What are some of the IRCTC hacks while booking a ticket online?

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I am a frequent traveller in indian Railways and it has been so long since I am booking tickets through IRCTC .

,In the past few years alot has changed , many new features have been introduced which are very useful for us.

,Today I will share few useful hacks which can make your booking more easier and your journey more comfortable.


,1 .

Always opt autoupgradation.

Autoupgradation is a special feature provided to the passengers during bookings which upgrades your ticket to the higher class without any extra charges ( t & c).

,u2022 Opted class should have waiting list at the time of second charting .

,u2022 Higher class must have vacant berths .

,If both the conditions are fulfilled your ticket wilo be upgraded automatically .

,This is useful on low crowded routes but you should opt this all the time .


Visit www.


com (powered by IRCTC ) before booking any waitlisted ticket.

,If you are planning a journey from Varanasi Jn to Lucknow NR and found waiting list then there might be any ticket available from any earlier boarding station.

,In such cases confirmtkt.

com helps you .

All you have to do is search confirmticket on google .

A page will pop up to your screen asking for the details of your planned journey .

,After that It will show you all the trains available on the route.

Here I picked RJPB-INDB Exp.

and found heavy waiting list of WL91 for a journey on May 20, 2019.

You can see that there is a blowing bulb under the date which means there is an alternate available .

Click on the bulb and check the available alternate .

,Here it says if you book your ticket from RJBE and board at Varanasi then you can get a confirm berth .

,This is how it works.


Consider current available quota for random planned trips .

Unlike other quotas , CURRENTAVAILABLE quota open only after the first chart preparation of the train .

If the berths are vacant after the chart preparation then IRCTC opens booking under currentavailable quota for that train with discounted fare .

,This is very rare because most of the train runs with heavy waiting list so chance of vacant seat is nil but in some train you can get such option specially for short distance journey .

,Hope this will help you.

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,And the most prominent physical feature we can easily identify is skin color.

,I want to introduce the Humanae Project u2014 Angu00e9lica DassAn artist put together a human skin color Pantone chart.

,I guess you could say this gentleman and this lady kind of sort of share a similar skin color.

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u201d,And I would reply, u201cThank you for making the point for me.

u201d,Yes, we share the same genes that define our physical features.

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It changes, ALL THE TIME.

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,Race as a construct erase individuality and see people as a group of interchangeable units.

It was never used on anything good.

It has made no contribution to human civilization as a whole, and on the contrary, the concept of race had become a cornerstone of an oppressive and unjust system.

,To answer your question, race isnu2019t about skin color.

,Race is about power.

Race as a system is about keeping the privileged group in power and underprivileged group oppressed.

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Russian here.

,I normally dont mind when Russians are depicted as evil.

What I dont like is old-hat stereotypes.

Like a bearded Russian with a Kalashnikov wearing an ushanka sitting on top of a nuclear reactor with a pet bear on a leash playing the balalaika.

This is so stupid, its borderline offensive.

,Another major thing that needs to stop is the neglect to details concerning Russia in American movies.

We even have a selection of funny screenshots called u201cThe incredible adventures of the Russian language in Hollywood movies.

Take a look:,The phrasing is just wrong:,Complete nonsense - the writing literally says u201cfoot fingeru2019s little headu201d:,Lshtshfum Aschf? They just typed Foma Kiniaev (what?) in Russian keyboard layout:,This one says u201cHorror.

Prisonu201d:,Oscillations more engine // Digit 01138 // I hate 7165 // John Bush 8157 // Test System Division Yakov Smirnoff, Russia.

The last line probably makes sense in English, but in Russian itu2019s just isolated words:,Apartments.



,Hilariously meaningless translation of the phrase u201cDo not enteru201d:,That is my favourite.

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Those are multi-million dollar productions! What the flying flamingo? The producers just didnu2019t feel it was necessary to hire a person who would do a minimum research (ask a question on Quora, dammit!) to avoid being a laughing stock for about 200,000,000 people!,Iu2019d like to specifically mention the TV show Stranger Things.

As much as I fell in love with the first season, I found the third one a revolting klukva (Wikipedia has more - u0420u0430u0437u0432u0435u0441u0438u0441u0442u0430u044f u043au043bu044eu043au0432u0430).

,What the fuck is this and who let this happen?:,Movies that portray Russians correctly (or at least not cringy)Lord of War, 2005,I approve.

Of course, Cage and Leto speak with a very thick English accent, but the ideas expressed and characters shown in this film are very correct.

Although, not very likeable.

,Chernobyl (2019);,The degree of authenticity of props is stunning.

The characters are also well written.

,K-19 The Widowmaker (2002),That film is not 100% accurate but at least the authors made an effort and it shows.

Our press praised the film and wrote that Russian submarine veterans approved of this movie despite a little bit of klukva.

,,Due to popular requests I made an overview of u201cThe Hunt for Red Octoberu201d.



In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined that this answer would be translated into German thanks to Edwin, into Spanish thanks to Chris Molinos-Hennerley, into Portuguese thanks to Lucas Dias, into Swedish thanks to Annika Bidner, into French thanks to Hervu00e9e Tia and even into Japanese thanks to Shinogi Mari.

Thank you so much, my fellow colleagues!And thank you for the upvotes, shares, translations and the fun in the comments.

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I think this little conversation is the best I have seen till date to illustrate his presence of mind.

This took place when Dhoni was at a press conference after India lost T20 world cup 2016 semi final to West Indies.

,Journalist : will you continue playing on after this tournament? MSD: Come here.

lets have some fun.

Please come here.

Journalist approaches Dhoni and sits by him.

MSD puts his hand on his shoulder.

MSD: do you want me to retire?Journalist : No.










was just asking.

MSD: I was hoping it was an Indian media guy because I cant really say if you have a brother or son who can play for India as a wicket-keeper.

Do you think I am unfit?Journalist: NoMSD: You look at me running?Jounralist: Very fast.

MSD: Do you think I can serve up till the 2019 world cup?Journalist: Ahem.




Sure yes .





MSD: Then you have answered the question.

Jounralist: thank you sir.

(All burst in laughter)Forgive my grammatical mistake if there are any.

Click here to see this conversation on YouTube.