If China sends its military into Taiwan tomorrow, will America be too shell shocked from Afghanistan experience that we wont do anything?

China Russia attack Hawaii 2022

My opinion:,I donu2019t think it is about Afghanistan singularly.

China is a different animal completely.

It isnu2019t a military with no air force.

It isnu2019t a military with no navy.

However it is a military with over twice as many combat soldiers on the mainland of China as the US.

It is 30db higher in combat capabilities than the Taliban.

The fear of Chinau2019s hypersonic missiles that are called u2018carrier killersu2019 might give the US second thoughts about putting its carriers in harms way.

Without carriers, it would have no air cover.

The US has both attack and missile submarines, China does too.

It may not have nuclear subs, but AIP boats are just as good in its coastal waters.

What it lacks in superiority, it makes up in quantity.

There are 83 coastal missile boats that could swarm any US surface ship.

It also has an unknown number of military drones that could swarm the US naval surface fleet.

It peddles these to other countries.

It may not have supersonic stealth bombers, but it does have Russian S-300 and S400 air defense system missiles.

In Syria, the US used cruise missiles and declared a victory on an attack of an airbase by US cruise missiles, but reports say the S-300 system used to defend the airbase and did a pretty good job.

It was rumored that an F-35 of the Israeli airforce was damaged by a Syrian S-300.


China also has its own air defense system of unknow capabilities, but knowing all about the Russian air defense system, Iu2019m sure the Chinese have noted it and applied these lessons to their self-developed system.

Regarding subs, most of Chinau2019s coast and the South China Sea are shallow coastal waters, not exactly the conditions submarines like.

It has been said that the Chinese are developing quantum and laser detectors.

If true and operational, they pose a threat to American subs.

Remember too Chinau2019s surface fleet is composed mostly of destroyers and frigates.

These ships have anti-submarine detection and destruction capabilities.

,China also has ICBMu2019s capable of not only hitting South Korea, Japan, Guam, and Okinawa, but Hawaii and the CONUS.

Many are MERV capable and probably many are nuclear tipped.

While China will not use a first strike nuclear attack, if the US does, donu2019t be surprised at a nuclear response.

Right now, the Chinese have their ICBMu2019s in tunnels at secret locations probably in the mountains that dominate much of Chinau2019s geography, but it appears China is adding two additional missile silo fields to its current existing one.

These fields are deep in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, far away from cruise missile range.

,The point is even if the US tried to respond, the best it could do is an attempted air and missile response from South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and Guam.

It has 4 littoral ships based in Singapore and and unknown number of destroyers there.

Carriers are temporarily based there and carry out u2018freedom of navigationu2019 sorties in the area, but Singapore also becomes a target if the US and its allies keeps fleet elements there.

,Bottom line, if the Chinese were to attack Taiwan, it would be quick and overwhelming.

It might start with a missile attack to knock out C3 sites, runways, missile sites, and other military strategic targets where the Taiwan military based equipment and soldiers.

It would quickly use its airforce to gain air superiority over Taiwan and further erode any surviving potential military sites.

It would use its paratroopers to overtake strategic military objectives and use its amphibious landing fleet to land soldiers quickly to follow up.

China would implement its version of a blitzkrieg attack.

The objective is to capture Taiwan quickly so the US is unable to respond in time even from Singapore.

From Singapore, it would have to traverse the South China Sea which because of its defensive nature could slow and delay a US response.

,The US defeats in Vietnam, Syria, and now Afghanistan, have dulled the sharpness of the US military and maybe even its morale.

We win battle, but not wars.

The biggest variable in all this is what the Taiwan DPP political party will do to encourage a PRC attack.

Xi Jinping made it clear that he drew a red line in which if the Taiwan government made any attempt at independence, China would attack Taiwan.

While the PRC would like a peaceful coexistence that somewhere in the future Taiwan would be returned to China, it is patient and time is not of the essence.

Only the actions of Taiwan to seek independence would the PRC resort to overtaking Taiwan.

,If China were to overtake Taiwan, the best the US could do is punish China with possibly a missile retaliatory response but that would lead to a response from the Chinese mainland, a tit-for-tat.

