What are some interesting things about Adobe Photoshops latest version?

How to extend background in Photoshop Content Aware

A2A by Red Vistas.

,There are two interesting things in latest versions of photoshop.

,They are 1.

Content aware fill and 2.

content aware scale,These two are incorporated in Adobe Photoshop from Adobe CS6.

,I have already explained how we can use content aware fill to remove unwanted objects from a photo in my answer How can I clean a photo of my house using Adobe Photoshop?So I am not going to repeat it.

,Now I will explain how we can use u2018content aware scaleu2019,I wanted to create a blog post and wanted to keep this photo as header image.

,The header image should extend to the whole width of the web page.

But the above photo is not wide enough.

,So I have increased the width with command Image>canvas size>150%(width) and typed my heading as shown below.

,The white canvas on both sides doesnu2019t look good.

,So let us see what happens if I increase the width with the command Edit>free transform (This is normal scaling method):,After selecting the main image with rectangular marque tool, I will apply the command as shown below:,Now let us see the result after transformation using normal scaling method:,Everything is distorted.

Right?,Now let us use u2018Content aware scaleu2019 method.

Here the command will be Edit>content aware scale.

,Not even one object is destroyed (as shown with arrows),Here you can compare both:,So this content aware scale can be used where there is a strong contrast between background and main object.

How to extend complicated background in Photoshop

This is a list of fundamental things which will be good for adults to know in our modern era.

While choosing the topics my approach was something like: u201cyou donu2019t need to learn all the details if you are not interested but it is really useful at least to have heard of what it isu201d,Some of the topics may be too obvious and some of them may seem very unnecessary.

I have done my best to find a compromise.

Since this is a study which I have prepared according to my own knowledge depth, there will be for sure some missing points and mistakes.

I have checked some books, some old school encyclopedias, several websites, similar lists and consolidated / filtered / summarized all I found with my own vision.

Also, Iu2019m not a native speaker (which you can see easily) so there will be some inevitable language mistakes.

Ok, letu2019s go!,Main CategoriesNatural Sciences & Mathematics,Social Sciences,Psychology & Spirituality,Arts,Health,Technology,Daily Life Skills,Soft Skills,Big Ideas,,NATURAL SCIENCES & MATHEMATICSMathematics: Letu2019s start with the mathematics.

Everybody starts learning math when they start primary school.

And we continue learning it until we graduate.

Basic maths is indispensable (four operations, fractions, decimals, ratios and proportions and so on) You may be a dancer, poet or farmer and you will still need it when you make a monthly personal budget or calculate the interest rates of the credit you took from your bank.

,But besides the very basics, I think it will be very good and interesting to learn a bit more advanced topics like: the difference between the linear growth and exponential growth (Bacterial growth - Wikipedia), modular arithmetic (how computers work and what are those famous 1s and 0s in matrix wallpapers), reading charts (x-axis, y-axis) and much more.

I sometimes see very enjoyable books explaining daily life topics with mathematics in bookstores but I donu2019t remember now to recommend any.

(feel free to comment any recommendations),One more thing about mathematics is: logic and paradoxes.

If youu2019ve never heard what is a paradox, you should definitely check a few.

They are mind-blowing and really fascinating! (10 Mind-Boggling Paradoxes),Biology: The science of living beings.

Humans have systems in their bodies working coordinately like departments of a company.

Bats are the only flying mammals.

But what is a mammal? What is a cell? What is a DNA? We see DNA tests in many movies but how do they understand whether that child is heru2019s with only one hair string? What is a virus? Is it living or non-living? Ever heard of photosynthesis? Why are trees said to be lungs of the earth? Oh, what is lung anyway?,Chemistry: Atoms.


Chemical reactions.

States of matter.

What is a gas, what is boiling? Did you know you cannot boil an egg on top of the Everest because boiling temperature will not be enough? And this topic is pretty related to how pressure cookers work.

Speaking about water, why do they say H2O to the water? Why not H5O? Do you remember periodic table from high school classes? It seems very colorful and fancy but why is it important? What is an atom? What is in it?,Physics: Force.














All these and much more fall into physics and it is up to you how much you want to learn.

Maybe you donu2019t need to go into quantum physics or general relativity but it may be nice to have an idea what entropy is.

It is interesting.

Also, cosmology, astrophysics, planet orbits, stars, possibility of time travel, wormholes, light-year, galaxies are also very interesting to learn and read about.

,There are great youtube channels about all these topics.

And one of my personal favourite:,Ok, this is enough for the first part.

Letu2019s move on to social sciences.


