What port numbers and protocols does the IP camera in the sengled snap use?

Hikvision camera user Manual

Doubtful they use a port.

Their user manual is of no help.

Since the video is stored to the cloud, likely the camera sends a connection request to their cloud server, then sends the video clip to them.

As the user, you also connect to their cloud server to view your video.

,If you have a Synology NAS box, you could use any normal IP camera and the Synology OpenVPN app to view from anywhere and record your video.

,I also use the IP Cam Viewer app.

I used to open ports to view them when away from home, but was hacked too often (Hikvision cameras).

Now I use OpenVPN, much more secure, and I can still use IP Cam viewer as if I was at home.

Hikvision Camera Installation

A professional installer is best.

If you want to install them yourself, then the cost is from $100 each for 2 to 4 megapixel fixed Hikvision cameras and $400 each for ptz Hikvision cameras.

Add the cost of Cat 6 Ethernet cables, around $100 per thousand feet plus connectors.

Also required is a a couple of Gigabit Power over Ethernet switches at about $200 each.

For recording, a good digital 16 channel recorder is about $1500.

,Parts, therefore would be a minimum of $3500 plus installation labor for fixed cameras.

Hikvision DVR Manual

Read manual, so you can run necessary password reset procedure.

,You can access your typical Hikvision or OEM brand DVR from LAN, then what you need to do is access it from SADP software, and then hit forgot password,,Follow instruction and enter security code for your device.

,You can get security code from Hikvision by supplying serial number to them,,or you can get it from online tool to generate codeu2026 but if you have to ask type of question here, I would not recommend using those.

,Just contact Hikvision, and get security code following their instruction will be way to go, and if you really do not understand their instruction on how to interact with SADP software, it is always best to hire someone to do quick work for you.