Why do most people fail to complete CA?

Principal exam practice questions

Because they take it like any other academic exam.

,Because they think they are meritorious student throughout their school education , so they can crack any exam in India without any extra effort( Fact- CA Final is in the list of top 10 toughest exams of India),Because they procrastinate the things,Because they dont plan the things early and dont try to beat their plans,Because they dont take coaching classes seriously and waste their time with their gf/bfs.

,Because they have in their mobile, their real boss ie.

Whatsapp or Facebook or Instagram , which dont let them study.

And they dont have courage to delete their account and uninstall the app.

,Because they think that their friendu2019s cousinu2019s marrige is more important than study.

,Because they think toppers are from another planet and they only have to get passing marks in exam( this is u201cBiggest mythu201d , reason being in CA exams even the toppers get only passing marks in some subjects.

),Becasue they give more time to subjects they like and ignore the other( Ideally it should be in reverse order),Because they dont practice the question at home in timeframe alloted by ICAI and only do the audit of practical questions.

,Because they dont make short notes for revision for the last one day before exam.

( Short notes means 90 page for one subject , let it be IDT),Because they dont improve their writing skills by taking mock tests.

,Because they fear passing the exam instead of preparing for the worst.

,Because they take burden of the expectation of their parents and society unnecessarily.

( I will explore this point in my upcoming answers on quora),Because they start earning in their articleship by soliciting clients of their principal.

,Because their principal doesnt allow them to even read a ordinary book related to exam in office fearing it may disturb office environment and it may encourage other students to prepare for exam in office itself.

,Because their principals have no.

of audit assignments which are not proportional to their handling capacity.

,Because even after two three attempts they dont realize this thing that this exam requires exclusive efforts .

,Because they feel that commerce is their forte and they can crack any commerce exam without much study( Some realize after few attempts that FM concepts , ISCA and even some chapters in accouts viz Amalgamation , Consolidation doesnt fit in their definition of simple Commerce.

),Because they think that even they fail the CA exam ,nobody can question their efforts .

The simple reason is that everybody in society has this perception that passing the CA exam in one attempt is like a miracle .

,Because their principal dont give them enough leaves to prepare for the exams, reason being they themselves didnt get at their time.

,In concluding remarks I would like to mention the quote by the great swimmer of all times-,photo source- www.



principals test reviewer free download

To me, its like doing community service, which it actually is.

I personally consider it an honor and part of my duty as a practicing scientist.

,As Inna Vishik put it, it is a process of vetting a work before it is ready for publication.

Because the amount of submission is so vast, it is impossible for the review process to be solely carried out by the editorial office staff.

Thus, the responsibility of reviewing a manuscript has to delegated to practicing scientists.

An important thing to note is that no one is paid for doing something like this.

In other words, its like writing an answer on Quora! At best, youd get a thank-you note or a certificate of appreciation, which in some professional societies, may get you free cookies on certain occasions (though unlikely).

Some journals may offer you a perfunctory discount on the publication fee (which most people dont see the point of paying as their paper would get published anyway).

,,I think this entitles you to free coffee and cookies at the referee-appreciation session at their annual meeting.

That is, if you show up at least 1 hour before it starts and manage to not get trampled by the other people whove also received the certificate.

Personally, I think of refereeing as paying it forward.

Ive submitted papers to journals, had them reviewed by volunteer referees and got them published.

So, its only fair that I do the same for others.

,Most journals require at least one to three reports on the manuscript before it can be approved for publication.

So, as a rule of thumb, if you publish an average of N papers per year, you should at least write 3N referee reports every year to even things out.

Taking into account that many people leave science after getting their PhDs and wont ever be asked to be referees, you should do more, especially if you have students working for you.

If you are from an English-speaking country, youre much better prepared linguistically to take on the task of preparing a referees report than say someone from Vietnam or Ukraine.

,Nuts and bolts,Look at abstract and if possible download the manuscript to see if I am qualified to be a reviewer.

Also estimate how much time I would need to review the paper.

Generally, the less familiar I am with the field, the more time I would need.

Scan through the references to see how familiar I should be.

,Click yes.

Give an estimate to the editors how much time I would need to prepare a report (usually two weeks).

,Read through the paper once.

Ask myself what is the problem the paper is trying to solve? Is it trying to model a phenomenon? Is measuring something to support a particular claim? Is it presenting a new technique (computational or experimental)? Is it constructing a toy model to understand a general class of phenomena? I may need to do a bit of reading myself.

,Understand the principal claim of the paper.

Is it at least consistent with our understanding of the physics? If it claims to disprove a well-supported theory or long-used reference data, it should have some good new data and a sound argument.

Some claims can be quite speculative.

,Examine the data presented.

Is it consistent with the thesis put forward in the manuscript.