,,SOCIAL SCIENCESHistory / World History: Most of us learn a lot about our own countryu2019s history.

But in fact, all our history is interconnected.

So I see it essential to learn world history.

The USA was not always there, they are pretty new.

Roman Empire was one of the largest empires ever but why did they fail to continue? What happened in world war I-II? If you know the history, it will be eaiser to understand what is happening in the middle east today.

What is cold war? How did the Soviet Union collapse? Who discovered the America and what they have done? How did China manage to preserve its borders this long? We hear about Aztecs, Incas but where are they now? Why do they call the UK The empire on which the sun never sets? What was the purpose of Hitler? If Germany and Japan lost the world war, how they became two of the most powerful countries in such a short time? Ever heard Napoleon? Or Mahatma Gandhi? Or Atatu00fcrk? History is an ocean.


,Geography / World Geography: Guessing the country from its flag is a fun game.

But geography is much more from country flags.

It is very surprising how less some people know about the country locations (Ohh, is Japan an island?!) Ok maybe you dont need to know where exactly is Barbados but an adult should be able to visualize the world map roughly, with the continents set apart, where is China, where is Europe, where is Atlantic Ocean etc.

,Basic geography knowledge also contains the landforms of earth.

What is a desert, what is a river delta or a rain forest? You should be able to read the maps, understand a bit what legend says (scaling?).

Climate information, animals and plants for a specific type of climate regions, weather conditions, what type of winds are there, earth formation, how disasters occur and many more.

,Sociology / Culture: Why societies act the way they do? How do we interact with each other? What is culture? Why do we create families? What is ethics? (by the way, ethics is one of my favourite sub-topic.

It can be very interesting sometimes.

For example, should people be allowed to clone themselves or should we take immigrants into our country etc.

),Besides socilogy topics, I also think everybody should have a general idea about the different cultures all around the world.

This is very stimulating.

East Asia is quite different than Europe, so is South Africa or Brazil.

Earth is huge and people do not act everywhere in a way you do.

For example, you may be thinking that calling your parents with their names is very normal but in some regions, it is very rude and unacceptable.

It is not because they or you are idiots but there are reasons for that.

It is very fun to see what kind of traditions people have in different places.

,This is an interesting documentary film showing a day of many different people from all around the world.

Worth to watch.

,Politics & Forms of Government: We all used to hear about communism and capitalism in the past decades.

But thatu2019s just a drop in the bucket.

The historical progress of politics is quite interesting.

And it is always changing inevitably! We still couldnu2019t find the best government form.

We even arenu2019t sure if we really need governments.

For example we praise democracy as a signal of civilization and modernity, right? Do you know what do experts say about democracy: u201cDemocracy is the worst form of Government except all those othersu201d (Trump is elected with it :),Anyway, letu2019s donu2019t leave our topic.

There are lots of things to be known for an adult in this area.

For example how elections work? What does prime minister do? Who decides how to change the education system? What is a parliament? What about international relations? What is UN, NATO, EU, Trade agreements, borders etc.

,Basic Law & Rights: I guess this is one of the most missed/ignored subjects if you are not specifically working in this area.

But this is too important to miss! Ok, knowing where Nigeria is on world map is nice but it probably wonu2019t save your life.

However, knowing your rights/limits/obligations before police knocks on your door could be very helpful.

And leave aside the basic legal system knowledge, most of us are even not aware of our personal rights.

,Ok this was the easy part.

Most of us somehow know these rights.

But what about responsibilities? For example you have to pay your taxes, you cannot drink and drive, you have to take care of your children, you have to vote.

Do you know what you can do / cannot do if you are arrested? Or what if you encounter a thief at your home? Can you shoot him/her? Does it differ if he is at your bedroom? What is counted as self-defence? Do you smoke weed? Or do you use drugs? Is it legal where you live? Do you know the consequences? Or another question: if you see someone kills a person are you obliged to report that to the police? Do you use copyrighted material on your website? Do you know the consequences? There are many questions like this and I donu2019t know most of these myself either.

Unfortunately, we learn these things the hard way: experience.

,Also take a look at: Your Rights - RightsInfoBesides personal rights, there are essential information every adult should know regarding the legal system.

For example, do you know what are the differences between a lawyer, attorney general and judge? Where can you apply for an official complaint? How do you sue someone? Does it cost anything? What is constitution?,Economics: Oh yeah! Economics is a large subject which has a world on its own.

But we are talking about the basics here.

So, letu2019s try to keep on the track.

,There are lots of sub-topics which fall under economics.

How do currencies work? What is inflation? What is the relation between the interest rates-inflation-currencies-exports/imports.

