What do teenage bedrooms look like today?

Mario characters names and pictures

Iu2019m 16 and I share my room with my 14 year-old sister.

And before you think thatu2019s bad, I love to talk with her at night so the idea of having my own room does not interest me.

,Anyway, I took some photos so that you all could see what a ridiculous wall color choice we made when we were younger.

,First off is our closet.

Itu2019s not clean and my sisteru2019s desk lays unused, full of clutter.

Thereu2019s an empy u201c?u201d box in the corner that I found while at Gencon with my dad.

The laundry is full and the childhood stuffies are crammed on the shelf.

The most important part of our closet is the corner since it holds our sweatshirts and jackets.

,Next is my sisteru2019s old dresser, u201crenovatedu201d to hold our art stuff like old sketchbooks, paper, materials and tutorial books.

Above it is a lame collection of our books that I admit I have not read all of.

Above that is a spider-man poster from a magazine along with a joke picture my sister drew (she messed up so she let me draw on it), some lazer tag scores, a pogo stick guyu2019s buisness card (I thinku2026), and the funeral schedule for my late teacher who passed away this semester.

Hanging from the ceiling are some paper lanterns and a very old mobil of our solar system (minus pluto, sadly) that glows in the dark.

,Turn left and youu2019ll see my sisteru2019s bed.

Her favorite color is orange so as you may guess, sheu2019s got an orange comforter.

Three lion photos we found at a thrift store hang above her pillow along with a bunch of her drawings.

On the wood column is her sketchbook, a notebook, and her 3DS, I believe.

You can see our weird-looking dresser thing between our beds that our parents just decided to plop in our room one day.

The only thing we use it for is hiding pop cans.

,Look up at the same wall as the mini library and you will see some posters.

A Super Mario character layout that was from 5-below, a water sprite that I bought for her, a Jurassic World poster that we got when going to see Inside Out of all things, an Avengers poster that was from one of those Spider-Man magazines, and a couple of art pieces by her.

On her shelf is a dragon mirror, her alarm clock (thatu2019s only used by me to glance at the time while Iu2019m laying down), an unused kitty bank, her PSP and Gameboy, and some remains of japanese food.

,On the left side of the room is my bed.

Sadly, you cannot see my pretty bedspread because of the extra blanket, but oh well.

My headboard has some of my stuffed animals (most from thrift stores) and a box of tissues for sickness emergencies.

Iu2019ve got yet another Spider-Man poster on my wall along with a picture of a tree drawn by the same guy who did the water sprite that my sister owns.

The Kanji by my giraffe says u201cHappinessu201d.

Iu2019ve got a lot of nonsense on my shelf and even more nonsense on my dresser.

(you can also see a part of my sisteru2019s bow hanging on the wall).

,The last angle beholds my three posters that I do so love.

u201cStarry Nightu201d by Van Gogh (sadly, my mom bought one that doesnu2019t have red in it for some reason so itu2019s not entirely accurate), a crap ton of MARVEL characters, and some of the Avengers.

I also have a wood sword that my friend made me that is now glued to the paint by sticky putty.

A small nightstand sits alone by the door and holds my candy (when I havenu2019t eaten it all), and my old homework.

Our trash can is itu2019s neighbor.

,Lastly, here is whatu2019s on our door.

The picture of Dr.

Suess was made by my sister last year and the u201cGotta go fastu201d was also heru2019s.

The japanese is my name and that photo is us when we were younger.

Also, the curve with Skrillex is from one of my tests in Conceptual physics freshman year.

,And there you have it.

Sure itu2019s got greenish yellow and dark blue walls with blue carpet, but I still love it.

And I love staying up with my little sister even more.

Just donu2019t tell our parents, their room is right above ours!

Male Mario characters

The main characters, Mario and Luigi, have it because of the design limitations of 8-bit.

They then carried the big nose and moustache design onto their more developed titles:,You find the big nose on a lot of 8-bit characters, including Link, who no longer has a big nose:,They stuck to the big noses when designing other human Mario characters, including Mario and Waluigi:,Compare the 8-Bit males to the 8-Bit females and youll find that they had smaller noses.

Peach:,And Pauline:,If you look at the arcade machine for the original Donkey Kong, youll find that Jumpman (now Mario) has a big nose and Lady (now Pauline) had a smaller nose:,Hes a bit of an Italian stereotype, really.

,In other words, they kept the design details of the original games and have made it a crucial part of the games character design philosophy.

If they suddenly now revealed Marios long lost step-brother, hed probably also have a big nose

Mario Characters tier list

According to Event Hubs, Kirby is considered one of the worst characters in the game competitively-speaking.

He currently ranks 71u2019st on their tier list, below such characters as Ganondorf and Dr.

Mario and just 3 spots above Little Mac.

Mario Kart Mario characters

Other than Mario or Luigi (who I already wrote about here), my favorite character from the series would probably be Rosalina.

,Rosalina is a princess who calls the galaxy her home.

Her main duty is to protect the universe, as well as these adorable, star-shaped creatures called u201cLumasu201d.

How much cooler could that be?,Her first appearance was in Super Mario Galaxy.

She serves as a playable character in some of the Mario Kart and Mario Party games, in Super Mario 3D World, and in the two latest games in the Smash Bros.


