stories content! By using a set of templates for your Instagram Stories, you can create cohesive, on-brand content that aligns with your brand as a whole.

,If you arenu2019t comfortable creating or using templates in Adobe Photoshop, you can create templates on your phone using the Unfold app for Instagram Stories.

,Unfold exploded onto the scene this year with its library of clean and modern templates.

Itu2019s now one of the most popular template apps for Instagram Stories!,You may recognize Instagram Stories with filmstrip, Polaroid and minimalist borders from your favorite Instagrammersu2019 posts:,Unfold also lets you preview your story with u2018Story modeu2019, giving you a chance to see how your stories will appear on Instagram before hitting u2018postu2019.

,If youu2019re looking for a quick and easy way to give your Instagram Stories a more cohesive-look, Unfold is about to become your favorite app!,Free download: iOS & Android#2 Instagram Stories App: Customize Templates to Match Your Brand Aesthetic using CanvaCanvau2019s mobile app is another super-simple way to create beautiful Instagram Stories templates for your business, and you can create templates on your phone or on your desktop.

,For Instagram Stories, thereu2019s plenty of ready-made templates to choose from, and you can customize your template with millions of background options, 130 different fonts, and tons of graphics to create u201con-brandu201d templates for your business:,Once youu2019ve nailed your Canva template, itu2019s easy to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic on your Instagram Stories!,Check out our video to learn how to create Instagram Stories templates in Canva:Creating branded Instagram Stories templates will help save you time and maintain a cohesive presence across your stories, posts, and business as a whole.

And the best news u2014 no graphic design experience necessary!,Free download: iOS & AndroidApps for Instagram Stories #3: Add a Background to Your Photos and Videos with InShotHave you ever wanted to post a video but it wasnu2019t quite the right size? The InShot Video Editor is a photo and video editing app specially designed to make your content a perfect fit for an Instagram Stories post (or any other video platform!).

,Before getting started on your project, just make sure to select u201cCanvasu201d to adjust the size for Instagram Stories:,The InShot Video Editor takes your existing video and allows you to change it into various aspect ratios, and you can easily resize and crop it to fit Instagram Stories u2013 which is a serious challenge sometimes!,You can also place your video on a background; choose a plain colored background within the app, or upload an image from your device.

,It means great footage will never go to waste and you can easily share it with your followers on Instagram Stories!,Free download: iOS & Android#4 Apps For Instagram Stories: Schedule Your Instagram Stories Content with LaterPosting regularly on Instagram Stories is key to building an audience and increasing your views, and you can plan your stories just like you would plan other social posts in your content calendar.

,Now instead of coming up with new stories daily, you can add your photos and text directly to your Instagram Stories scheduler! By scheduling your content in advance, you can make sure youu2019re posting consistently and staying top of mind with your followers.

,All you have to do is drag and drop your stories on to the storyboard tool, and then re-arrange them to fit the order and look that you want.

,Next, you can add links or captions to your scheduled stories, which will be copied to your phone when itu2019s time to post.

,When itu2019s time to post, youu2019ll receive a notification on your phone.

And once you open the notification, your stories will be downloaded to your phone and caption or links copied to your clipboard, making it easy to post Instagram Stories in seconds.

,Scheduling Instagram Stories is one of the best things you can do to grow your business on Instagram in 2019!,Free download: Later is free to use, but youu2019ll have to upgrade to a paid plan to schedule stories.

,Schedule Instagram Stories!,Visually plan and schedule Instagram Stories with Later,UPGRADE NOW!,#5 Instagram Stories App: Add Colorful Stickers, Text, and Brushstrokes to Your Images with A Design KitDeveloped by the creators of A Beautiful Mess and A Color Story, A Design Kit is a fun way to add life to your images.

The app is packed with stickers, backgrounds, and realistic brushes that let you draw textures or colors directly on your photos:,A Design Kit is a great app for creating unique, eye-catching Stories with heaps of personality, that will keep your followers coming back for more!,If youu2019re looking for inspiration, you can also follow #ADesignKit to check out designs from other users in the community.

,Free download: iOS#6 Instagram Stories App: Create Text Graphics On-The-Go with Adobe Spark PostWhile Adobe is most-commonly known for its professional editing software, Adobe Spark Post makes it easy for anyone to create graphics on-the-go, no design experience required.

,This app for Instagram Stories has thousands of templates to choose from, including millions of free stock photos, filters, and fonts to help you create customized Instagram Stories content that perfectly aligns with your brand.

,This Instagram Stories app is totally free to use, and will have you creating high-quality, on-brand stories in just minutes!,Free download: iOS & Android#7 Apps for Instagram Stories: Create Dynamic Videos with MojoAdding animation to Instagram Stories is a great way to create super eye-catching content, and animation is a hot new trend right now!,Mojo app has everything you need to create stunning video stories viewers from swiping by.