How stock exchange works? Why did we create this? How banks work and where do they earn money from? Why $100 today is more valuable than $100 tomorrow (time value of money)? What is opportunity cost?,Besides these basic concepts, I also note down some related topics which may be good to have an idea about:,General knowledge about main occupations/jobs.

What does an accountant do in a daily life? Or a carpenter, commissioner or a web developer?,Nice to know how companies work? Which departments do what in general? What is does human resources or logistics department do? What is a CEO of CFO? What are the biggest companies in the world? How many employees do they employ? How much revenue they generate and how much profit they create? Ohh what is the difference between revenue and profit?,Personal finance.

How to make a monthly/yearly budget? Where should we invest our money and how? How should we save money for future?,For those who want to go a bit deeper, I would definitely recommend this Crash Course channel (they are really cool):,Economics - CrashCourse - YouTubeLetu2019s finish this section with a bit fun:,Two Cows Explain Economics Better Than Any Class,MIND AND SOULPsychology: We are not talking about the pure deep knowledge here which will help you pass the exams and make you psychologist.

Rather than that, we are talking about general knowledge which will be helpful if u201canyoneu201d knows a bit.

Considering this, what I would say as a foremost information about psychology is: your brain also gets sick and that can be cured.

I still see lots of people who are unaware of this fact and continue living with their own problems.

They donu2019t even think that is a problem which ruins their life.

Anyway, thatu2019s not the issue at the moment.

,Psychology is a very broad topic and Iu2019m not an expert, but I quite enjoy reading about main theories, some experiments and related studies.

For example, there are famous studies and behaviours like Stockholm syndrome (starting to feel empathy to (even like) our kidnapper), Dunningu2013Kruger effect (everybody thinks they are above average) or The Paradox of Choice (the more choices we have the less likely we are to be happy with our decision) and many more.


You have probably heard but do you know what is Maslows Hierarchy or Pavlovu2019s Dog? It would be nice to get an idea.


,Many fascinating movies use psychological studies in their scenarios or completely based on an experiment.

Check this out for The 25 Most Influential Psychological Experiments in History.

And in Quora these are one of the most followed topics I have seen: What psychological tricks and hacks are useful to know? and What are some cool psychological hacks?Besides all these, psychology works mainly on our mind problems.

What is depression, why does it happen, am I having a panic-attack, my child is hyperactive is this a good thing? Do I have a social phobia or just an introvert? I am a porn/drugs/smoking/gambling addict, how to get rid off it? Can someone have schizophrenia if didnu2019t have before? How to overcome my anxiety about sex.

Oh talking about sex, what did Freud say about it?,Philosophy: Ever heard Sophies World? It is a novel about the history of philosophy and was the best-selling book in the world around mid 90s.

You may think: u201cHow come a book about philosophy becomes the best-seller globally?u201d But in fact, philosophy is damn intriguing! Everybody should know a little bit about it.

,What is knowledge? What is u201csomethingu201d and Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing? Am I really here in this physical world or is this all an imagination of someone (god?) What is Cogito ergo sum? Who is Descartes, Kant, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Nietzsche? What is dualism, nihilism or pragmatism? Who is septic, materialistic or hedonist?,Aaaaand ladies and gentlemen, please welcome: Prisoneru2019s DilemmaDid you like this? Ok, you can continue here: Game theoryReligion: Whether you believe in god, in buddha, in sun or be an atheist everybody has an idea about religion.

You may be thinking it is the opium of the masses or is way to happiness.

One thing is certain: it is one of the most controversial area in our humanity.

From u201cknowledge point of viewu201d it is a very good idea to learn about other beliefs of people all around the world.

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, atheism, Scientology or anything you care.

If we learn others, this will make us more humble, indulgent and easy to empathize.

,Nowadays many people try to learn mindfulness.

Actually it is nothing new.

In many religions, these meditation methods are being applied for centuries.

Did you know Yoga is actually a prayer method and it has many similarities with others in different religions? (e.


Salat in Islam),I really love learning about Sufism and it says if the subject comes to spirituality than your intelligence is useless anymore.

You should continue with your heart.

The words are not enough to explain.

,** If you are interested in sufism I can recommend a book here:Amazon.

com: The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi by Elif Shafak,ARTPainting: I would be really happy to take a private lesson from a painting expert who would explain me why Monalisa is damn famous or what is special with Picassou2019s paintings.

Yes I can read about them, check the images from internet, read the history and so on.

But isnu2019t it a very good idea to go to museums together with the expert and he/she will tell me about how fascinating are the stories behind those paintings? :),I donu2019t know about visual arts so I canu2019t understand the real value of paintings or sculptures.