Both South Korea and Japan are fearful of a US-China war because that would make them targets of the PRC.

,What the US probably would do is to sanction China more, set up an embargo so trade would decline, continue to harass China with guerilla warfare and in general try to interrupt the Chinese economy.

,The big unknown is what role Russia might play with any fight between the US and China.

Russia would certainly side with China but to what degree is a big unknown.

Both have been practicing military exercises together, similar to the US and South Korea.

If the US tried to invade China, you can be sure Russia would supply material support to China.

Whether it would commit troops would dependent on the severity of the invasion.

,Earlier there were discussions that the US would try to push China and Russia apart, but ever since Trump, that has gone in the opposite direction and made China and Russia work together more along not only along geopolitical lines, but in business and trade.

,I personally donu2019t think the US will do anything but keep Taiwan on a leash.

Even now, the rhetoric from Taiwan seems to have toned down and the political climate might change in 2024 when the presidential elections are held.

The upcoming local elections in 2022 will be a precursor of any change if any.

My guess is that Taiwan will pull back from its drive towards independence.

Taiwanu2019s economy is 40% dependent on China so China could tighten the screws on Taiwan economically if it wanted to.

Right now, about a million Taiwanese live on the mainland doing business and most want a stable situation between Taiwan and the PRC.

More young people are seeking to go to college and work on the mainland so given enough time, the political culture of Taiwan is changing.

Except for the older people, their view of the PRC is less charged along political lines.

They are more focused on economic terms and they see a rising China and want to rise with it.

japan warns u.s. of attack on hawaii

All the nitpicking over Japanese Aircraft markings, is IMHO, bullshit.

I mean the women at Pearl Harbor were wearing late 1960u2019s hairdou2019s, and the Aircraft carrier was an 1960u2019s American type as shown in the actual launching of the aircraft.

,Movies are made so as to put butts in theater seats.

Its a simple proposition.

People invest millions in a film so as to make money.

NOT to sit and watch a 100% accurate down to the buttons on the sailors fly comments as noted above.

,In the 1960u2019s Blue screen special effects are not available.

To film WW2 Japanese pilots taking off you have to modify and repaint what is available.

That is a 1960u2019s US aircraft carrier with an angled flight deck, and propeller aircraft, like an AT-6, modified to look Japanese.

The other comments about the color of this aircraft etc.

just is pointless.

,The events and the basis for decisions made before, on and after December 7, 1941, is where the movie claims to be true to historical fact.

The movie made two mistakes that distorted the History.

One was the argument over sending out a third wave.

That was shaded in the discussion so as to imply Nagumo decided to cancel a Third Wave.

,On the US side it was Lieutenant Kermit Tyler that was slammed for being an idiot and NOT alerting commands as to the approach of the Japanese air armada.

,The movie shaded the argument for the Third Wave to make it look like Nagumou2019s decision to cancel a third wave led to Japanu2019s loss of the war against the US.

,While there was a request for a Third wave Nagumo simply said NO at the time.

,The movie depicts Genda arguing for the third wave.

He wanted the dry docks and oil tanks destroyed.

,Well that isnu2019t exactly 100% right.

It was Fuchida that argued for adding a third wave into the attack.

Accordingly Genda supported Fuchida.

Thatu2019s right there were only two waves planned, NOT three.

YES, other IJN carriers had a third strike option ready IF it was ordered but it was not.

,Fuchida reported the incident as follows-Discussion next centered upon the extent of damage inflicted at airfields and air bases, and I expressed my views saying, All things considered we have achieved a great amount of destruction, but it would be unwise to assume that we have destroyed everything.

There are still many targets remaining which should be hit.

Therefore I recommend that another attack be launched.

The movie makes another historical mistake at Nagumou2019s expense.

,u201cWe must search for the American carriers no matter how long it takes.

u201d,Nagumo was NOT told that by Fuchida or Genda.

,What If Imperial Japan Had Launched a Third Wave Attack Against Pearl Harbor?Nagumo decided against the Third wave, and given his situation Yamamoto supported his decision at the time.

