Who are some of the best female programmers in the world?

Best printer for architects

Kristen McIntyre:,Kristen has worked at all levels of the software stack, and has mastered may disparate complex elements:,Shes been at Apple since 2009, where she designed and did much of the implementation of the Mobile Time Machine, a.



Local Snapshots, feature that shipped in Mac OS X 10.

7 Lion.

The feature enabled atomic filesystem snapshots, stored on the same disk, to provide backup-like functionality when on the road with minimal storage, and intrinsic free space management.

The design involved complex interactions with the kernel and filesystem.

,Before that, as chief architect in a small company, she designed, partially implemented, and managed a project to create a web based next generation Question and Answer system.

This system included a scalable persistent object storage system, natural language processing, conceptual analysis of queries, and multi-dimensional matching of queries, people, and profiles.

System was implemented to be able to work in both English and Japanese while being extensible to other languages.

,Prior to that, she led research at Sun Labs to apply emergent behavior to form networks using only local knowledge to form robust interconnections.

nThere, she also invented a system for thin client computing which included her single-handedly designing and implementing a complete remote desktop software framework, written in C++, with bandwidth-adaptive image compression.

For this project, she learned the mathematics of wavelet-based encoding, and then developed a wavelet-based lossy image CODEC.

She also developed automated session management, bandwidth measurement, and network encryption subsystems, and ported it all to Mac, PC, Solaris, Linux and Linux PDA.

,At Adobe, she built networking code for their printers.

She also wrote the portable ROM monitor that ran on various processors and shipped in (and bootstrapped) Adobe PostScript printers for many years.

If youve used an Adobe PostScript printer, chances are youve used her code.

Best large format canvas printer

HP large format printer is the best as well as my experience printing quality 1200 dpi, I mostly used for print canvas, paper, and fabrics high-quality printing size up to 5 fits wider,Shivani Enterprises

Best large format photo printer

Are you asking about a 17u2033 wide photo printer?,If so I can recommend the Epson XP-960.

,It is an affordable photo printer for under $230.

It has WiFi, Ethernet, USB, Pictbridge support and has an SD card slot.

,Are you asking about a 36 inch or wider photo printer?,If so they start at just under $2,000

Type of printer for architectural drawings

Good question, but unfortnately it is impossible to awnser without having more information.

,What is the purpose of the printer, what will you use it for?nDo you need a black and white printer for architectural drawings?nDo you need a large format printer for poster printing?nDo you need a large format allround printer or rather a A3/A4 printer for office type of printing, graphic printing, photo printins, allround printing?nWill you be sending CMYK documents to your printer, or mostly RGB?nWhat type of material will you be printing on, what type of documents will you be printing mostly? Are you looking for inkjet or laser?,nIm sorry for all the questions, but there are SO many different type of printers.

Some are designed for specific print work, others can be used more allround.

,The best thing you can do is visit a local distributor (Canon/Xerox).

They will gladly show you around and show you the different possibilities.

Ask them for advise and let them offer you a printer they think is best for your situation.

,Once you have a specific model in mind, you can really start your research and find the printer that is most efficient for your situation.

,Most printers are offered on a lease/rent basis, but depending on your budget you might be better off buying one.

Best printer for large print jobs

Thanks for A2A.

,Which one is better, laser or inkjet printer?It really depends on the purpose.

,An inkjet printer is great for dashing off a couple of quick pages in color, but heavy use starts to cost more in ink and u201cphotou201d prints require special paper.

,A laser printer is usually intended for higher quantity output and therefore has a lower cost-per-page than the average inkjet, but the toner doesnu2019t always adhere to the paper properly and can lift (particularly when put in plastic sleeves).

,I have an inkjet for the occasional page, and a resin printer for large printing jobs.

Melted resin is literally transferred onto the paper giving a photo-finish on very ordinary paper and is cheaper again per page than laser, but it is power-hungry and can consume much ink from a cold-start, so itu2019s really intended for very high volume output.