However, I sense the stories behind and willing to learn in the future.

Oh sorry for my personal opinions and letu2019s get back to the u201cknowledgeu201d part.

,Baroque, impressionism, cubism, expressionism, Van Gogh, modern art, The Last Supper, Salvador Dali and The Persistence Of Memory.


,Architecture: Our design approach reflects our life style.

So does architecture of our buildings.

They have stories.

And I believe there are lots of things to learn in this.

Everybody knows Eiffel Tower but do you have any idea why it has that shape? Ever heard of Sagrada Famu00edlia? (It has started in 1882 and its construction is still in progress!) What about Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Kremlin or Hagia Sophia? I am far from being an expert but I love looking at them.


,Literature: Shakespeare.



Mark Twain.


Dostoyevsky and many many more.

Did you read Animal Farm, Anna Karenina or Hamlet? Most of us are watching movies/tv series instead of reading books nowadays but books offer a much more fulfilling experience.

,Books That Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their LivesBesides these classics, it is also good to learn how to read poems, how to read books, how to understand and interpret them.

Speed reading techniques may be also worth to consider.

,Music: Everybody loves music.

But besides listening your favourite songs, wouldnu2019t it be good to know a bit about the background? For example, if you know what a bass guitar does or to be able to understand how complicated the drums of that particular song may enhance your listening experience.

You u201cmayu201d enjoy with a different view from the concerts you go.

But I say u201cmayu201d for this part because I am not very sure whether knowing more about the instruments will give you more joy or is it better to u201cjust listenu201d.

,Personally, while raising kids they should be given opportunity at least to try playing a few instruments.

They donu2019t need to be experts in any of them but I believe just playing a guitar or a flute or a piano will extend their vision about life, arts and music.

,By the way, letu2019s donu2019t forget the legendary songs.

Your legendary can be from Metallica, Vivaldi or Rihanna.

But just checking out different types of music may help you to find some new songs you didnu2019t know you may like.

,And before we finish this section, just spare 20 minutes of today for this:,,HEALTHFirst Aid: Everybody should know first aid.


But it is not easy to learn it by reading or watching videos, it should be practiced.

I donu2019t know why they donu2019t teach it at schools.

It is not optional.

What will you do if someone you love is having a heart attack, or shocked by electricity, or heavily bleeding or choking and you are alone? It may be too late for an ambulance.

,Basic Anatomy: Do you know what your liver is actually doing? Or your kidneys? What do doctors mean when they say your hormones or enzymes? I think everybody should know about our anatomy at least in the basic terms.


com | Your Interactive Guide to Human AnatomyEmergency/Survival Info: What to do in a terrorist attack? What to do during an earthquake? Fire? Animal attack in a forest? One little piece of information you may have read somewhere can literally save your life someday.

,Basic Pharmaceutical Knowledge: You wonu2019t keep asking your mom which pills you should take when you burn your hand, catch flu or have a headache, will you? Every adult should be aware of some basics about medicines.

For example what does an antibiotic do to your body and how you should use it? Which cream you should apply to relieve muscle pain? Did you know you should never drink alcohol with any medication? Is it ok to give Asprin to your child? You are using some pills for your reflux but are you aware of short/long time side effects? Ever heard what active ingredient is?,What are the names of some basic medicines that everybody should know about?*** Never use medicines without knowing their side effects.

Follow your doctoru2019s advice before going in a medical treatment ***,Diseases: Everyone should know, at least roughly, what is AIDS and how do you get infected, what is diabetes, what is cancer and how does it occur.

If you hear someone near you had tuberculosis, you should be aware of that it is contagious.

,I want to share something I always find very interesting.

We are always talking about war, bombings, terrorist attacks and so on.

It feels like people are mainly dying from these.

In fact, thatu2019s the very small percentage of causes of death.

Look at this:,Of course those intentional injuries have a large psychologic effect on society because we think they are preventable.

However, we can also prevent lots of diseases.

(Yes, the chart above also contains old people too and we are going to die somehow but that doesnu2019t make it less worthy to learn),Alternative Medicines: You may not believe alternative treatment methods.

But nowadays, even doctors recommend some of them as well.

For example, if you have migraine you very well know that modern medicine science is not able to understand and solve it completely (yet).

But you may try acupuncture meanwhile.

Or instead of running to the pills cabinet when you snuffle, you may try some herbs.

