What is the best mic to record vocals?

How to use condenser microphone on iPhone

Do you really want the best mic, or the best mic within a budget?,The Neumann U87 is generally regarded as the best mic to record vocals.

,But that doesnu2019t mean it is the best mic to record your vocals.

Bono famously recorded vocals with a Shure 58 standing in front of the speakers.

,Also, are you really ready to spend $2500 for the best mic? It makes sense for a studio to own a U87, but you can buy a lot of studio time for the price of owning one, and that comes with the expertise to knowing how to record with it, and a pre-amp that will do it justice.

A medium-range mic and a medium-range pre-amp will sound better than a U87 and a cheap pre-amp.

,Generally speaking, the order in which you would try mics to find the right one would be:,U87.

Itu2019s the mic.

,Other famous large capsule condenser microphones.

,Other large capsule condenser microphones, such as the Ru00f8de NT.

,Small capsule condenser microphones.

,Other specialist mics, such as ribbon-mics.

,Famous dynamic mics, including the SM57 and SM58.

,Well-known brand dynamic mics, such as by Sennheiser, Audiotechnica, AKG, etc.

,Shotgun mics and other specialist mics designed for other purposes,Off brand dynamic microphones,Your iPhone,The mic on your computer,Tin can and piece of string.

Condenser microphone for phone

Can I set up a condenser microphone in my phone?I dont know about installing a condensor microphone inside your phone but I have connected one via the headphone jack.

,Most phones accept a 3.

5mm TRRS plug.

,I used a condensor microphone cartridge I got from a hands-free kit for a car radio.


com : Xtenzi External Bluetooth Microphone For CLARION Stereo : Camera & PhotoIt was just the cartridge, wire and plug without phantom power or bias voltage.

I cut off its 3.

5mm TS plug and soldered its positive to the sleeve labeled mic and its negative to the ring labeled ground in the above image.

,It sounded bright but it wasnt very sensitive on my Samsung S7.

How to use phone as mic with aux

Before we get to the cable and how one arranges the contacts, lets examine 1.

the content of what you are recording, 2.

its output level, and 3.

the appliance you are directing this signal INTO.

,Firstly (in a consumer appliance, like MP3 players and cellphones,) a proper Microphone level INPUT is about 40 times lower than a proper Line Level.

Just Lowering the level is not accurate.

Regarding the desktop PC, the RED INPUT is for Mic input, and the BLUE input is Line input.

The DIRECT cable will work here.

,Secondly, simply joining contacts with audio wires in 3-section 3.

5mm male plug to another identical 3.

5mm male plug gives you a DIRECT one-to-one signal ratio.

This is used for (Stereo) Line Out to Line In, or Mic Out to Mic In.

only for identical appliances.

,To join a Line Output of an MP3 Music Player to a Mic Input of a Cellphone is skirting trouble, like putting 40 times signal into an input only requiring 40 times less power, resulting in an overload of that input.

(so far only apple computers can distinguish the differences there automatically)The output has to be correctly reduced by an external u2018Line-to-mic Levelu2019 dropper, or what is termed a u2018Padu2019, before the phone input can reproduce the recording correctly.

,Furthermore, the common 3-section Tip/Ring/Sleeve type of MP3 Line output on a 3.

5mm plug may be correct, butu2026 your phone input may accept only a 4-section (handsfree) Tip/Ring/Ring/Sleeve 3.

5mm Mic.

Input plug.

Although you can create an audio bridge pad circuit with the correct 1/8th-watt resistors, there are proper cable adapters with the right plugs sold for this configuration.

,An easier way for this is to capture the MP3 file to a computeru2019s Line Input, with that DIRECT cable, using a free Audacity recording software, then save the file, check the levels after recording it, then use the phones USB cable to dragu2019nu2019drop the file to the connected phone in question.

,Do a search search for Line-to-mic level Pad.

for more details.