The app is packed with hundreds of animated templates for whatever type of content youu2019re posting.

Mojou2019s templates are totally customizable too u2014 making it easy to trim, crop, add effects, titles, animation, change speeds, colors, and more!,Using Mojou2019s animated templates and either videos or still photos, you can create engaging Instagram Stories for your profile u2014 itu2019s particularly useful if you want to showcase a blog post or have some text content that you want to make stand out in your feed.

,Free download: iOSThereu2019s a ton of new apps for Instagram Stories that make it easier than ever to add animation to stories in just a few clicks! Check out our list of favorites here.

#8 Apps for Instagram Stories: Step Outside of the Classic Instagram Filters By Using VSCOVSCO has been deemed a fan-favorite photo editing app for quite some time now, but did you know you can also edit your video content in the app as well?,The lesser-known feature lets you add any of your favorite VSCO filters to your video content to help you maintain a cohesive aesthetic u2014 no matter what youu2019re posting.

,You can also make different adjustments such as contrast, brightness, temperature, and more in the video editor.

,Video editing in VSCO is an exclusive tool included in the VSCO paid membership, but it may be worth investing in if youu2019re looking to take your video content up a notch.

,Free download: iOS & Android,#9 Apps for Instagram Stories: Create Stop-Motion Stories with LifelapseIf youu2019re looking to step up your Instagram Stories content this year, youu2019ll definitely want to check out Life Lapse.

The app makes it easy to create high-quality stop motion videos right from your mobile device, and their handy tutorial guides you through every step of the process.

,According to Life Lapse, you can create stop motion videos u201c10x faster than with $15K+ worth of cameras, computers & pro editing software.

u201d All you need to create stop-motion videos is your camera, good lighting, and a tripod!,But Life Lapse is more than just a stop motion creator.

The app is also packed with editing tools, including a variety of different speeds, filters, and stock music, and an interval timer to help you get the timing of your video just right.

,Life Lapse is a great app for creating unique, eye-catching content that will give your Instagram Stories a high-production look (without the high-cost).

,Free download: iOS,#10 Instagram Stories App: Create Eye-Catching Content with StoryLuxeu2019s Template LibraryThe latest Instagram Stories template app catching users eyes is the new StoryLuxe app.

The app is packed with a wide variety of dynamic Instagram story templates, including the polaroid & instant film templates, neon, floral, and many more.

,Popular bloggers like Ellenor Kim (@spreadfashion) have already jumped on the new trend:,To get started, just select a template from one of the packs and add your photos and videos.

Next, you can enhance your story with StoryLuxeu2019s filters, background textures, and colors to fit your Instagram aesthetic.

,Free download: iOS ($2.

99/month for a premium subscription),#11 Instagram Stories App: Use the Smart Video Editor to Create Eye-Catching Content with MagistoGrab your audienceu2019s attention on Instagram by transforming your photos and footage into eye-catching videos with Magistou2019s powerful filmmaker.

,With over 90 million users, this easy-to-use app for Instagram Stories is packed with powerful editing styles that will have you producing high-quality stories content in just 3 easy steps:,Low on video content? This app for Instagram Stories comes with premium stock footage from iStock for you to use.

Magistou2019s smart video maker can even help you create a slideshow or video collage that feels like a true video using only photos.

,Download: iOS & Android#12 Apps for Instagram Stories: Add Captions to Your Instagram Stories with ClipomaticAnother great way to grab your audienceu2019s attention and make your videos more inclusive is by adding captions to your stories!,While this may sound pretty time-consuming, luckily thereu2019s an app that makes it super easy to do!,Clipomaticu2019s smart video editor turns everything you say into live captions.

This means you donu2019t have to type everything out u2014 the app does all the work for you.

,All you have to do is hit the magic record button, speak clearly, and your words will appear as stylish captions right on your recording.

You can also enhance your videos with their artistic filters to really u2018wowu2019 your viewers.

,Free download: iOS,#13 Instagram Stories App: Share Text Graphics That Stand Out with OverWhether youu2019re sharing tips, inspirational quotes, or want to add a creative twist to your campaign, Over is a great app for Instagram Stories that lets you overlay text and graphics onto your photos and videos!,Over has a u201cgazillionu201d photos, fonts, graphics, templates and tools to choose from to help you create high-quality, on-brand content.

,Using Instagram Stories templates is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your stories, and Over makes it easy to add a little movement to your perfectly on-brand content.

Overu2019s stock video library has tons of different animations you can choose to bring some life to your creation:,Pick a template or start from scratch; the options are seemingly endless.

Their loyal community even has a #bestofover hashtag to help you find inspiration from other creators if youu2019re ever feeling stuck!,Free download: iOS & AndroidDesign Stunning Instagram StoriesEasily design distinctive Instagram Stories with Over.