If you are not even aware of these treatment methods, how will you decide to try someday?,Foods / Healthy Eating: What do we eat? Where do they come from? What is all the fuss about fast-food? What do we know about the basics of nutrition? What is carbonhydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals? Is being a vegetarian healthy? How do they bring that meat to your table? Which processes do these foods are passed? Do you know where strawberries grow? Is this organic food trend being exaggerated? Why we should limit using salt and added sugar as much as we can? Can you read nutrition facts label?,There are lots of documentaries about our food industry.

Watch one of them if you havenu2019t done so far.

It will change your perspective.

I recommend:,Food, Inc.

(2008)Sports: We mentioned about the importance of knowing how human body works before.

But when it comes to exercising, there are some basic moves everyone should do in daily life.

Walking and jogging is great but ever heard about plank, squat and push-ups? I liked this article about these basic exercises.

,Knowing some fitness terminology can be helpful as well: cardio, biceps, triceps, body mass index, lactic acid, heart rate, warm up and so on.

,I am pretty sure you know soccer, basketball, tennis but you may also want to check what is pilates, power yoga, martial arts, functional training, zumba.

,Losing weight is one of the most popular topics nowadays.

Combined with nutritional knowledge you will be able to know what you are doing.

,Lastly, dancing! Be it tango, samba or popping.

They are all fun and a great way to keep your body fit and healthy.

Not only learning what they are but also trying a few is something you wonu2019t regret.

,,TECHNOLOGYHow stuff works: We are all living in the technology era.

We use smartphones, TVs, dishwashers, computers, planes, cars, internet.

Of course most of us donu2019t need to understand how printed circuits work but having a general knowledge about this technology world is essential.

,This website used to be very popular a decade ago and still worth to check today: HowStuffWorks.

But there are lots of great resources to learn the basics today.

Make a list like this and start checking from time to time: How internet works? How computers work? Engines, cell phones, printers, white appliances, watch, camera, microphone, electric guitar, GPS, radio, telephone, planes, satellites and whatever you like.

,Computers / Internet: You always hear a program called Photoshop but do you know what it is? How do you open .

zip files? What is a pdf file? You probably heard about Microsoft Excel but you will be surprised to know the things that can be done with Excel.

Using computers is inevitable today and you should know at least the basics even though you donu2019t master any of it.

,Besides using software, you should also be familiar with some terminology.

For example what is a search engine? What is a browser? What is IP? How big is 100 MB and how many MBs a movie occupy on our hard disk? What is hosting and servers, why do we need servers anyway? What is cookie, spam, firewall and CAPTCHA? What is a computer virus and will it get infected if I use my computer when I have the sniffles?!,And there are some websites you should be at least visited once.

Without knowing what it is, you cannot tell if you will like it.

Websites like TED, Duolingo, Khan Academy, World Factbook, IMDB, Groupon, Trello, Skyscanner, Deviantart and many more are really worth to check out.

,Quora is full of tech/computer geniuses, so I am not going to go into more detail.

But I will leave one link here which I think is enough (you will understand why if you visit):,Deepak Mehta (u0926u0940u092au0915 u092eu0947u0939u0924u093e)s answer to What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?This is what is happening on the internet every 60 seconds.

Mind blowing!,,DAILY LIFE SKILLSSwimming: Earth is 71% water.

You will certainly need it!,How to Cook: This is not only for ladies.

Cooking is some kind of therapy.

It also lets you know and appreciate the meals that come to your table.

,Dancing: Mentioned this in sports section too.

Just give it a try.

,How to fix a car, change tyre, refill oil: Oh yes, you take your car to the service, but these are still needed.

,Housework / DIYs: Can you iron? Or use a screwdriver? Paint the wall? You wonu2019t hire someone everytime you need to change the bulb, will you?,How to Makeup Correctly (yes, for ladies): I donu2019t know why I put this here :),Gardening: We all dream of leaving our corporate jobs, moving to a countryside and dealing with gardening, donu2019t we? Put aside the dreams it is a fact that we need to touch the soil more.

It takes your stress and makes you feel more natural and happier.

If you have the land by your house, donu2019t hesitate to get your hands dirty!,Sewing: It is just a little button fell of.

That should be easy to fix, right?,Cleaning: According to very deep and scientific studies (!) 86% of men do not know how to use washing machine.

They donu2019t even know the difference between bleach and detergent.

Oh, by the way can I use this liquid to clean the kitchen sink??,How to Whistle Loud: This skill is a must! You will need it when you miss that cab or bus.

It is also very useful at a match.

,Tie up / Fastening / String skills: Ok you know how to do up your shoelace.

But what about a tie? What if you need to make a strong tie? Can you knot? Not everything is wireless yet, you may need these:,Personal Time Management: This is a bit related to that personu2019s character.

