What are the best photo editing apps compatible with Windows 10?

Free photo editing software for Windows 10

What you show here isnu2019t u201cphoto editingu201d.

It is all out image manipulation.


,Lightroom is designed to adjust the tone, contrast, background noise, etc.

of photos taking in RAW format.

That isnu2019t what you want to do at all.

You want to blend in new imagery on existing pictures.

,Photoshop is obviously out of your price range.

But there is a similar product that does image manipulation and creation using about 80% of the tools in Photoshop and it is free.

,Itu2019s called GIMP (Download)

Best photo editing software free

I use one called Facetune.

It was $3u20134 when I bought it a few years ago and it has a lot of functionality.

,Things I use it for: removing pimples and making my clothes look better,Other things you can do: whiten teeth, blur background, appear slimmer, add filters, rotate/mirror, and some stuff I dont even know about,Here is a picture from a couple of days ago.

Note how dull my saree is.

,Now look,Huge fan of it.

Its a little costly, but very easy to use.