,Download Over#14 Instagram Stories App: Easily Create How-Tou2019s and Tutorials with JumpropeIf youu2019re frequently sharing tutorials or how-tou2019s, this is definitely the app for you!,Jumprope gives your content a professional edge, allowing you to easily create each step of your tutorial and add a link to where your followers can find each item youu2019re showcasing:,You can also edit the speed, music, text, and filters before exporting your video to Instagram Stories!,The Jumprope community includes beauty bloggers, fitness instructors, and DIY Instagrammers and more.

This app is a great way for you to connect with your followers and easily share something new!,Free download: iOS

How to put multiple pictures on one Instagram Story iPhone

Here is how to do it on iPhone/IPad,,You first add a photo to your story,And then you go to your photos, pick another picture, and press share,You then are given options, press Copy PhotoGo back to instagram and then you are given this option,If you donu2019t get this option press the text icon and press paste,Then youu2019ll get this,You can add as many pictures as you want using this method but once youu2019ve pasted the picture in you cannot move the first picture.

,Also I do not know if this method works on Android unfortunatelyu2026sorry :(,hope this helps,,~Rimsha

How to add multiple photos to one Instagram Story without Layout

Instagramu2019s new Layout featureOne of the great things about Instagram Stories is that you can add as many photos and videos as youu2019d like without cluttering your followersu2019 feeds.

Instagram is continually adding new features to enhance their Story experience.

On December 17th, the platform introduced the new Layout feature to Stories.

You can now add multiple photos to a single image in your Stories u2013 achieving a collage-like effect.

,How to use Layout:To access the new feature, open the Stories camera and select Layout.

You will then be able to choose between two and six photos to combine into a grid-based collage.

,How to add multiple photos to Instagram Story at onceIt is also possible to add multiple photos and videos to your Stories at once, in your desired order.

Sharing multiple images or videos in sequence helps the feature live up to its name: it tells a story in pictures.

This keeps your followers interested, making them more likely to stick around and view your whole Story instead of swiping through to the next one.

,Adding multiple photos to your Story is very similar to adding other kinds of content:,Open the Instagram app.

,To add a story, either tap the camera icon at the upper left corner of your screen, swipe left, or tap the + symbol next to your profile photo.

,The camera page will open.

Tap the gallery icon on the bottom left (where the most recent photo in your gallery will appear).

,To select multiple pictures, tap the u201cselect multipleu201d icon on the top right corner of your screen.

They will appear in your Story according to the order in which you select them.

You can unselect by tapping again.

,Tap u201cNext.

u201d,In the Story editor, youu2019ll be able to edit each photo and add stickers or text.

A preview of each photo will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Tap the preview to edit the corresponding picture.

,When youu2019re done editing, tap u201cNext.

u201d,Youu2019ll see a list of options of how to share the photos.

To share to your Story, tap u201cShareu201d on the top item of the list.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram story 2022

Best Instagram Courses:When was the last time you updated your Instagram marketing knowledge?Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms on the market.

The app generates some of the highest levels of audience engagement, as well as great returns on investment.

Visit this website, to get the best online course for Instagram growth.

,However, getting the best results from your Instagram campaigns means knowing how to leverage all of its unique features correctly.

,Instagram training courses are a valuable tool for social media experts looking to stay ahead of the curve with conversion-boosting techniques.

,The right courses will teach you how to make the most of new Instagram trends, respond to follower preferences, and optimize your campaigns.

,Instagram Training Course (Hubspot)Hubspot Academy CoursesHubspot Academy CoursesOffered by digital marketing experts, Hubspot, the u201cInstagram Training Courseu201d is a cost-free way to upgrade your Instagram expertise.

Hosted by Crystal King, the course consists of 6 separate sections, each dedicated to addressing a specific aspect of Instagram marketing.

,Youu2019ll begin by exploring the key elements to a successful Instagram marketing strategy and follow Crystal as she guides you through the process of building engaging content.

,The course also covers essential tips and tricks on how to not only attract but retain Instagram followers.

,Why enroll in this course?The HubSpot Instagram training course is an excellent entryway to a basic understanding of Instagram marketing.

Crystal conveniently breaks the content down into easy-to-consume video segments, each with its own key takeaways you can use in your Instagram campaigns.

,Youu2019ll learn how to set up Instagram ads, as well as how you can analyze and improve those ads in the future, using built-in Instagram reporting features.

,Why enroll in this course?u201cGet Started with Instagram Shoppingu201d is a great course for business leaders looking to increase their investment in Instagram for business growth.

,If you already have a basic knowledge of Instagram marketing, and now you want to leverage the platform for eCommerce, this is the course for you.

