How do I read a tape measure in CM?

How to read a tape measure in cm

Only three countries in all of the world still donu2019t have metric measuring system; Liberia, Burma and USA.

How about that for being equal.

,Cm is ( centimetre ) one hundredth of a metre and metre is one thousand mm (millimetres) so one Cm is ten mm,1mm x 10 = cm 1cm x10= dm 1dm x 10= 1m

Cheat sheet for reading a tape measure

Can you multiply and add and divide? Can you think in terms of pitch like on a rooftop, instead of an angle? Pitch is how low the roof descends toward the ground from the ridge, or how high the roof rises from the roofu2019s edge toward the ridge in 1 foot, The foot is 12 inches and a pitch of a roof will be how many inches the roof goes up or down for every 12 inches it goes across.

,They are written out as n/12.

Where n is the number of inches of rise for every 12 inches of run.

If you call it rise and run you can do stairs.

Thatu2019s all stairs are.

Rise versus run in how many steps.

,There is an industry standard tool called a speed square.

It has little marks across for lining up the pitch and it points to an angle which gives you the degrees of an angle, Depending if you are cutting a board with that angle or a board for that angle to sit on, you simply set your saw at that angle or subtract that angle from 90 and that will give you a plumb cut board thatu2019s parallel to the level ground.

,I was getting a D in Geometry because I wanted to get stoned and play the air guitar in class.

I thought school was a day care center and homework was stupid.

My counselor gave me study hall for first period and I got to sleep an extra hour every day, Ironically, I needed to learn some geometry to pass the enrollment test for DeVry.

Or, so I thought.

,It turns out, it was all calculators and I only needed to know formulas to find electronic values needed to test for signal outputs.

However, my next career was carpenter.

Unfortunately, roofs and rafters donu2019t have voltage or current running through them and I would need to actually learn some geometry.

I found that a speed square (like a scientific calculator) can be a cheating mechanism.

,If you know what a pitch is, and you know which way is up, and you can read a tape measure, and if you can learn how to use a Skillsaw, if you know what a crown of a board is, and you can learn to add and subtract an inch and a half as well as three and a half inches, and you are not too fancy to get very dirty some days, and very sweaty most days, and bleed sometimes from hitting your thumb with a big giant hammer, and you donu2019t mind pulling out splinters from your hands, and you donu2019t care if your new white Nikeu2019s shoelaces get pink from chalk, and you can climb a ladder with a sheet of plywood siding to nail up on a two-story gable, and you donu2019t mind being at work at 7 am and you can dress in layers and put up with the trombones from Mexican radios, u2026 then a career as a carpenter might be right for you.

,I learned a formula for getting the radius for arches.

Itu2019s all algebra.

I got a A in Algebra.

I probably was the only guy from my school to use algebra in their future everyday life.

I saw, though, why itu2019s taught.

,I hope this helps to answer your query.