,A wallpaper of Rosalina and her Luma from Super Smash Bros.


,Why do I like Rosalina? Her gorgeous, pale blonde hair; her flowing, Elsa-like teal dress, her calming voice, and her majestic height, of course.

,And because sheu2019s probably one of the most interesting and well-developed characters in the Mario series, as well as a very resilient, kind, and strong woman.

Part of those qualities stem from her difficult backstory.

,When Rosalina was a child, she selflessly took on the responsibility of having to traverse through planets and comets to help find a lost Lumau2019s mother, and having to help build a spaceship which would eventually become their observatory.

At the time, Rosalina had these recurring dreams in which her mother was leaving her forever, and while looking back at her planet after passing the one hundredth comet, she suffered the pain of realizing that her own mother died.

It is evident that her past probably sculpted her once more outgoing, dynamic personality into a more reserved one.

,Rosalina is wise u2014 she has a very deep and intimate knowledge of how the universe works and the cycles of life within the universe.

She cares enormously for the lives of her Lumas and serves as a kind of mother figure for them.

She also shows few signs of impatience, and never gives up on supporting Mario/Luigi in his quest to save his special one, as well as the lives of the Mushroom Kingdomu2019s citizens.

,I personally like her over the other Mario princesses.

For example, Rosalina is not like Peach, who although may be sweet and friendly, continuously struggles to learn from her past experiences because she almost always ends up being kidnapped (with some exceptions such as in Super Princess Peach).

I like Daisy too, and I like how spunky and outgoing she is, but she can be a bit tough and hard-headed sometimes.

,,Rosalina also has some pretty awesome superpowers as well.

,She can do magic.

,She can levitate.

,She can do telepathy (couldnu2019t find an image for that).

,She can form force fields around herselfu2026,and even around her entire observatory!,,And thatu2019s why Rosalina is possibly my favorite Mario character, other than the brothers themselves.

,May the stars shine down on whoeveru2019s reading this.

All Mario characters and enemies

Not at all.

Mario & Donkey Kong both stem from the same game - being Donkey Kong (1981).

,Mario has a deep history with DK and there is always a connection between the two in their respective series.

,For starters we have Cranky Kong:,This old coot is a mainstay of the Donkey Kong Country series, but heu2019s actually the Donkey Kong that Mario faced in the classic Donkey Kong series.

,Moving on, thereu2019s obviously the inclusion of Donkey Kong and his buddies in the Mario Spin-offs, namely Diddy Kong and Funky Kong, who have appeared in various Mario Karts, Parties and Sports Games.

,Stages based on Donkey Kong Country Games also often appear in these Mario Spin-offs, such as DK Jungle from Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8:,In this stage, you can see Donkey Kongu2019s Treehouse, the Golden Temple and even some enemies from Donkey Kong Country Returns, such as Tiki Goons and Frogoons.

,Thatu2019s not even getting to the Main series games of Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country.

If we look at Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddyu2019s Kong Quest, Mario can be seen in Crankyu2019s Museum as one of the great Video Game Heroes:,If we look at Super Mario Odyssey, New Donk City is absolutely full of references to Donkey Kong characters, such as King K.

Rool, Candy Kong, Tiny Kong, Expresso the Ostrich, Cranky Kong, Dixie Kong, Rattley the Rattlesnake, Rambi the Rhino and Squawks the Parrot.

Thereu2019s even a Diddy Kong Costume that Mario can buy and wear.

,Thereu2019s also Donkey Kong Land, where the Kremlings take over New Donk City for a period of time and Donkey Kong must save it.

,And Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze which has one of Bowseru2019s Tanks from Super Mario Bros.

3 in the background of one of the stages:,And thatu2019s without even mentioning the Mario Vs.

Donkey Kong series!,Mario & Donkey Kong have a connection that goes all the way back to their roots.

Theyu2019re so connected that I think you could safely call any Mario character a Donkey Kong character and any Donkey Kong character a Mario character.

,Thanks for reading!

Mario characters Costumes

If you are using someone elseu2019s character without their permission in your own product, you are most likely infringing on their copyright to that character.

There are limited Fair Use exceptions, but you would need to discuss the details of your intended use with an intellectual property attorney to determine your legal risk.

Mario characters Mushroom

Iu2019m not sure if this counts as a nickname, and itu2019s definitely not a very appropriate one.

But I loved it when porn actress Stormy Daniels, with whom president Trump famously had an affair while married to Melania, compared his manhood to the Super Mario character Toad.

,As Daniels wrote in her juicy little tell-all:,u201cHe knows he has an unusual penis,u201d Daniels writes.

u201cIt has a huge mushroom head.

Like a toadstool u2026,u201cI lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart u2026,u201cIt may have been the least impressive sex Iu2019d ever had, but clearly, he didnu2019t share that opinion.

u201d,There can only be one Mario Kart character that has huge mushroom head, and itu2019s Toad.

Which is a cute enough character, at first glance, but now rather ruined.

A toad, of course, is also a rather unpleasant animal.


Not very nice to hold.

It fits.

Mario characters turtle

King Koopa, The Koopa King, Fire-Breathing Turtle, Bowser.