,Build an Online Business Presence with Instagram (Facebook)Facebook Online Training CoursesFacebook Online Training CoursesAnother bite-sized course from Facebook, u201cBuild an Online Presence with Instagramu201d is as beginner-friendly as they come.

Created specifically for people without any prior knowledge of Instagram, this course will give you an easy-to-follow introduction for building your business profile.

,Because this course comes directly from Facebook, it contains only official, reliable advice, so you know youu2019re not going to be led astray.

However, you may find the lessons a little lacking if youu2019re hoping to become an Instagram expert.

,What is Instagram Marketing?Instagram Marketing is a branch of Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing applied for creating campaigns, ads, and content to engage your audience and persuade them to take action, which can be sending a direct message, comment, share, like, or follow your account.

,The steps to make a successful Instagram Marketing strategy starts by understanding your niche and what type of content they are looking for.

Instagram relies heavily on visuals to create engaging content, and to get your followers attention you need to be prepared to invest in the right tools and professionals.

,The use of hashtags is the equivalent of SEO optimization inside this platform, so there are plenty of tools available to analyze what is necessary to make your content get in the Explore page or placing ads for your audience.

Since Instagram is under Meta (Facebook), some tools are used for setting up ads for both platforms.

,The professional applying those frameworks and creating campaigns can be a small business owner, a marketer, a freelancer, or independent professionals looking for a way to build their online presence and find the right positioning for their business.

,In 2019, there were almost 815 million Instagram users worldwide, and itu2019s estimated that it will reach 1.

2 billion users by 2023.

The distribution by age group shows that the majority of users are between 18-34 y.


which accounts for over 60% of the total.

So, you will definitely find your audience on the platform and/or a creator to advertise your business.

,Course Ranking MethodologyI built this ranking following the now tried-and-tested methodology used in previous rankings.

It involves a three-step process:,First, Iu2019m part of Class Central, the leading search engine for online courses.

We have a database of more than 50K online courses and hundreds of thousands of crowdsourced reviews.

So it seemed like the natural starting point.

,I started by leveraging the database to make a preliminary selection of Instagram Marketing courses, looking at things like ratings, reviews, and course bookmarks.

So this was a purely data-driven step, relying on hard metrics to create an initial ranking that we could then iterate upon and expand.

,Using this approach, some of the top picks rapidly became apparent.

However, ratings and reviews rarely tell the whole story.

So the next step was to bring my personal knowledge of online education into the mix.

,Second, I used my experience as an online learner to evaluate each of the preliminary picks.

,I took part in a couple of in-person digital marketing bootcamps back in 2018 and 2019.

Since then, thereu2019s been a big shift in the market.

New player, TikTok, has changed the way most of us used to do business on such platforms; Instagram is now a video sharing platform and YouTube launched YT Shorts to compete with TikTok.

Iu2019ve been following the current trends and can confidently say that the courses in the list will help you deliver great results, even though they cost a fraction of a traditional workshop.

,Third, during my research, I came across courses that felt well-made but werenu2019t well-known.

If I adopted a purely data-centric approach, I would have to leave those courses out of the ranking, if only because they had fewer enrollments.

,Instead, I favored a holistic approach.

Iu2019ve included more personal picks that hopefully surprise those of you who have already seen or taken the more popular social media marketing courses and are looking for something a bit different.

You can also clearly see courses aimed at specific expertise as in YouTube guides and build your personal branding.

,After going through this process u2014 combining Class Central data, my experience as a lifelong learner, and a lot of editing u2014 we arrived at our final ranking.

So far, Iu2019ve spent more than 12 hours building this ranking, and I intend to continue updating it in the future.

,I tried to keep this list as diverse as possible with content for novice marketers, 100% inexperienced beginners, small business owners, and other professionals interested in learning a new skill.

,Instagram Marketing: Instagram Essentials and Content Creation (Social Media College)This course was recently launched and it is one the most recent courses in this list.

This is an introductory course in Instagram marketing which makes good use of visuals and introduces us to networking with other Instagram users.

It is a great start for beginners with the platform on how to understand its features and develop your marketing strategy.

By the end of the course, you will have a general knowledge of the platform.

,This course can be accessed for free including quizzes and forums for 2 weeks.

However, if you want to have the certificate, you will have to pay a subscription fee.

,What Youu2019ll LearnSome topics covered in this course: Benefits of Instagram, Understanding the Algorithms, Algorithm Template, Situational Action Plan, Create Great Content, Insta-grids, Instagram Videos, Tools of Trade, Building your Connections, Sparking an Emotional Reaction, and much more.

,How Youu2019ll LearnThis course is divided into two weeks.

In week one, there are 3 modules consisting of videos, discussions, articles, and activities.

In week two, there is one module and one final quiz.

The course is well developed and challenging enough to keep you engaged throughout the process.

Participation in the discussion is optional, but itu2019s recommended that you take part in that to enhance your learning experience.

,Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads: Create and Scale Successful Campaigns (Skillshare)Realistic approach, one of the most down-to-earth instructors you will ever find, which is rare in the digital marketing world.

This instructor is beloved by her students:,u201cIu2019ve found Maggieu2019s classes are all exceptional.

She gives so much value in the video classes, but she gives even more information and resources in her well presented workbooks, which I just love.

I honestly think Maggie is actually one of the top teachers on Skillshare, she does have that tick but I believe it to be true.

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u201c,Instagram Marketing Strategy Course (Hubspot)This free course covers how to build and implement a successful Instagram marketing strategy and it is aimed at social media marketers, marketing professionals, and content creators.

,HubSpot is a software company that develops tools and integrations for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.

Hubspot Academy is their official learning resource which provides a variety of free courses with certificates on marketing and sales.

,Their mission is to provide well produced training and certification to transform the way people and companies grow in the digital age.

Learn everything about business topics, from quick and practical courses to comprehensive certifications.

,What Youu2019ll LearnLearn how to build and implement a successful organic Instagram marketing strategy, how to harness the power of this visual social network to grow your business, and how to Invest in yourself and your career by learning one of the most in-demand skills in digital and social media marketing.

,Some topics covered are: The Elements of a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy, Creating Remarkable Instagram Content, Instagram Post Template Tutorial, Setting Up Your Instagram Ads, Creating Remarkable Instagram Ad Content, and Analyzing Your Instagram Ads.

,How Youu2019ll LearnThis course is divided into 6 modules and 21 videos.

It includes study guides, practical exercises, 6 quizzes to test your knowledge, and a lively community of learners.

After completing all lessons, you can then take the final exam to test what youu2019ve learned.

If you pass, you will receive a certification which can be added to your LinkedIn profile.

,Top 10 Instagram Marketing Strategies to get more Followers (Udemy):This course is aimed for entrepreneurs and professionals with no experience on Instagram looking for creating an Instagram profile with engaging content.

Easy to follow content, with clear visual and step-by-step of the basic functionalities of the platform.

The course is presented in a voice over slides style and the instructor is experienced and knowledgeable.

,u201cThe instructor is showing everything very well explained by sharing his screen.

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After trying the strategies I have to say that it works much better than expected.

It is really the combination of all the things that is important and not just doing hashtag research or just one other strategy.

u201d u2013 Joe Dowd, learner,What Youu2019ll LearnLearn how to set up your Instagram profile, create high engaging content, get discovered on Instagram, tricks to gain massive followings, grow faster as a team, know what hashtags you should use, get on the Explore page, and exponential Instagram growth.

,How Youu2019ll LearnThis course is divided into 11 videos, 10-20 minutes long each.

The lessons are actionable tutorials that you can put in practice right away.

Besides the lectures, there is a lively community of learners easily accessible from the built-in forum on Udemy.

After completing all lessons, you will receive a certification.

,Instagram Strategy for Business Growth (Domestika)From the best seller instructor Dot Lung, you will learn a proven method to generate brand awareness and build a relationship with your audience.

This course is aimed for freelancers, coaches, consultants, and small business owners.

If you have fewer than 10k followers, this course is for you.

It can also be applied to personal branding.

,u201cReally good course!! Simple explanations, clear powerpoint and clear resume, the course is not too long but with importants details and all the basics, and all in english!! I think thatu2019s the best course about Instagram strategyu201d u2013 Arya (learner review),What Youu2019ll LearnIn this course you will learn to use the Dragon Framework which consists of a method developed by the instructor to create engagement.

Some points discussed in this course are: Dialogue, Relatability, Authenticity, Giving value, Niche clarity, Scale, Content Strategies to Give Real Value, Creating Post (carousel and image post), Measuring Results, and more.

,Instagram Marketing Courses:Despite that, making money, generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and other goals can be accomplished through Instagram.

Just because growth is hard doesnu2019t mean itu2019s impossible.

You just have to work hard, be consistent, and deliver the best strategies for long-term growth.

,So why online courses? Online courses are convenient, less intense, and make it easier to learn new ideas from anywhere in the world.

They are reliable and helpful for anybody in any industry.

,So if you want to make the most of your Instagram strategy, get more followers, or just learn everything you can about the social network, these are the top Instagram marketing courses we recommend for you.

,Are you on the lookout for the best Instagram marketing courses and training? Look no further, this article has got you covered! Get a clear picture of what makes these institutes the best, here.

,Considering 200 million Instagram uses visit at least one business profile every day and a potential Instagram advertising reach is 849.

3 million, creating a sponsored ad that reflects your brand can be an effective way of using Instagram for marketing.

,This platform is no more just a photo and video sharing app, it is been used phenomenally well by many businesses/individuals to build their brand.