What are the other possible explanations? Did they choose a certain data set to put their paper in the most flattering light? ,What are the other possible consequences of their thesis? Have the authors tried to disprove their own thesis by testing the implications or outcomes of their argument? For example, have they measured X or Y, or converted the raw data into a form that can be compared with the theory?,Is the paper coherent? Do the claims follow from the data? Are there any unsupported subsidiary claims? Is the data or proof sufficient?,Are the right background papers referenced? Have the authors left out certain papers to enhance the appearance of novelty?,Have the authors provided enough methodological details for independent verification or reproduction of their results? If the submission is for a letter, they may leave out certain details but must flesh them out in a full paper follow-up.

,Write report.

Summarize the manuscript and evaluate the claims and evidence in it.

Suggest possible changes to make or new calculations/experimental measurements.

If the latter cannot be done, suggest to the authors that they moderate their claim.

Also, suggest editorial changes to make the paper more readable.

principals test 2022 schedule

Hello,The Common Admission Test (Common Admission Test) 2022 will be held on Sunday that ends November 2022.

The CAT 2022 announcement will be released in the last week of July 2022.

The registration for CAT 2022 begins the first week in August and runs through September, which is the final week of September.

The CAT 2022 exam will be conducted together with an IIM.


,The CAT Exam is conducted in more than 400 test centers spread over 159 sites across India.

CAT 2022 Exam Pattern and application dates will be announced in the Notification on the official IIM website (https://iimcat.


in/),The applicants must pass the CAT 2022 exam to gain admission to the top B-schools.

,CAT Exam InfoCAT Exam 2022 Conducting Institute,TBA,CAT Exam 2022 Mode,Only Online,CAT Exam Date 2022,Last Sunday of November 2022,CAT Exam Question Types,MCQs and TITA (Type In The Answer),CAT Application Mode,Online Only,The CAT test is highly competitive, with nearly 25% of candidates being tested each year.

Only a tiny percentage of the students who test are why it is their top choice.

In order to pass the CAT test, it is essential to note specific information prior to registering.

The critical information that needs to check are:,What exactly is the CAT Exam?,Date of CAT Exam,CAT Exam Eligibility,CAT Exam Model,CAT Syllabus,Registration for CAT,Eligibility Verification,Admission Process,The specifics of the CAT exam are explained below.

Before we discuss the particulars of the CAT test, it is essential to know what the actual exam is about and why it is so important.

,What Is The CAT Exam?The CAT Exam (Common admission Test) is computer-based.

It is administered by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) as a prerequisite to be admitted into the business administration programs of IIMs.

Alongside the IIMs exam, the CAT is also required for admission to many other top management institutes across India and includes institutions like S.

P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Management Development Institute (Gurgaon), Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), International Management Institute (IMI), National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) and numerous others.

,CAT Exam Important Dates & EventsCAT 2022 Event DescriptionEvent DateCAT Exam Online Registration Start Date,First week of August, 2022,CAT Exam Online Registration Close Date,Third week of September, 2022,CAT Admit Card Release Date,Last week of October, 2022,CAT Exam Date,Last Sunday of November, 2022,CAT Exam Result Declaration,Second Week of January, 2023,To prepare for the CAT 2017 examination, IIM Lucknow officially released CAT 2017 results on January 8, 2018.

For the CAT 2018 results, IIM Calcutta prepared their release results for CAT 2018 results.

The results were released on January 5 in 2019, following the announcement on 1.



It was announced that the CAT 2019 result was released on January 4 and 2020.

The results of CAT 2021 are anticipated to be announced in January 2022 by the conducting IIM.

The CAT 2022 will be published at the end of January 2023.

,CAT Exam EligibilityTo be eligible for CAT, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:,It is required to hold an undergraduate degree and attain the equivalent of 50% scores that are equivalent to CGPA.

Students who fall into one group that is reserved, for example, Scheduled Tribe (ST), Scheduled Caste (SC), and people who are disabled (PWD) or Differently Abled (DA) as well as Differently Abled (DA) must attain at least the mark of 45.

,The degree is conferred through one of the Universities that the legislation of Congress has integrated from national legislative bodies, the state legislatures of India, and other educational establishments founded by the act of Parliament or are recognized as a University under Article 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, or possess the equivalent qualifications recognized as a university recognized by MHRD, India.

,Candidates who are planning to complete their year of their bachelors degree and those who have completed the requirements for graduation and are waiting for their results can apply.

If they are accepted, the applicants can be admitted to the program temporarily if they had an official statement from the Principal or Registrar of their Institute or college (issued in the prior year or by the 30th day of June 2022) that declared that the applicant had met all requirements to receive the bachelors degree, or an equivalent qualification when they were awarded the certificate.

