What causes environmental pollution?

Korean BBQ at home Kit

NOTE: Iu2019m NOT u201cformer R&Du201d, at age 85 Iu2019m still u201cR&Du201d with 4,950 Inventions & Discoveries to my name, & counting.


Pat E: dhowden78@hotmail.

comWe believe that itu2019s more vital knowing how to cope with an environmental crisis such as climate change, plastic pollution etc, rather than the exceeding difficult Physics of any one of numerous Crises history.

Hence what follows:,OFF-GRID.

Currently theres loads of global Climate Change ballyhoo thats as un-solvable by governments as is inflation - both are up to individual choice and responsibility as found by age pensioner Dr.

Pat who teaches simple Sustainable Solar Home Living Conservatively Run on Renewable Resources via his S.


E {Sustainable Home Engineering or Environment} Frugaluxury, thus helping everyone avoid heart-triple-bypass, triple-jobs, cost ripoffs, stuffed-suburbs, boredom, bullying greedy authorities, planned obsolescence, stressful-insolvency & ignoring kids.



Here briefly & definitively is how.

These activities have absorbed him since 1946; & ECOnsultant to Sydney Uni 1974 student Autonomous House after last-ever 1972 paid job.

The mentality of those who caused the problem (Climate Change) cannot fix it - Einstein.

Poor of rich countries feed rich of poor counties - Korean diplomat.

We are not rich because we have the most - but because we need the leastu2026 The best way to predict the future is to create it - Pete DruckerYou can never solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that caused the problem .



Einstein, AHed migrated from 1955 Sydney Uni Physics-Math & 1958 CSIRO Solar Physics to California, returning Brisbane home by own 1965 schooner during Vietnam War, after a ripping-yarn 7-year high-tech NASA Apollo Aerospace, Control Computer & Electronics career + 2 tsunamis & 2.

5 hurricanes in the midst of 84-country research + 7 (or 8?) American grandkids + 2 great grand sons - - - then this for an Aussie:,Do you yearn downshifting or savings from a pittance, yet clueless, underprivileged or gardenless? If so: stockpile, barter, reuse, share, bargain, trade (wrapping-free) & price-calibrate scrounged Home-Brands (sans additives, GM or processing).



Greatest schools-ignorant cost-savers are Growing-Fixing-Making! 10% Aussies plan great escapes, & 35% home work like 70% new Canadian businesses; thus are cities near-redundant? Without Taste-change, society is unadaptable: 2 coffees + daily-newspaper cost $2555/y - 7% off many recent local salaries! Bought lunches similar.

American credit-card-debt averaged $40,000.

3/4 young-Brit females are heavily indebted.

Save $1 & kill-a-watt is easy; generating either is not.

,Last paid job? 1972 age-38 Norwegian electric-vehicle & freshwater research following Chief Engineer Robotic UK Machine Tools; not rich, simply enjoyably frugal.

Thriving on 5%-Pension enables Pats Eco-Philanthropy to free $1000s for worthy-causes! Health? 22 years Doctorless, now mild diabetic-2.

1/3-century ago, nudging 100% Self-Sufficiency was easy including energy, water & Australias most emissionless budget low-embedded-energy $10,500 highset flood-fireproof solar demo kit-home from dole-boosted 1st Home-Owners-Grant.

New roof same.

Social-areas, BBQ, caravan-storage, 12volt 0.

28amp fridge (= 30 times 22% intermittent external power applied! Compostor-toilet avoids massive water-flush.

Likewise, donu2019t flush toilets if only pissed.

Housework & waste ingeniously shrink.

Dishes & laundry are done detergent-free.

Stand on laundry in a bowl whilst showering, then string-line dry without squeezing - avoids ironing! Cactus-thorn or carbon-fiber toothpick saves $50/y! WWOOF free help is indispensable.