,Over the years, Instagram has emerged as one of the most important social media platforms for marketing.

,Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users and it is interesting to note that over 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business profile here.

,So, for a marketer, building an audience on Instagram has to be a priority, because this platform has potentials and it is evolving continuously.

,However, many people are not aware of how to make the best out of story ads and other ways to make money on Instagram.

,You can learn Instagram marketing by trying the best free instagram marketing tools or by taking up an effective Instagram marketing training course.

,Why use Instagram for Business?Instagram is the best platform for Emotional Marketing,If you are on Instagram, you already know that storytelling is a huge part of the marketing strategy on Instagram.

,The audience here increasingly makes purchases driven by feelings (happy, pride, sentiments, passion, trust, etc) and not much of logic.

62% of users became more interested in a brand/product after seeing it in stories.

,So performing emotional marketing by using evocative images and videos can be a lot more effective on this platform when compared to other social media platforms.

,Visual Content Perform Better on InstagramFocusing on visual aesthetics is one of the most effective characteristics of Instagram.

,Visuals have the power to inspire people immediately to look at the brandu2019s profile and also to follow.

32% of marketers believe visual images are the most important form of content, while 51% of B2B marketers prioritize generating visual assets as a part of their content marketing strategy.

,If you know how to create great visual ads, Instagram is the way to go.

,Brand Engagement Rate is Lot Higher on InstagramThe user engagement rate with a brand post is much higher when compared to Facebook and Twitter.

,Brand Engagement on Instagram is around 4.

21%, while Facebook is at 0.

07% and Twitter recorded 0.


,That is 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 150 times more than Twitter.

,For better ROI and brand engagement, you must learn how to get to build a brand on Instagram.

,Marketing on Instagram is Easier than saidBuilding followers can be tricky, but it sure is fun.

,Instagram is all about capturing moments, you donu2019t have to post your business hours or share if their friends visited your store before.

,It is used to engage and thatu2019s what makes it so effective when it comes to gaining popularity.

,Tell your story by adding value to your followersu2019 lives and you will automatically see authentic leads coming your way.

,There are many more benefits of creating an Instagram marketing strategy, but to maximize your effort you must first learn how to market on this platform.

,Here are some of the best Instagram marketing courses that help you remain consistent in your efforts.

,List of The Top 10 Instagram Marketing Course and Training Guides Online1.

Sorav Jain u2013 Instagram Influencer Mastery BundleWith Sorav Jain you can discover how to become a highly paid influencer on Instagram in 2020 and opt for his tremendous course on Instagram Influencer Mastery.

,The course curriculum is extremely powerful in terms of how to build a brand and convert followers into customers.

It is one of the best Instagram marketing courses you will come across that you can complete and master in just 5 weeks.

,So, learn how to use Instagram, from beginnersu2019 level to advanced and updated techniques, with easy to understand online video tutorial by the industry expert now!,BUY INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER MASTERY NOWSorav Jain is an entrepreneur, digital marketing and social media expert.

CEO of digital marketing agency echoVME Digital, Sorav Jain by now has conducted hundreds of workshops, seminars, and training associated with digital marketing and social media.

,Sorav has offered an in-depth digital marketing course for free in both Hindi and English and currently offering a free webinar on how to become a highly paid digital influencer.

,This particular course on Instagram marketing is an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide on how to make money on Instagram.

It is a 12.

32-minute long video explaining every small detail on how to grow your followers, how to select the right niche, how to get best out of sponsored ads, best tools, and more.

,This guide can help you make money on Instagram even if you have never used Instagram before.

You can subscribe to Soravu2019s YouTube Channel to get the latest updates and free digital marketing lessons.

,Udemy u2013 Instagram Marketing 2021: Complete Guide to Instagram GrowthUdemy is a reputed online learning platform with over 100000 courses and 24 million students.

Udemy has many digital marketing courses and social media courses amongst which Instagram Marketing Courses are followed by millions of students.

This particular online Instagram marketing course is hosted by Benjamin Wilson from Entrepreneur Academy.

,This course teaches how to attract hyper-targeted Instagram Followers, convert them into paying customer and expand your brand using the platform.

It includes 5.

5 hours on-demand video, 8 articles, 53 downloadable resources, full lifetime access, and course completion certification.

The course covers everything from setting up a powerful Instagram account to attract real targeted followers and grow your business on the platform.

,HubSpot Academy u2013 Developing an End-to-End Instagram Marketing Strategy for your BusinessHubSpot Academy is one of the best places to learn about inbound marketing, sales, customer service, and more.

People like HubSpot because they offer bite-sized lessons for people looking to grow their business.

This course from HubSpot Academy is hosted by the very knowledgeable Crystal King, who mainly focuses on teaching social media strategy.