,CAT Exam PatternThe paper pattern of the CAT exam has been altered numerous times throughout the decades.

The CAT 2022 pattern will be focused on scores and the absence of.

Of the segments, they will look exactly like that of the CAT 2021 pattern of the examination.

A brief explanation of the pattern is given.

,Total Questions in CAT Exam,66,Total Marks,198,Total Sections,3,Total Duration,120 Minutes,Negative Marking,-1 for Each Incorrect Attempt,Sectional Details,Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation.

,CAT Exam SyllabusThe CAT test is a type of exam with no syllabus set.

The syllabus is primarily focused on Middle school subject areas of Maths and English and Logic and general questions on reasoning.

The specifics on the syllabus for the CAT include:,Quantitative aptitude CAT: This curriculum for CATs quantitative ability includes subjects in the 8th and 9th grades, including algebra, geometry, the numbers system, and much more.

,Logical reasoning and Data Interpretation Logical reasoning is a broad subject with various tests based on seating arrangements and directions, sense tests, and much more.

The topics covered are.

The section on interpretation of data includes questions composed mostly of graphs and cases for data.

,The tests Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension In this section, Reading comprehension questions are offered, followed by several questions.

Furthermore, some tests are built around grammar, like complete, messy sentences and others.

Questions are frequently asked.

,To find a comprehensive outline of each sections syllabus, you can refer to the syllabus for the CAT, in which the most critical topics for each section are listed in PDF.

,Registration For The CAT ExamThe registration for the CAT exam is only available online.

Applications will be soon accessible by the IIM, which conducts the test IIM via the IIM Official CAT website.

Candidates need to fill out the required details.

The CAT 2022 registration process begins at the beginning of August 2022.

The registration will continue through the last week of September 2022.

It is not sure when this will happen.

Correction timeframes of 3 to 4 days are provided to candidates hopeful for CAT.

The window usually opens two or three days from when registration is closed.

Candidates should be on guard when filling in their information as any errors later could lead to the cancellation of the application in its entirety.

,Eligibility VerificationIf an applicant is chosen for PI and WAT at or one of IIMs that they are capable of passing the following eligibility test:,Notes on Marksheets and Degree Certificates,Candidates who are shortlisted must provide all original mark sheets and attested copies to show their eligibility prior to the interview.

Suppose the candidate is selected to be part of the program they are in.

In that case, they will also be required to present all valid marks sheets and degree certificates for all semesters and years along with attested copies prior to enrolment in the program.

,Reservation Category Requirements,Suppose they wish to consider ST, SC, NC-OBC, and DA applicants selected.

In that case, they must show the original caste/class and disability certificate and present an original certificate during the interview.

Candidates selected for a specific program must submit the original document of their qualification degree and attested copies of the certification to be used as proof of eligibility.

,Students in the final year of High School,Candidates appearing for the final year bachelors degree or equivalent qualification examination are required to produce an original certificate from the Principal/Registrar/Director of the University/institution certifying that the candidate has obtained 50% marks or equivalent (45% for the SC, ST, and DA category candidates) based on latest available grades/marks at the time of interview.

The candidate should also bring an original copy attested by their original document (for candidates from categories).

,To be qualified to be considered for IIMs Post Graduate Programs of IIMs If candidates are selected to be admitted, they can accept admission in a restricted method only by providing a certificate from the Registrar or the Principal or Registrar of the college or institution they attend, stating that they have met all the criteria required and have passed additional tests and tests (the results might wait for) to be able to obtain the bachelors degree or similar qualification at the time the certificate is given.

In addition, they must achieve at least 50 percent scores or similar grades.

They should also submit an official copy of their mark sheets for graduation and their graduation certificate.

,The deadline for submitting the mark sheet and certification is December 31, 2022 (Tentative).

IIMs further say that they do not accept applications that cannot fulfill the requirements.

NON FULFILLMENT of this condition will automatically result in the cancellation of the admission provisional.

In these instances, the admission may be canceled if it is discovered that the document is invalid or has any problems following.

IIM does not allow individuals admitted into any program if the applicant cannot meet the requirements for graduation by the close of July (last week) 2022.

If the candidate fails to meet all requirements by 20th the month of June, IIMs can admit any applicant.

,Admission ProcessIt is vital to know that each IIM selects its candidates for the next selection stage.

The selection process includes a Written Ability Test (WAT) and an individual Interview (PI).

The scores of applicants on the CAT 2022 test will play a significant factor in the overall selection process.

IIMs will also look at the academic records of applicants and their experience in work and other similar factors in grading and selecting candidates in various stages of their admissions process.

The procedure, the academic cut-offs, and weights assigned to the evaluation parameters will differ across IIMs.

For more information, you can refer to the admission guidelines on the specific IIM.