In what ways is Linux superior to Windows and OS X?

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Lets consider some use cases.

,Desktop,Server,Embedded device/kiosk/other,Desktop generally depends, but often no.

,As a desktop, it depends on your use.

If you just surf the internet, youll be fine with a chromebook which actually runs on the Linux kernel.

Even if its just Ubuntu or Mint, youll at the very least be safer from most attacks.

Now there is a weak point with browsing on traditional Linux setups like Ubuntu and Mint, and that is playing back DRM content from commercial sources were you may need chrome for Netflix and Amazon and firefox with some added libraries for Hulu.

,Printing and using other peripherals will require that you do some checking to ensure that the device is supported.

,Videocard support has gotten good, and steam, humble bundle and gog mean games are relatively plentiful - but game developers still dont prioritize Linux, with AAA titles often being just for Windows.

Note though that this has improved greatly, and a lot of Windows only games can work on Linux now through wine and dxvk.

Gaming in general is a Windows thing.

,For media creation it often depends on what software youre used to.

Im used to raw therapee, gimp, imagenomic noiseware.

For video minor video editing open shot.

Iu2019m a minority.

,As a developer, Im fine with either Windows or Linux, and thats really just because Windows10 had a Linux subsystem giving me bash.

On my Windows 7 work machine, I use a VM client with Debian.

My personal laptop and main home Dev box are Linux though.

Gotta have bash!,Ever get stuck and need help? You can ask for help if others are familiar with the os.

Windows is popular and uniform, OSX also.

Its far less likely you may get help with Linux, especially if youre expert friend isnt on that distro or window manager.

,In general, desktop use, being the apps you use dictate which OS is acceptable.

For my wife, Linux was a u201csetup once and fuggedaboutitu201d deal.

Her use case is browsing and printing.

I have a Windows desktop because I game.

My htpc is Windows, because when I set it up 8 years ago the Linux kernel didnt support sound over HDMI.

Use case is everything.

The right tool for the right job.

Server I want Linux unless the application specifically requires windows.

Not really considering OSX here.

Good luck getting support if you try using it as such.

Mostly between Windows and Linux here.

,I earn my bread and butter managing app servers.

Linux makes everything easier.

Oh god so much easieru2026,Remote access on Linux is easy.

Ssh, passwords or keys by default.

Been that way for years.

Uniform, and simple.

Windowsu2026 RDP usuallyu2026 on a slow connection this can feel like torture when you have a list of servers and have to do the same task on several windows boxes.

While powershell has a remote command function, its not enabled by default.

RDP has a user limit too.

I can have a dozen sysadmins, dev, etc in a Linux box.

You need RDP licenses for more than 2 sessions at once.

,That brings me to powershell.

Its great.

The object system is awesome.

I dislike the syntax but thats fine.

Unless you keep all servers up to date, you can encounter version issues between servers when scripting.

Weve had issues with powershell stability requiring restarting the wmi service.

It was bad enough that before doing our windows upgrades, we would reboot all windows boxes so that one or two problematic servers wont tie up a roll out.

,Now lets talk about having multiple people in windows as well.

You know that problem where you cant delete a file because it was in use? Now imagine people remote into a server, do something, and disconnect.

Often they dont log out, just disconnect.

They still have sessions open even if theyre not there.

Someone left explorer open? Cant delete that folderu2026,You know what else I expect from a server? A set of tools to troubleshoot what Im trying to run.

I can use tcpdump, lsof, strace, sar, ldd, vi, etc, more often than not already in the distro.

This lets me look over any network and process issues I may have.

I have to install separate tools in windows server to get what should be basic server utils.

,Want to monitor your server resources? Just look in /proc - no need to install anything.

,At no point when connecting to a server to check something should a get a message that my resolution is to low to open an app.

Thats insane.

Seriously windows?,Windows task scheduler can be quirky.

It can do more than cron, in that it can handle event based tasks - want to backup some folders when a specific USB-key is entered - this works great.

Cron on the other hand keeps scheduling apps by time trivial simple.

Especially when user permissions and gpedit come into play :(,Sometimes, when you manage applications, its good to have a setup image that installs the OS, all your apps etc.

This can be done with Windows and Linux, but you have a lot more freedom with Linux.

Especially cutting it close you dont need.

,Docker images are getting more and more important.

Linux docker images are easier to cut down to size.

Windows server core starts at 9GB.

Its usually not an issue but in cloud, it can take an awful long time to setup a new instance that had to download and run large docker images.

,On a server, the one time I like RDP more, is when I copy-paste files between my PC and the RDP session.


Windows isnt as bad as some people make it out to be, but in general, less issues with Linux devices that have been up for several months.

,Embedded devices, kiosks etc have limited use cases and greatly benefit from much of what had been stated for Linux previously.

Custom small images, great debugging capability.

Free to use.



Heres a part that really helps - supported architecture.

Many embedded low power systems use ARM.

Linux wont just run there, a lot of libraries exist there too - this makes porting software much easier.

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Starting an online store from scratch might feel intimidating.

But as you go along, it will become easier & easier.

,Shopify is quite easy to set up because of the productivity enhancement tools that come with it.

,These are ways to speed up some frequent Shopify admin tasks to help you keep track of your store.

,Here are some:,Use CSV files to import and export large sets of data to and from your Shopify store.

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,Use the rich text editor to edit products, collections, pages, store policies, and blog posts.

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,Use photo editors to edit and resize images that you upload to Shopify.

