What is the best budget camera for filmmaking in 2022?

Best camera for filmmaking on a budget 2022

Best overall: Fujifilm X-T4.

,Best cinema camera: Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k.

,Best Micro Four Thirds camera: Panasonic LUMIX GH5 4K.

,Best budget 4K: Panasonic LUMIX G85.

,Best smartphone for filmmaking: Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Free cameras for students


A medium range smartphone with adequate speed, camera and speed is sufficient to meet your needs.

The latest most expensive phones are a luxury that can be avoided until you earn on your own.


Going out with friends once in a while, eating at a restaurant, sharing expenses and enjoying is a great activity for students.

However, showing off in front of your date or friends and recklessly spending money at an expensive restaurant is a waste of money.


Public mode of travel like a metro is much cheaper and convenient than being stuck alone in a car and waste huge money on the expensive fuel.

Especially, just because you want to show off among your friends.


Invest your money in yourself, buy good books, read newspapers, use internet to learn, add skills and knowledge which will surely multiply in the future and give compounded returns and intellect.


Keep the infatuation for brands for your future when you earn, use your parents hard earned money to fulfil your needs to get decent clothes, moderately priced and with reasonable quality and durability.

I wont say, buy a 100 rupee t-shirt, but dont waste a few thousands just to flaunt a brand.


Pocket money is not a free incentive but a hard earned income of someone.

Dont waste it to show off your riches to attract and convince a person who will friend-zone you in future when you wouldnt be able to maintain the standards you set for yourself.


Learn to manage your expenses in the limited money you get from your parents, avoid borrowing aums from friends and relatives, you must learn money management, and gave self respect.


Whatever you have, always save some money, even if its 100 rupees a month, this will inculcate an excellent habit for life.


Avoid buying the u201cbetter substitutesu201d of anything; the ones which are better only by a margin, but are a few times costly than the basic product.


Stay away from show-off culture and focus on your needs and your genuine wants, like studies is a need, food is a need, entertainment maybe a genuine want.


Avoid those friends who degrade you because of your financial limitations, who show off to make you feel low of yourself and those who take you on the path of highs and pleasures, the alcoholics.


Never waste money, for example carry a water bottle when you leave home, a handy packet of biscuits for instant hunger.

,,Things purchased from our own earnings can be a display of luxury but before that we must focus on necessity.

Best budget camera for students

These are the phones that you can consider:,Moto g4 Plus : Its got good processor, great camera, great display, regular os updates and good battery life.

,Oneplus X : Great display, good processor (32 bit tough ), sexy design and good battery life.

,Apart from these you can also consider redmi note 3, lenovo zuk z1 and lenovo vibe s1.

,But technically speaking you should go for the moto g4 plus.

Digital cameras for schools

YouTube and the paid service Skillshare are good for learning just about anything!