How do I remove app from internal memory to SD card?

How to switch internal storage to SD card on Android

For instance, my Galaxy Note4 ,1.

open the setting ,2.

Find the Applications, open the application manager,3.

click the app you want to move,,4.

tap the move to SD card.

,The android device is similar in this operation.

You can also download other application manager tools to move apps.

How to transfer files from SD card to phone memory Samsung

Hi, ,Please read my previous answer on this subject.

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How to move videos to SD card Samsung

Hi,,You can easily move files from the Internal memory to any folder of your chosen on the SD card.

,You can also set your camera app to automatically save photos and videos to the SD card,u200bnu200bnOpen The Camera App then open the settings menu and scroll down.

Chose Storage Location.

,This will change the destination folder for photos and videos to Storage/ExtSd/DCIM.

,u200bnYou can manually move any saved media from the Internal memory to the SD card by using a File Manager app.

I use the brilliant X-plore file Manager but the default File Manager app will work fine.

,Go to the folder you want to move and long press it, copy and select Paste Here option at the location you want to move it.