How do I process bulk volume in Photoshop? I have thousands of images with the same size. I was asked to create recording and do action. But it is not getting stored as individual images with same pixel rather it is storing as board.

How to record Photoshop process

Hi Srinivasan Palanisamy, it is not very difficult.

From your question I assume that you know how to create/record actions in Photoshop.

Hence I am not writing about them.

,Here I have recorded an action.

It is Image>adjustments>desaturate.

,(I wanted to convert all the folders in one of my folder to gray-scale images).

,You can see the screenshot.

,Then I have executed this command File>Scripts>Image processor,Then this dialogue box appeared.

,You can see that I have checked u2018Save as JPEGu2019 option.

You can save as PSD or TIFF files.

,If you donu2019t check any of the above formats it will not be saved but appear on board to be saved later (each file separately),You also have to select the folder in which these converted files are to be saved.

,I also selected my newly created action which I named as u2018desaturateu2019,All the images are successfully saved in my selected folder.

,You can see here:,I hope this helped you :)

Create timelapse in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe After Effects workflow would be great for creating epic Timelapses.

Time lapse is an Image sequence.

So, You can color grade the images using Lightroom and export.

We can import images as image sequence in Adobe After Effects, It directly creates a timelapse.

You can remap the speed of the clip as per you need.

,For HYPERLAPSE,We can stabilize the video in After effects to make it look more epic.

This can be done in two ways, By using warp stabilizer or if you have shot the video focusing a subject, You can use point tracker to stabilize the hyperlapse.

,Hope this helps you!

Create timelapse from photos

You might have to define flickering.

If you are making a timelapse, you are 100% in control of each frame.

Do you mean the rate at which you took your source photos is unpleasing in effect? You need to take more photos with less interval to smooth the motion.

Is your movie a web presentation? or a GIF? you might need to adjust your playback framerate, faster is smoother, slower is jerkier, possibly what you are calling flickering? Can you find bad or dropped frames when you look at your playback frame by frame? That might be your computer, process, or encoder.

If your computer is out of RAM or processing capability your might be getting bad frames if youu2019re not doing a 1 for 1 timelapse.

Respond with more detailed info.

How to record speed painting in Photoshop

Whatu2019s a time-lapse video? Itu2019s a shot taken over a long period of time, edited to look like it was captured in a very short span of time - typically 24 hours or less.

Time-lapse videos can be used to give viewers an idea of how quickly something changes over time, or they can be used to create stunning videos that showcase the world around us.

,Time-lapse videos are usually quite popular in commercials, nature videos, and even in live events like weddings.

But if youu2019ve ever wondered how these videos are made, youu2019re not alone! Luckily, itu2019s much easier than you might think to make one yourself at home using your smartphone, your camera, or even an old camcorder you have lying around the house somewhere.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about creating a time-lapse video in any setting.

,Letu2019s take a situation where you wish to create a time-lapse video with a webcam.

It is certainly possible if you have a webcam and the appropriate recording and editing software.

Personally, I use Bandicam Screen Recorder to record the webcam and Bandicut Video Editor to edit the captured webcam video.

,Hereu2019s how you can use Bandicam and Bandicut to create an amazing time-lapse video with your webcam:,Step 1: To create a webcam timelapse video, first, you need to record a video with your webcam.

For that, youu2019ll need to download Bandicam Screen Recorder from their official website.

,Step 2: Launch the software and from the home screen select the u201cDevice Recordingu201d mode to record your webcam.

,Step 3: Select the webcam device that you want to record from and then click the u201cu25cf RECu201d button or press the hotkey (F12) to start/stop the recording.

,Step 4: Now that your webcam video is recorded, open the Bandicut software, import the recorded files into Bandicut, and click the u201cStartu201d button.

,Step 5: Adjust the video speed in u201cEncoding mode.

u201d When you are done, click the u201cStartu201d button and save the final video.

,Final Thoughts:I hope these steps would be helpful to you in creating a time-lapse video as per your requirements.

This approach may be used for a variety of applications, including YouTube video time-lapse, speed painting, and Photoshop time-lapse.