Hypothetically what would be the cheapest feasible way to print 700,000 black and white papers?

high-volume commercial printer

Thereu2019s no u201chypothetically.

u201d,The cheapest feasible way is a commercial printer.

,Your u201cblack and whiteu201d is just u201cone spot colouru201d u2014 single-colour printing.

It doesnu2019t matter if itu2019s single-sided or double-sided.

The cost difference is negligible.

,Itu2019s a high-volume print job u2014 even assuming itu2019s 700,000 single sheets.

Thatu2019s 1,400 reams of paper.

,A commercial printer with a high-volume web offset printing press is the only answer.

,Anything else is not going to be u201ccheapest.

u201d,Iu2019m in financial printing (as well as being a printbroker).

I print stuff like this (and this volume) all the time u2014 application forms inserted into stock offering prospectuses are this kind of printing.

I just farm this out to a commercial printer so that my own presses are freed up to handle other stuff.

Best commercial printers

If you have deep pockets, the HP Indigo line: http://h10088.




jsp (see Business Cards under Marketing Collateral).

Best commercial printer for large business

I could say, u201cBuy an Indigo, NexPress or Docucoloru201d and that could put you out of business.

What market are you going after? Does your market support cards at $50 per thousand or $13 per thousand? Will you offer raised type, embossing or die-cutting? Are you promoting short run (100u2013250) cards at a time? Full-bleed 4-color? Spot color? What kinds of stock do you want to offer? How much work do you think you can get to keep the printer busy?,Buy printer X for a large sum will not give you business.

Consumers donu2019t care how you make the cards.

You might buy a refurbished printer to learn the process, learn the market and learn if this is the best way to go.

Buy something you can afford and go.

If business grows, buy a second one.

If it REALLY grows, look for a bigger printer that will fit into your workflow, supply lines and budget.