,This course focuses on teaching how to build and implement a successful organic Instagram marketing strategy.

It has 4 lessons, 13 videos, 3 quizzes and 1.

35 hours of completion time.

The course curriculum includes the elements of a successful Instagram marketing strategy, creating remarkable Instagram content and how to get more Instagram followers.

These modules will cover everything that a professional will need to set up a brand and promote it.

,Neil Patel u2013 The Marketeru2019s Guide to InstagramCo-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics, Neil Patel is widely recognized as a digital marketing guru.

He had been kind enough to share his knowledge on everything from SEO to blogging and digital marketing.

In an interview with Neil Patel, we discovered doing 12 to 24 stories on Instagram in a day by breaking into different intervals can be great for business.

,Although this is not a course on Instagram marketing, it is an inclusive guide that includes how to get started on Instagram, grow your followers to user-generated content, using hashtags in the best way possible and how to do influencer marketing on the platform.

Data, statistics, and screenshots make the guide interactive and interesting.

Bookmark this course and come back whenever you need some useful advice on Instagram marketing.

,Social Media Examiner u2013 Instagram Marketing: Your Complete Guide to Instagram SuccessFounded by Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner strives to help millions of marketers in discovering how to uses social marketing to connect, engage and generate leads.

This particular guide is a pool of resources that can push your Instagram marketing efforts at its best.

,The guide is segregated in various sections including getting started on Instagram, using Instagram tools, improving your Instagram Marketing, advertising on Instagram, how to run a successful contest and more.

This guide is full of links, tools and blog posts having advice and steps to understand better about Instagram.

You will also find tips, tactics, and strategy related articles that can help you develop a successful Instagram marketing plan.

,Course Fee u2013 FreeCreativeLive u2013 Growing Your Audience on InstagramCreativeLive is an online education platform that designs live classes in the field of photography, art, marketing, business, entrepreneurship and more.

This course is conducted by Pei Ketron, who is a photographer, traveler, and educator from San Francisco.

In this particular course, he teaches about expanding your business using Instagram.

That includes best practices, growth strategies, creating powerful visual content, and more.

,This course has 13 video lessons, 2h 2m of class content, lifetime access, streaming, and offline access and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

The course modules are divided into step by step guide explaining why Instagram, how to step up a profile, how to leverage hashtags, do and donu2019ts, and more.

,Later u2013 Instagram TrainingLater is an Instagram Scheduler and Social Media Platform where you can visually plan, schedule and analyze your posts for Instagram and other networks.

This website has an easy-to-understand free Instagram Training course, which deals with the latest and trendy information about the platform.

,This guide can be very helpful for beginners as well as experts because they keep updating their courses and add real growth strategies with the latest updates.

The course has downloadables, videos, how-to guides, and case studies for better understanding.

Course modules include how to create an Instagram Content Plan, Instagram for business, Instagram stories templates and more.

,Proideators u2013 Instagram Marketing & Advertising Certification TrainingProideators are one of the leading online certification training providers covering all aspects of digital marketing.

They specialize in both online and classroom training.

They have experts for every training module that tries to create a successful learning experience for the students.

These are certified professionals sharing a powerful resource pool of tips, tricks, and great advice.

,Instagram Marketing course components include u2013 how brands are using Instagram, targeting people, developing an action plan, make money using the platform and more.

You will also learn the kind of content one should avoid and how to integrate Instagram content across all channels.

,Instagram Marketing 2022: Complete Guide to Instagram GrowthWant to turn your followers into paying customers? Or even loyal long-term customers? Well, this course can help you accomplish just that.

And even if you donu2019t have any followers right now, you shouldnu2019t worry because it will also guide you to the 10k journey.

If you want to make a brand for yourself or your company, this might be the right choice.

,Your instructor is Benjamin Wilson, or as he calls himselfu2026 Benji.

Benjamin in association with the Entrepreneur Academy created this in-depth course.

They have about 260,000 students each and the newest, most innovative marketing strategies.

,By the end of the course, youu2019ll have learned how to build your business or personal Instagram account that converts followers into paying customers, how to convert your followers into loyal long-term customers that love your brand.

,You will also learn how to use all Instagram features as well as step-by-step guides on how to utilize these functions to grow your account and market your business, how to attract 10,000 targeted followers for your Instagram account, and last but not least, youu2019ll learn all the growth and marketing strategies that are out there.

,Therefore, if you have the Instagram app installed on your mobile device, youu2019re ready to go.

Thatu2019s everything you need!,Itu2019s crazy but this course is a Best Seller with over 160,000 students.

160 thousand students in only one course!,Introduction to Social Media MarketingThis course is mainly addressing the beginners of the Instagram journey.

Itu2019s not focused on Instagram but it speaks about social media as a whole.

The reason I decided to include it in this list, is because itu2019s offered by Facebook.