Some people are very organized and planned whereas some of them are quite spontaneous.

But whatever character trait you have, you will still need a bit time management skills.

There are great online tools and mobile apps.

Check those if you feel lost sometimes.

,Basic Security Issues: This may seem too obvious to some of you but there are still lots of people out there who give their credit card password to the person on phone.

Banks never ask your password.

Regarding passwords, there are some best practices like not using the same password for everywhere, recording them in secured apps and so on.

,There are also lots of security rules about our cars and houses.

Every adult should know the meanings of warning signs on the roads.

Balconies are dangerous for your kids and pets.

Never leave pills and little pieces at places reachable by little kids.

Unplug your electrical device when you leave home or even not using it.

,Saying: u201coohh! I didnu2019t know thatu201d will not fix the situation later on.

,Terminology: There are looots of terms being used in many different areas.

We cannot know them all and we donu2019t need them all.

But knowing some basics will be helpful, like: lol, wtf, ppc, seo, NATO, GDP, btw, NSFW, asap, ceo, cfo, ps, diy, etc.

Check internet abbreviations as well as economics, technology, companies, countries and so on.

This is a good and short list I have found:,List of Commonly Used Abbreviations,SOFT SKILLSCommunication: Being able to express your ideas in a clear manner.

Active listening.

Understanding body language.


Giving a speech in front of an audience.

Being polite.

Be able to act politically.

Controlling your anger.

These skills are not easy to learn by reading or watching videos.

You will rather practice it as you live.

,While we discuss, debate, defend our opinion we use some techniques (rhetoric), mostly instinctively.

And inevitably most of us fall into logical fallacies sometimes.

It is helpful to know this:,Communication with Opposite Gender: Check Quora for several types of u201cI love him/her.

How should I approach and tell that I have a crush?u201d,How to Tip Correctly: Restaurant, cafe, bar, car valet, pizza delivery guy or anybody.

You donu2019t need to get stressed at that moment.

,Making a ReservationKeeping Your Marriage HappyThere are many more soft skills but it will be better to cut it here and put some links:,87 Soft Skills (The Big List)Badass Skills: Soft skills are very important and they really define the happiness of a society.

However, I am more interested in badass skills (or I donu2019t know what are they called) For example, being able to bribe! Donu2019t flame me but Iu2019m pretty sure lots of people here have heard how he got off from traffic police control without getting a fine by crossing a few bucks.

Or promoting yourself at a company to get ahead of your colleagues.

Or snubbing a bully.

I am not praising these skills but life is cruel and someday you may need to switch to dark side, temporarily ;),,BIG IDEASOn this last part, I am just going to put some big ideas/theories/subjects/concepts which may be quite interesting to learn about.

These are mostly controversial topics and it is really stimulating to listen thoughts of both sides.

Here you go:,Evolution Theory,Globalization,Determinism and Free Will,Game Theory,Quantum Mechanics,Racism,Pareto Rule,Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning,Big Data,Global Warming,Global Terror,Euthanasia,Nuclear Energy,Animal Rights,Homeschooling,Cloning,Ethics,Vegetarianism,Gay Marriage,Abortion,Civil Unions, Right to Strike,Socialism, Communism, Imperialism, Capitalism,Dark Web,Cittaslow,Drugs Legalization,Sweat Shops,Guns Carriage,Crowdfunding,3D Printers,Travel to Mars,Life After Death (Reincarnation),,Phew! It went far too comprehensive than I anticipated in the beginning.

But I still tried to keep in my main categories.

Most of the images from Google and I especially chose the ones with the references on them.

Also I tried to give links to all info I shared here.

,Hope this helps!

How to extend background in Lightroom

Thanks for providing sample photos that really helps.

I think I might be able to make some more specific comments/suggestions than the people who have previously answered without having specific photos to comment on.

A quick summary is that there is hope.

I think you can improve your photos quite a bit by improving your understanding of the technical aspects of taking photos with a camera.

n nLets go through the photos you posted.

,,n,Your comment: This one I took myself.

I dont like the colour, the rocks are blurred, mountains colour are weird, the quality.

The image as a whole looks dry.

,nBlurry RocksnThe rocks right on the lower right) are blurred because of something called depth of field (heres a link to get you started - Understanding Depth of Field in Photography).

Most people think it refers to the background being blurred out, but it actually affects objects that are very close to the camera lens as well.

n nAside from using a fancy Tilt-Shift lens where you can change the focal plane, it is almost impossible to have everything from 0.

1m - infinity in focus for a single exposure even if you set your aperture down to F/22-F/32 (the lowest setting on most lens).