,Ditch gas-guzzlers: if goatless, hedge-trimmer becomes budget mower; transport = baggable Micro-scooter (OK on buses), plus 2-seat 21 year-old free-on-trains/ferry house-solar-charged Prizewinner Carcycle trike, both avoiding rego-license-insurance - or Dr.

Pat may need his 1950s-style Dachshund-dog to hill-assist long-distance cycling.

Sleeping-bag wraps Brompton micro-bike on planes.

Trolley allows micro-transport freighting.

Hitch-pickup all Fiji private-vehicles including taxis for about $2 = emission-avoiding budget bus fare!More world passengers die in minutes from weekly plane crashes than folk died in 200 years of Australian bushfires! Dr.

Pats 1979-book Eco-Logistics carries a 30-year global-project: eradicating weekly airline-crashes & stalled car-traffic using Prof.

Edward Laniers 1930s ultra-safe Miami Uni 1/2-wingspan Vacuplanes.

20m slow 30km/h takeoff-landing means airports become Public Edible Parks also to grow sugarcane for plane alcohol fuel + Solar-Wind-farms to save/make $billions! Breed wildlife edible Stock, not cows!Armies of international Green-media luminaries live nowhere near Pats emissionless-level, yet they sprout world-Problems, rather than inspirational home example-setting Solutions.

Official solutions are usually bloated-cost, unreliable, pollutant, inefficient, ephemeral, non-renewable & exotic with dangerous excess moving-parts! Yet theres always an Alternative.

To Authorities, PMs, Education & to Corporations etc at home & abroad, Dr.

Pat mass-faxes & emails these alternative solutions.

The ex-PMs long-reply was exhilarating.

Still awaiting OBamas.

During Pats family ancestor Viking days, the island with few global Emissions was titled Greenland because then it was Green, as was Labrador.

Then it wasnt.

Now it is, with green meadows, cattle, farming & gorgeous wildflowers!Society Talks Token-sustainables like pseudo solar-buildings, dripping-taps, fluors or LEDs, a bike or single pawpaw tree.

``But: What if as predicted no: job, banks, markets, utilities, health, car, fuel, water, partner, security or happiness.



? Centrelink, ATO and Medicare on strike recently.

,Plant Multi-use food-trees to restore forests + groundcovers & perennial crops everywhere, plus no-till-farming to world-feed.

Also Multi-dams along all watercourses; Greenify deserts; collect tank-rain, & reduce power to near zero! Insist Universal Solar-Access plus User-Only-Pay policies to encourage self-reliance; moreover renounce lmports-Exports! Else, youre not helping PlaNET & are getting ripped-off.

,Note: 2 Google searches use enough energy to boil a kettle!! Brits were planning 10 new Nuke powerhouses despite ignored $73b power plant decommission cost & rising - else KWH fee should have doubled! Tiny Fans save 1/2 or replace air-conditioning.

Worlds hydro-electrics are silting to cut-off in 2 decades!! New-Scientist 27-10-07 finds few trees net-absorb CO2besides bamboo! Society must Sustainably Live Conserved Renewables, contrary to visionless nuke-powered experts floundering in empty-dams on exhausted-land under contaminated-skies, gorging polluted-muck.



,Start LIVE PRE-FREE GROUPS to help accelerate solar cities! Benefit from his Home Tiny-Tours, Chats, Sustainable Future Museum that he is vastly expanding + Apt-Data-Centre.

Empirical goals for true sustainability: X=life support tech level, Y=survival effort or resultant polluting level, A=low-technology peasant life, B=High-tech overworked existence.

Thus, two optimal easy paths are geese & tree food instead of hens & ground crops; long-last colourful sarongs instead of city clothes.



Disaster Survival is highly correlated with home multi-tasked self-sufficiency level!Optimum low cost family is when one partner works, the other helps family become highly self-sufficient.

Swap jobs every 6 months or less!Please circulate this - other folk may need tomorrow!SUNcerely & Sustainably - Dinah & Dr.


E: dhowden78@hotmail.


