What are some photography tips you would like to give to a beginner photographer with his first DSLR?

Photography tips for beginners DSLR

Step 1: Realise that, especially as a beginner, your camera model and lens donu2019t make any difference at all.

Later as you gain some skill, such things might make a difference.

Right now? doesnu2019t matter.

,Step 2: Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot,Step 3: Review, figure out what you like and what you donu2019t like.

Delete everything except one or two shots.

,Step 4: Read, look at, study photos from the masters.

Yes Ansel Adams, but there are others.

,Step 5: Shoot shoot shoot shoot.

Yu2019know whatu2026 this is a constant step.

Always be shooting.

,Step 6: See the world as a child.

,Step 7: Rinse, lather, repeat.