Can a USB cable be used to charge the Canon 450D cameras battery?

Canon Battery Charger USB Cable


As of now, the only Canon cameras that support USB charge are G9X, G7X Mark II and G5X.

They all use 3.

7 volt battery and have microUSB port.

,There are Chinese third-party chargers for Canon batteries with USB power support, but I wouldnu2019t trust them.

So, your only way is wall power or car 12V to 100/110/220/240V inverter, which effectively provides you with a wall socket in your car, if you have one.

Canon Battery Charger

I canu2019t guarantee your battery charger, but most battery chargers do.

Look on the printed label of the charger.

You will usually find something like ~110u2013220V on it.

How to charge Canon camera battery with power bank

If you make indoor photography, you can charge your Canon camera with a battery charger and a wall adapter.

Like this:,Itu2019s the XTAR SN4 camera charger.