,Yeah, the famous Facebook.

The Mark Zuckerberg Facebook.

Actually, itu2019s called Meta now.

So, yeah, itu2019s offered by Meta.

,By the end of this course, youu2019ll have learned how to understand the landscape of traditional, digital and social media marketing, how to understand the major social media platforms ( including Instagram ), how to create SMART goals, identify KPIs, and define your target audience and their customer journey and last but not least, how to choose the right social media platforms and learn how to create social media policies.

,The course already has over 150,000 students enrolled right now and more and more people are joining this professional certificate to become Social Media experts.

,By the way, if you find Coursera courses useful, which they are because they are created by reputed companies and universities around the world, I suggest you join the Coursera Plus, a subscription plan from Coursera which gives you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects.

,Instagram Marketing 2022: Hashtags, Live, Stories, Ads & moreThis course is a whole journey.

The main concept is growing and marketing Instagram pages.

In fact, the instructor walks you through his process of growing accounts on Instagram.

Youu2019ll see how he managed to grow an account to 40k followers in only 4 months.

If it sounds too good to be trueu2026 well, it is true so no need for further doubts.

,Your instructor is Evan Kimbrell, the founder, and director of SprintKick, a digital marketing agency.

Evanu2019s courses have been featured on famous sites like Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more.

Currently, he has about 660,000 students in Udemy.

Thatu2019s over half a million!,By the end of the course, youu2019ll have learned how to create a successful themed business or personal account on Instagram, how to design a cost & time-effective content strategy that works for long-term growth.

,Moreover, youu2019ll be able to shoot your own personal video for Instagram as well as identify, research and pick the best hashtags for each of your posts.

All these and many many more are skills that youu2019ll have gained by the end of this Instagram Marketing course.

,This course is perfect for both beginners and more advanced students.

Hereu2019s the processu2026 Youu2019ll first start by learning the basics, then youu2019ll go on to exploring intermediate growth strategies and once you have established a consistent system for growing your audience, Evan will get lead you to deeper and more advanced concepts.

,10 Instagram Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-FiguresPassive incomeu2026 We all love it donu2019t we? You just sit around all day and money come in like crazy.

But did you know that you can make passive income with Instagram as well? Yeah, you can and this course is all about that.

Making passive income only by your Instagram account.

Sounds amazing right?,Your instructor is Nik Swami.

Nik is a multiple-business owner that generates consistent passive income.

His content has gotten millions of views and thousands of positive reviews.

Right now, he has over 36,000 students on Udemy and heu2019s consistently growing.

,By the end of this course, youu2019ll have learned how to supercharge your Instagram profile, how to grow fast with Instagram influencers, how to use an Instagram hashtag framework, how to get shown on the explore page.

,You will also learn how to get tremendous results with Instagram ads, how to post high-performing content, how to do authentic engagement hacking and youu2019ll also learn the 10 best Instagram Marketing strategies that have been used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars every year passively.

,These strategies are your race to the top.

When you have such an opportunity, you donu2019t let it slip away.

Currently, the u201c10 Instagram Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Figuresu201d course has more than 9,000 students.

,The Complete Instagram Marketing MasterclassInstagram Leader.

How does that sound? Good right? How about crushed competitors? Even better! In addition to these 2, how about a raving fan base and Instagram domination? Now, itu2019s great.

What do all these have to do with the course? Wellu2026 thatu2019s the course.

Everything I mentioned above is the course.

Actually, itu2019s not a course.

Itu2019s a masterclass.

,Your instructor is Diego Davila in association with the Up Mind Academy.

The numbers talk for themselves in this case.

If we combine the student amount of Diego and Up Mind Academy, we get over a million students.

Diego has about 650,000 and Up Mind Academy about 450,0000.

Iu2019m telling you, you have to be really good in order to reach these numbers.

,By the end of this course, youu2019ll have learned how to create a content masterplan that will generate the best results while saving you money, time, and energy, how to create a trustful relationship with your Instagram fans, customers, and business associates, how to create a strong Instagram presence overall, how to use Instagram to increase traffic to your website, store, etc.

, how to avoid strategies that donu2019t work and how to become a Leader on the Instagram platform.

How to put multiple pictures on Instagram post

You can create a slideshow video using Ripl.

Or use InShot to add videos and images together.

,Both are apps.

How to put multiple pictures on one Instagram story Android

A cool breeze! Thats how easy it is to put multiple pictures on one story on Instagram on Android:,From your Insta Stories section, either take a photo, or upload one from your phone.

,After your picture uploads, you will see a Sticker section.

Choose to add a Photo and upload your other photo or photos.

,Thats it! Upvote if you find this useful.


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why cant i add multiple photos on one instagram story

You can create a slideshow video using Ripl.

Or use InShot to add videos and images together.

,Both are apps.