DSLR Cameras: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Im starting to use RAW - what basic steps should I do in post-process?

How to stack images in Lightroom

By this you will surely became a pro.

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Astrophotography stacking software

I am assuming you have the equipment you need and youu2019re asking only about the software.

,Not being a Mac user (I love them, just canu2019t afford them), I am not the best resource.

I do know one guy who actually works at the Apple home office (the new spaceship campus) thatu2019s a very good (pro-level) astrophotographer, and he uses all Apple products.

So itu2019s possibleu2026 only costly.

(Given the right budget, I expect it could be preferableu2026 but, againu2026 costly).

,That said, there is a lot more software and information available for PC users.

Still, itu2019s definitely possible.

Stack RAW images

The earth spins.



as youre taking pictures, the stars are moving relative to your camera and the rest of the earth.

,With each picture, the sky is slightly shifted, as you stack the pictures that shift becomes much more apparent when the same stars dont exactly line up with their previous position.

,Do this enough times and you can get some pretty cool looking star trails