His reasoning was-,American anti-aircraft performance had improved considerably during the second strike, and two thirds of Japans losses were incurred during the second wave.

[110]Nagumo felt if he launched a third strike, he would be risking three quarters of the Combined Fleets strength to wipe out the remaining targets (which included the facilities) while suffering higher aircraft losses.

The location of the American carriers remained unknown.

In addition, the admiral was concerned his force was now within range of American land-based bombers.

[110] Nagumo was uncertain whether the U.


had enough surviving planes remaining on Hawaii to launch an attack against his carriers.

A third wave would have required substantial preparation and turnaround time, and would have meant returning planes would have had to land at night.

At the time, only the Royal Navy had developed night carrier techniques, so this was a substantial risk.

[112]The task forces fuel situation did not permit him to remain in waters north of Pearl Harbor much longer, since he was at the very limit of logistical support.

To do so risked running unacceptably low on fuel, perhaps even having to abandon destroyers en route home.

[113]He believed the second strike had essentially satisfied the main objective of his missionu2014the neutralization of the Pacific Fleetu2014and did not wish to risk further losses.

[114] Moreover, it was Japanese Navy practice to prefer the conservation of strength over the total destruction of the enemy.

[115]At a conference aboard his flagship the following morning, Yamamoto supported Nagumos withdrawal without launching a third wave.

In retrospect, sparing the vital dockyards, maintenance shops, and the oil tank farm meant the U.


could respond relatively quickly to Japanese activities in the Pacific.

Yamamoto later regretted Nagumos decision to withdraw and categorically stated it had been a great mistake not to order a third strike.

Attack on Pearl Harbor - Wikipedia (This is the attribution as to the material in italics)The movie failed to explain Nagumou2019s reason, that essentially made him the fall guy for losing the war.

If anyone is responsible, after Tojo, I would argue that Yamamoto was to blame for authorizing a dangerous plan, that, as planned, with just 2 waves, at most would buy Japan some extra months before she looses.

,If the Third wave went? Nimitz says at most 2 years but Japan still is defeated.

,So the allegation implicit in the movie,u201cIf the Third strike went as planned, the oil tanks and dry docks would have been destroyed.

u201d Japan might have won the war.

u201d,Simply not true.

,Yamamoto NOT Nagumo was to blame for the failure of the plan.

,The US side also picked on the US officer who got the report of incoming aircraft in the movie.

That IMHO is also a major inaccuracy in the film.

The officer was made to look like a u201cDudley Do Nothingu201d type idiot when he said to the Operator at Opana point-,u201cDonu2019t worry about it.

u201d,Well Lieutenant Kermit Tyler had no method of calling up the fighter squadrons at the time on Sunday morning.

,On December 7, 1941, Tyler was a first lieutenant in the Army Air Corps serving as the Executive Officer of the 78th Pursuit Squadron, based at Pearl Harbor.

That morning he was assigned duty as the Officer In Charge of the partly activated Pearl Harbor Intercept Center.

His duties were to assist the controller in ordering planes to intercept foreign planes, after the planes got in the air.

New and untrained at the time, when warned of the approach of a large aircraft flight from the north, Tyler presumed it to be the scheduled arrival of six B-17 bombers from the mainland.

The radar operators were tracking Japanese planes coming to attack the base.

However the operator, operating in training mode, failed to make clear the size of the formation even though it was larger than anything theyd ever seen, and he did not pass on an alarm of attack imminent.

Following an investigation by a Naval Board of Inquiry in August 1942, it was determined that Tyler had been assigned to the Information Center with little or no training, no supervision, and no staff with which to work.

Tyler was subsequently cleared on any wrongdoing by the Board and no disciplinary actions were taken against him.

Attack on Pearl Harbor - Wikipedia (This is the attribution as to the material in italics)Those were major historical inaccuracies that portray Nagumo and Tyler as complete idiots in the film.

So from my perspective the film is NOT true to historical fact.

Russia-China alliance

Russia - China public alliance began after World War 2.

Russia supported Mao against Chun Kai Chi.

Mao would have lost without Stalinu2019s help.

Richard Nixon saw the opportunity when the relationship broke up after Stalinu2019s death.