On top of that, I dont recommend going below F/16 due to diffraction (Understanding Lens Diffraction - Luminous Landscape.

),The best you can do really is manually set your focus hyperfocal distance for your current focal length and aperture settings (Understanding Your Camerau2019s Hyperfocal Distance).

Even then.



typically the minimum distance an object can be in focus is about 1-2 meters and still have objects at ~infinity sharp.

So photographer typically avoid having objects extremely close to the lens if they can to have things in focus at infinity (e.


mountains) as well.

There are several apps that help you figure out what you hyperfocal distance setting is.

I am often lazy.



so I usually set my camera to f/11 and focus on an object 1/3 of the way into the scene and typically that works.

If Im really concerned about focus, I use the live view mode on my camera to zoom into different areas of my image and make sure I have critical focus.

In the photo above I would have zoomed in on the close rocks, manually adjusted my focus.



then zoomed in the mountains and checked/adjust focus, then went back to the rocks to make sure they were ok.


It goes without saying you will probably need a tripod to do this.

,That being said.



there is a way to composite multiple images to get some image that is in focus everywhere.

It is called focus stacking.

It is pretty time consuming so I dont recommend it for 99% of people but here is the link Using Focus Stacking to Extend Depth of FieldFunny colors in the mountainnSo Im 99% sure you took the photo above at sunset instead of sunrise.

Why? because the funny colors you are setting is the orange light of the sun hitting the low level dust/smog in the air, giving far away a brownish muddy tint.

Youd be amazing how much dust/smog is kicked up into the air by car traffic or even just people walking on dirt trails.

Photographers avoid this by.



taking photos at sunrise instead (where all the dust as settled down overnight), or after a rainstorm (Tsenikani Scenic Byway DSC_3179).

Or you can try to incorporate into your image (Southwest Shadows).

You might also be able to fix it a little in Lightroom, but it is only works on minor adjustments (4 Uses for Lightrooms Graduated Filter Tool - Digital Photography School),Dry skynThe dry look is not only caused by the muddy tint caused by dust in the air.



but loss of saturation in the sky.

That why you should use a circular polarizer to reduce glare and would have really deepened the blueness of the sky in the above photo.

(How to use polarizing filters to reduce haze and deepen blue sky).

,,,n,You wrote: The blurry trees at the back is what I am trying to say.

,nIn addition to again proper use of depth of field.

The sky in the image is extremely over-exposed because the sun is in the background this causes a phenomenon called Blooming.

You avoid this by making avoiding having sun/bright clouds in your background when you subject face is in shadows.

Using a fill-flash or reflector to add light to the subjects face.

n ,,n,n,You wrote:,1.

f/8 1/160 sec ISO 100 -0.

7step 18mmn2.


1 1/640 sec ISO 100 21mmnI took from either 18-135 canon lens or 18-55 kit.

nThey look fake to me especially the first one.

The colour just not right, and still the tree/twigs quality are poor.

,nFake looking imagesnFor the color, so this is a bit of a white balance issue.

For the first photo - everything in the foreground is in shade (giving it a blueish tint) while the mountains in the background is lit by late day sun (making it orange tinted).

When you look at it with your eye, you brain immediately adjusts so it looks natural (See What colour is this viral ambiguously colored dress? on more about weird tricks your brain pulls on you).

However the camera cant do this so it picked one static white balance setting.

This can be fixed in a program like Adobe Lightroom via the graduate filter tool - Improve Your Images with the Lightroom Graduated Filter Tool.

,The second image is pretty underexposed due because of the snow.

Your camera tries meter assuming the scene is roughly medium grey in overall brightness.



however in that photo most of the scene is snow, which is white.

The camera mistaken tries to make the snow medium grey and thats why you get a fake look to it.

,Understanding Camera Metering and Exposure If you adjust your levels/curves to make the snow whitish again.



the photo should look better.

In the future, when you are talking photos with a lot of snow, adjust your exposure compensation to +1EV or meter off the sky.

,Four Tips on How to Properly Meter Exposure in Snow,nYou wrote:n,What should I set my camera or to do to get smooth images like this.

I can tell that will not get these two images with my camera setting.

I will instead get a drier grass, a blue roof with some red-ish edge, there will be red lines near the white background.

(purple fringe?),Why the colour here look warm and natural while mine are strong and look fake? What is your suggestion ? How should I set my camera? Is it the equipment or camera setting? Please help.

Thank you very much.

n,nAh, well in addition some issues with technique.

There is a reason that the kit lenses you have (18-55 and 18-135) are so affordable compared to other lenses such as the Sigma Art series of lenses you posted above (which I believe are 3x price of your lens).

