How to take good photos with phone for Instagram

How to take good photos with phone of yourself

Just place the phone somewhere and put the timer for a selfie.

Or like this photo ask someone to make the photo ud83dude02

How to take pictures with Android phone

The Bluetooth remote is considered as a keyboard , so just connecting it and setting up the camera to take shots using the volume buttons then the remote will work for sure

Mobile photography photos

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How to take better pictures of yourself

U can use a tripod stand and set the time interval in ur camera.

How to hold a phone while taking a picture

I assume you are asking about whether to shoot portrait or landscape (vertically or horizontally ).

The clue is in the name.

Back when photos were printed you chose the shooting orientation to suit the subjectu2026a tall building, or a person, is best shot vertcally.

A view of the Grand Canyon is best shot horizontally.

(That is the general case.

There are exceptions to both.

),With printing being far less common today what may come in to play is the question of how the photo will be viewed.

If the expectations are that it will be on a phone then vertically may be fine.

If its going to be on a monitor, then horizontal may be best.

,That being said, I am old school.

Thinking that there is one correct way to hold your camera (whether its in your phone or not) focuses on the tool, not the photograph.

The decision about orientation is an aesthetic one and should be based on the subject matter and the result you are trying to achieve.

Mobile camera settings for better pictures

Here are some cool photography tips!,These tips improve photography even if you donu2019t have flagship mobiles.


Rule of thirds:Enable grid in your camera settings.

The object you are focussing while taking a picture should coincide with any two of the four intersection points formed by the lines of the grid.


Symmetry:Symmetry can be really useful to capture some pleasing photos.

Look for symmetry in your location and try capturing the object with symmetry.

It really pleases the viewer.


Frame in the frame:Add a frame in the background to make the photos interesting.


Rule of odds:Rule of odds tells you that a photo looks more cool and pleasing when you have an odd number of objects or subjects.

Studies have shown that people like objects with an odd number of subjects.

This is pretty cool.


Use the light:Use the natural light surrounding you to get a perfect picture.

Get a perfect balance.


Perspective:This completely depends on your perspective.

Observe the surroundings and get the perfect shot of the object.

,Use these tips to get some really amazing cool pictures.