How do you take better photos with your smartphone?

How to take professional pictures with phone

Professional photographers take professional photos, and can do so with any camera, film, digital, or those in a smartphone or tablet.

Some amateurs can take professional-quality photos, as well, and may be able to do so with any camera of any type that has the features needed for that photo.

,The only difference the camera makes is through limitations it might have in achieving certain effects or types of images.

If the camera, regardless of type, has the focal length, resolution, dynamic range, exposure controls, or other features that can produce the perspective, field of view, required image quality and appropriate exposure it can be used to produce professional photos by pros or professional-quality photos by sufficiently skilled amateurs.

Many camera features offer only more convenience rather than additional creative properties.

,All this being said, many phone cameras have so-called computational features built-in that allow them to mimic some features of conventional cameras, including selective focus/background blurring/bokeh effects.

They also have certain filter-type options not available in conventional cameras, but which can often be applied during post-processing.

A chief limitation of phone cameras is the lack of optional high quality lenses and difficulty using them with off-camera flash.

,Therefore, phone cameras can take many types of professional-quality photos in the hands of the right photographer, but that doesnu2019t mean the average person can achieve that quality without practice and/or training.

A professional videographer could shoot a 4K feature film using a phone camera with the right features, but that doesnu2019t mean Uncle Joe could do it.

Simple photography ideas at home with phone

Start with just simple photography, no need to invest in expensive equipment use a simple aim and shoot camera / smart phone (they are easy to operate and carry along).

,There are many forums / sites which can teach you basics of photography.

,While you are getting better at photography, start getting some ideas about how would you present a particular Sequence of event eg.

Visit to a Theme park.

Write down the sequence 1) Travel to Theme Park 2) Rides 3) Crazy / Fun moments etc.


,A Beginners Guide To Photography u00bb Expert PhotographyNow try doing some photography keeping this sequence as a guideline.

nKeep trying out small sequences and getting better at it.

Once you are convinced this works, study some more material about making home videosnHow to Make a Home Videon10 Simple Tips To Make Home Videos Look ProfessionalBesides capturing videos you would also like to learn some Editing basics to help present the sequence of events as a good narrative (engaging your audience).

,Once you are good with the Techniques, you can delve deeper create your own script, get your friends to help with acting or as production crew and deliver some good home videos :).

,Hope this helps, all the best !

Mobile camera settings for better pictures

Here are some cool photography tips!,These tips improve photography even if you donu2019t have flagship mobiles.


Rule of thirds:Enable grid in your camera settings.

The object you are focussing while taking a picture should coincide with any two of the four intersection points formed by the lines of the grid.


Symmetry:Symmetry can be really useful to capture some pleasing photos.

Look for symmetry in your location and try capturing the object with symmetry.

It really pleases the viewer.


Frame in the frame:Add a frame in the background to make the photos interesting.


Rule of odds:Rule of odds tells you that a photo looks more cool and pleasing when you have an odd number of objects or subjects.

Studies have shown that people like objects with an odd number of subjects.

This is pretty cool.


Use the light:Use the natural light surrounding you to get a perfect picture.

Get a perfect balance.


Perspective:This completely depends on your perspective.

Observe the surroundings and get the perfect shot of the object.

,Use these tips to get some really amazing cool pictures.

Professional mobile photography

Keep the lens clean.

,Try to shield the lens from the sun when taking pictures.

,Try not to use digital zoom as its poor quality.

Unlike optical zoom on proper cameras.

,Hold the phone as still as you can so you dont get a blurry image.

Smartphone photography course pdf

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How to take pictures with Android phone

The Bluetooth remote is considered as a keyboard , so just connecting it and setting up the camera to take shots using the volume buttons then the remote will work for sure

Tips for taking photos

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! Babies are amazingly cute.

But they move too much, they are totally unpredictable, and they will not pose.

As a first time mom, who enjoys photography, Ive taken a lot of baby photos.

And Ive learned a few tips.

It takes practice, patience, and lots of shooting:,,Focus on babys eyes & aim for soft natural light.

Either get down on the floor with baby and shoot at their eye level, or place baby at your eye level.

This photo was taken at my eye level and near a window.

The natural light creates nice catchlights in the eyes.

Steer clear of a harsh flash or direct sunlight, both are unflattering for a baby.

n,n,Shoot fast! Babies move constantly, so keep your eye on shutter speed.

If your photos are coming out blurry, it can be because youre shooting too slow.

The photo on the left is taken 1/15, and the one the right 1/250.

You have to set your shutter speed to be faster than 1/30 to prevent the babys motion from being blurred and you also have to set shutter speed to 2-3x the focal length of your lens to keep your shaky hands from blurring the photo -- so if youre using a 35mm lens, shoot at least 1/70.

Or set your camera to u2018sports or burst mode.

u2019 That way you can take a burst of photos, and youll have higher odds of getting a crisp, in-focus one.

Babies can go from smiling to crying in 2 seconds, so set your camera settings before you start shooting.

,n,n,Crop photos to fill the frame.

Babies spend a lot of time harnessed in car seats and strollers.

Inevitably youll take photos with distracting elements.

Crop out the clutter and fill the frame with babys face.

Crop close.

,n,n,Watch all corners of the photograph & eliminate distracting elements.

I like this photo of my daughter, but too much is going on around the edges.

It would be a much better photo if I moved the toy car and garden hose out of the way before shooting.

I like her expression, and the lemon, but the rest is just too much and distracting to the main movement.

,n,nThe photo below is less cluttered and baby takes center stage.

I also used a a wide-angle fisheye lens, which is fun.

It gives a different prospective.

,,n,Remember Mom and Dad.

Baby is the star, but dont forget to include the supporting cast.

,n,Follow the action.

Have the camera handy at all times, especially when baby is doing something for the first time.

Action and candid shots provide for new and non-posed looks.

A genuine look of surprise, and even fear, can be cute.

,n,Remember scale.

My daughter is now a year and a half years old, and already she looks big to me.

However, just a few weeks ago, my husband got a big pot, and she climbed into it.

It was an adorable moment, and reminded me of her size.

,n,n,Dont forget the details.

Those small feet and hands are too precious, and make for great photos.

I love a photo of my husband and daughter holding hands when she was just weeks old.

,Keep babys nature in mind.

If your little one likes to run around in the park, take pictures there.

If shes happy in the bath, take a shot there.

Dont try to get an active baby to stay still, it isnt going to happen.

Similarly, if your baby likes to sleep, catch her snoozing.

Also keep in mind that babys have a short attention spans, and will get cranky fast.

Get everything ready and be quick.

Finally, smile a lot, and praise baby.

Keep it fun, so they wont stress out when they see the big bad camera coming out.

Mobile photography pose

Hi FolksWell be having a look at the use of Panorma.

(Photo credit: My gallery),ProcessOpen the Panorma shot in Camera.

,Keep the subject in one pose and click the shuttor button,Slowly move the camera towards other direction, when the subject goes outside the frame ask him/her to move from his position and go to the next frame,The subject must move from the back side of the cameraperson.

(Otherwise the photo will be disturbed)keep the camera moving and shoot the subject again.

,The image turns out to be great.