,Schedule products, collections, blog posts, and pages to be published at a later date.

,Move through the Shopify admin without using your mouse with keyboard shortcuts.

,Use one of these free tools to help run your store better.

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,Shopify add-ons for other features.


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Photographers never stop looking for picture-perfect moments.

With smartphone cameras now offering great optics to capture high-resolution, sharp results, a lot of images get clicked on mobile phones now.

There are a ton of free and paid photo apps available now from the basic camera and sharing tools to full-featured photo editing apps that let you shoot, edit, and organize images better on your mobile phones.

,Here are top photo apps to use:,VSCO,InstaSize,Google Snapseed,Adobe Lightroom for mobile,Camera+,Pixlr,Adobe photoshop express,Enlight,TouchRetouch,Mextures,Photo lab Picture editor,Afterlight 2,Picsart,Ribbet,Magic Hour,Pocket Light meter

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I like to edit photos with adobe lightroom app.

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The biggest feature that I use in Lightroom is the ability to edit multiple photos at the same time.

If I shot 200 photos at a basketball game and they all need the same density and color correction, I can do them all at once.

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When you submit several photographs to Instagram, you not only tell a better story, but also save time, enhance interaction, and keep your overall narrative organized.

,There are various ways to upload and edit multiple images on Instagram.

You can do so from your phone or Mac, using either the official Instagram app or third-party apps with additional features.

,Using a carousel in your Instagram feed offers up a whole new world of narrative possibilities.

Adding additional photos to your Stories, on the other hand, can boost your creativity to new heights.

It turns out that its even simpler:,Launch Instagram,To make a new post, tap the plus (+) symbol.

,At the top, click the multiple photo icon.

,Choose the photographs you wish to show in the correct order.

,Tap Next.

,If needed, apply filters.

,Include a caption or any other additional details.

,Select Share.

,On the Android version of Instagram, the Select Multiple option was recently removed (still there on iPhone).

However, the feature is still available; all you have to do is tap and hold any of your photographs to see it.

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I like to edit photos with adobe lightroom app.

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What is considered a good photograph to rookie photographers, but a mediocre one to pros?There are obviously a number of differences between rookie images and pro images, but perhaps the single biggest is that the rookie will often emphasize documentation (or documentary) rather than aesthetics when photographing a scene.

By u201cdocumentation,u201d I simply mean the act of recording a scene versus applying aesthetics to it.

,And, to be fair, a rookie shouldnu2019t necessarily be denigrated for this approach because itu2019s a fundamentally different way of looking at the world.

Professionals are intent on selling their images, and they cut their teeth on aesthetics.

A rookie hasnu2019t yet made that artistic leap.

,For example, hereu2019s a photo I shot as a kid many years ago on a night with an incredible sunset (probably the single best Iu2019ve ever seen).

And while the memory is vivid for me, the photo is lackluster.

I didnu2019t use proper foreground elements, my contrast was too high, and I didnu2019t really have a point of view.

It was just a documentary image of something I experienced.

,Photo by Yours TrulyCompare my early sunset photo to an image shot by a true pro such as Peter Lik and youu2019ll see a significant difference.

,Photo by Peter LikItu2019s not just Mr.

Liku2019s use of Photoshop or his cropping that makes his photo immeasurably superior.

Itu2019s his composition, his attention to creating depth in the image through the interplay of foreground and background objects, and his general sense of artistry (something that was sorely lacking in my sunset photo).

In short, he crafted an image; I snapped a pic.

,Another example of how rookies highlight documentation rather than aesthetics is that they will often take a pic of a great scene but at the wrong time of day.

That is, theyu2019ll make the image because they happened to be in an amazing spot with a camera, but they wonu2019t have planned ahead to highlight the aesthetics.

For example, hereu2019s a rookie shot of Maroon Bells, a scenic mountain vista outside Aspen, Colorado.

,And hereu2019s the same scene shot by a pro:,Photo by Kyle HammonsNotice that the rookieu2019s purpose probably isnu2019t aesthetic, itu2019s documentary.

So, the rookie displays the people and the dog in the frame as a way of showcasing an event (i.


, that she was there) rather than a place.

,The same is true of portrait photographers.

Hereu2019s a rookie maternity shot.

,From an aesthetic point of view, thereu2019s a lot going wrong with the rookie image, from the lighting to the wardrobe to the posing to the background elements (since when do dead leaves connote fertility?) to the overall style.

But maybe this wasnu2019t shot for aesthetic purposes.

I canu2019t say since Iu2019m not the photographer.

,The pro image, by contrast, uses composition, color repetition, filtration and retouching, posing and wardrobe to create a much more aesthetically-pleasing photo.

,Photo by Mii EstiloAgain, pros trade on aesthetics and rookies donu2019t.

,One more point worth mentioning is that some rookie photographers who get paid to take pictures often understand that aesthetics are important, but they havenu2019t learned to differentiate palatable aesthetics fromu2026something else.

,Consider this:,Photo from Ebaumu2019s WorldAnd this:,Photo from Ebaumu2019s WorldFrom a technical standpoint, itu2019s clear the photographer knew how to use the camera gear.

But the resulting aesthetics are justu2026OMG.

,In the end, pros will make choices based on aesthetics and rookies will either avoid aesthetics altogether or will believe that his/her aesthetics are appropriate when clearly they are not.

(Iu2019m looking at you, Chad!),[EDIT: On the advice of the indefatigable Sean Kernan, I added a sentence describing what I mean with the word u201cdocumentation.