There were even military confrontation in Russiau2019s Far East with Chinese.

Russians killed hundreds of Chinese there when they tried to invade some islands in the middle of Amur river in summer of 1968.

Nixon reacted sending G.



Bush as the American ambassador in China, then followed up with his own seven-day official visit to three Chinese cities in 1972.

Nixonu2019s policy was very successful.

He chipped off China from the Russian orbit.

While R.

Nixon would have won his second term easily without any Watergate involvement he became paranoid about u201cdemocratsu201d ability to strike him out.

He misjudged and misstepped.

His Chinese policy was continued by all succeeding US presidents.

I firmly believe president Trump economy team will succeed in the negotiation with Chinese government, and the trend would go on.

However, China has the Communist party in full control of people, economy, armed forces, media, universities, courts, government.

That makes China a close relative to Russian government but not the Russian people.

,China uses Russiau2019s huge resources like oil, gas, wood, minerals, metals, even territory in concessions.

China will eventually eat up huge chunks of Russiau2019s East due to Pukin ruling for 20 years.

Russia will become a slave country for Chinese.

Hawaii Russia

Oh! I know a little bit of this! The results are still there to see in the u201cRussian Fort Elizabethu201d on Kaua`i.

,During the time of Hawaiian history when King Kamehameha was trying to unite the islands under one rule, Chief of Kamuali`i had officially agreed with Kamehameha but secretly opposed this union.

,He allowed the Russians (part of a Russian-German company that merely represented Russia) to build forts there, probably expecting them to help him reclaim the island, while convincing the Russians they could be the ones the claim the archipelago.

,Of course, the Russians had ulterior motives and really wanted to build in order to get a foothold in Hawaii before trying to blanket the kingdom under Russian control.

Unfortunately the company found out that Tsar Alexander did not support their plan of conquering, around the same time that Kamuali`i realized they had no intention of helping him rival Kamehameha.

,Americans took further action by buying up supplies and effectively starving the Russian supporters out.

Many defected to the other side.

,The Russians, including the German mastermind behind the whole debacle, Schaffer, hightailed it out of Hawai`i before the problem escalated further.

,Nothing really came of this almost-conquest but the forts can still be visited today.

,As to what a Russian Hawaii would look like - who knows.

Maybe weu2019d all be speaking Russian and have even worse relations with Japan.

Maybe the Americans would have still succeeded in overthrowing the Kingdom.

Speculation is endless.

,And a bit pointless.

China Hawaii

Hainan an island off the south coast of China.

Hainanu2019s climate is tropical and monsoonal (i.


, wet-dry).

Temperatures average about 64 u00b0F (18 u00b0C) in January and 82 u00b0F (28 u00b0C) in July.

Rainfall is heavy, especially in summer during the wet monsoon.

The average annual precipitation varies from about 70 inches (1,800 mm) in the east to less than 60 inches (1,500 mm) in the western coastal area.

Car prices Hawaii

Rental car prices are so high in Hawaii, tourists are renting U-Haul trucks.

Maui cheapest rental car in March was $722 a day, and the Perfect stormu2019 that led to extreme shortage of rental cars in Hawaii shows no signs of clearing now that its nearly July as a result of the pandemic, rental car companies across the United States parked their cars in unused lots at ballparks, and cars were rental car for a fraction of their normal price u2014 or sold as used cars.

The industry sold off more than a half a million cars, about a third of its combined fleets, just to generate cash it needed to survive the crisis.

,While the Hawaii car rental war continues to stay to some degree between the big three car rental companies and Turo (peer-to-peer rentals), theres more relatively good news here for Hawaii travelers.

Car rental companies have started to recover from the shortage of vehicles that occurred after they sold off their fleets during COVID.

Because of this, daily to in the average range of $75 a day, depending on location and season.

See our latest results after we checked rates of Hawaii car rentals in both low and high seasons this year.

See our results after we checked rates of Hawaii car rentals in both low and high seasons this year, followed by our updated tips on how to score the best deal.

All three companies sold much of their fleets last year to raise cash and havent sufficiently replenished their inventory as travel demand rebounded this year.

,car rental prices