One big issue with kits lens and superzooms is that they tend to be pretty soft as the wide-angle range of the focal length (says 18mm to 40mm).

You were savvy enough to stop down to F/8, but that only reduces the problem, it doesnt get rid of it.

I encounter the same problem with my first dSLR and a kit lenswhen I went to Macchu Pichu (Flickr - Photo Sharing!).

The Sigma Art series is excellent, but also pretty pricey AND it wont fix all of your problems since many of them are related to technique.

Still if you were to get something like the Canon 17-55 F2.

8, it would help.

,So as you can see, you are in luck as there are many things you can easily do without spending any money to improve your photography.

Getting a circular polarizer will help.



as will trying out Lightroom CC for $10 a month.

Finally buying a new f2.

8 or f4 lens will also helps (although in my opinion it will have the least benefit as this stage in your development as a photographer).

,Good luck!

How to extend background of photo

Maturity means you begin to realize that you only need one lover in your life.

You grow together, learn everything together, have kids together to extend your genes, mature together and perhaps, die together.

The moment you start thinking of a new relationship, youu2019re basically starting again from square one.

You become like a grade 1 pupil.

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Basically, you are struggling to explain simple things to the younger generation, and the younger generation is also struggling to explain simple things to you.

You then realize with shock that you must adjust yourself to become like a baby to make yourself understood by the younger generation.

,[Kane Tanaka | Photo Credit: Google / Hindustan Times / AP]

How to extend background in Photoshop ipad

Your question is incomplete, so itu2019s hard to provide an accurate answer.

First, what are you using for a client, PC, Mac, iPad, android tablet, iPhone, android phone, windows phone, etc.

Every client will have a different answer.

Then, weu2019ll assume you have a picture.

What are you trying to do, make the picture smaller by cutting off the sides leaving only a particular object (cropping a photo), or are you trying to take your photo, select a person in the picture, remove them and fill in the space left behind by creating a background, or, finally, selecting the person, removing everything in the background leaving you with just a picture of the person?,Each of those options would easily take a whole page to explain.

What software, if not Photoshop is available to you? So here I am going to give you the simplest of simple options and you can either extend my generalities to your situation, or you can re-ask your question more precisely for a better answer.

Please understand m not giving you the only answer, there are at least seven options for every situation.

I am just pulling one out of my hat as an example.

,to crop the picture on Windows, open the image using Snippet.

Drag the sides into the final location you want then u201cSave Asu201d the picture type with a new name.

That way you donu2019t lose your original.

,get a copy of Gimp, itu2019s free on many platforms.

Open your photo in Gimp and select the person.

Then choose delete with fill.

You will be provided options on what to use for a background fill.

Ang again, do a u201csave asu201d,same as 2 above, except after you select the person, use u201cinvert selectionu201d, then delete selection and use transparency or white for the fill background.

You may want to crop your new artwork in gimp having removed so much material, but then finish with a u201csave asu201d,I realize thatu2019s pretty sketchy, but best I can do without more information.

How to extend background of photo without Photoshop

Your question is incomplete, so itu2019s hard to provide an accurate answer.

First, what are you using for a client, PC, Mac, iPad, android tablet, iPhone, android phone, windows phone, etc.

Every client will have a different answer.

Then, weu2019ll assume you have a picture.

What are you trying to do, make the picture smaller by cutting off the sides leaving only a particular object (cropping a photo), or are you trying to take your photo, select a person in the picture, remove them and fill in the space left behind by creating a background, or, finally, selecting the person, removing everything in the background leaving you with just a picture of the person?,Each of those options would easily take a whole page to explain.

What software, if not Photoshop is available to you? So here I am going to give you the simplest of simple options and you can either extend my generalities to your situation, or you can re-ask your question more precisely for a better answer.

Please understand m not giving you the only answer, there are at least seven options for every situation.

I am just pulling one out of my hat as an example.

,to crop the picture on Windows, open the image using Snippet.

Drag the sides into the final location you want then u201cSave Asu201d the picture type with a new name.

That way you donu2019t lose your original.

,get a copy of Gimp, itu2019s free on many platforms.

Open your photo in Gimp and select the person.

Then choose delete with fill.

You will be provided options on what to use for a background fill.

Ang again, do a u201csave asu201d,same as 2 above, except after you select the person, use u201cinvert selectionu201d, then delete selection and use transparency or white for the fill background.

You may want to crop your new artwork in gimp having removed so much material, but then finish with a u201csave asu201d,I realize thatu2019s pretty sketchy, but best I can do without more information.