DIY Korean BBQ table

If remember correctly there are at least 5 places.

Iu2019ve eaten at two so I can only comment on those.

,Azian - Sushi & Korean BBQ - This is a trendy place with good sushi at great prices.

Their Korean BBQ is great and you get tons of food.

Its typical DIY BBQ with a grill at the table.

,Takamatsu - Another Sushi & Korean BBQ restaurant.

I believe they have Teppan Style as well.

The Sushi is great, with an All You Can Eat option and good happy hour specials.

Their Korean BBQ is also very good with plenty of food as well.

,Korea House - This place has been in Tucson for many years.

I good friend of mine use to live in Korea and this was his go to.

,Seoul Kitchen - I pass this place every morning going to work.

Its relatively new and have no ideal about the food.

,7 ounce Korean Steak House - This place is practically brand new.

I just opened up late last year (2018) and appears to be very busy.

,Sorry that is the best I can dou2026u2026u2026

Korean BBQ recipe pork

I lived in China for four years and South Korea nine years.

The dish you described sounds more Korean than Chinese.

Check out the recipe in the link, Pork Noodle Stir Fry Recipe with Spicy Kimchi.

You could swap rice noodles for the ramen and substitute white kimchi, which isnt loaded with red pepper, if you prefer less heat in the dish.

Korean BBQ meat

It is probably ssamjang, a mix of both doenjang and gochujang with minced garlic, sugar, and green onions (the recipe may vary).

It is one of most common condiments for the Korean-style BBQ.

Korean BBQ recipe chicken

The recipe was printed by the Chicago Tribune on August 19, 2016 although KFC did not confirm it was the actual recipe, they did not deny it either.

In their test kitchen, the Tribune was successful in replicating the recipe by adding a 12th ingredient, MSG which KFC admits using.

,credit: By Edgy01 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.

0, File:Colonel Harland Sanders in character.

jpgThe story revolved around a Tribune reporter who went to visit the Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum in Corbin, KY where he met with nephew of Harland David Sanders, aka Colonel Sanders.

The nephew, Joe Ledington, showed the reporter a scrapbook of his family including pictures of Sanders at family events, etc and then pulled out a piece of paper with a handwritten fried chicken recipe on it with 11 herbs and spices.


Ledington confirmed it was indeed the actual secret recipe and that all the immediate family members had received a copy.

The reporter took a picture of it and the story ran soon thereafter in the Sunday edition.

Apparently the nephew thought little of the incident and Sanders himself had no problem posting the recipe in the dining room of his gas station where he first developed and served the chicken.

(Later, the nephew tried to play the incident down when called to confirm and would not confirm if it was the actual recipe.

),Today however, it is a marketing tool for KFC but even though it was published with instructions on how to make and cook the chicken, itu2019s not like millions of people will suddenly hit the kitchen and start cooking.

We all crave fast food and convenience of somebody else doing the cooking for us so rest assured, KFC will continue on.

Oh, and here is a link to the story and recipeu2026.

Korean BBQ side dishes

You can find plenty of side dishes for a Korean barbecue in this clip

Korean BBQ menu

I live in Hawaii, where there is an obvious Korean influence in the food scene.

,Korean BBQ is a big hit here.

Korean BBQ restaurants deliver raw meats, seafood and veggies to you and you cook them on a grill in the center of the table.

,You can find Korean BBQ restaurants in most major American cities, notably LA, but there seems to be one on every corner in Honolulu.

,Korean BBQ isnu2019t a specific dish though, itu2019s a style of restaurant and the food is pretty simple.

,A popular dish is Kalbi, grilled marinated short ribs.

,Marinated in a sweet soy and ginger sauce, Kalbi short ribs are a taste sensation.

You can find them on the menu at many restaurants in Hawaii, Korean or otherwise.

Theyu2019re also a backyard bbq standard.

On the 4th of July, Super Bowl Sunday and other holidays where cookouts are standard, you can smell Kalbi ribs cooking all over town.