How high do planes fly in miles, not feet?

How high do planes fly miles

Normally the jet planes maintain a height of about 35000 to 40000ft.

One mile is equal to about 5280ft.

So, you can calculate the answer to your question.

How high does a plane fly in km

Vehicles that can travel through the atmosphere as well as space efficiently have been the wet dream of the si-fi community for a long time.

But there are some fundamental problems with planes flying in space, which make such a vehicle almost impossible with current technology.

,Well, technically planes have traveled to space.

X-15 crossed the 100 km altitude, so it was a space flight.

however, unlike other planes, X-15 couldnu2019t take off from a runway.

the only way to launch the plane was to strap it to a modified Boeing B-52 and then detach at a specified altitude, where its ramjet engine could work.

,Here is the wiki linkThe virgin galactic also has spaceship 2, which can travel to space in sort of similar fashion.

,But of course, in both of these cases, the flight is suborbital i.

e The craft cannot sustain a prolonged stay in space.

,And that is probably the real question here, Why cannot planes fly into a stable orbit?,The u201cfly intou201d is a crucial part here.

See, planes generally need two things to fly.

,Air : The planes fly because of the lift generated by the wings.

And wings are pretty much useless when there is no air around.

,Air : This time for energy purposes, the jet engines used by the planes, need oxygen from air for combustion.

,And there is no air in outer space.

So, the wings of the plane are useless in space and you have to carry your own oxygen to carry out propulsion.

,The spacecraft also have to travel really fast.

Like, extremely fast.

Fast enough to circumnavigate the earth in just 90 minutes.

Boeing 747 travels at around 800 km/hr.

The international space station has to travels at 27,580 km/hr in orbit to avoid falling back to earth.

That is 35 times faster than the 747 So, you need a lot of fuel to reach stable orbital speed.

,Lets say there is a guy named Ramesh.

Ramesh is a pretty smart engineer.

He been given task by the government to modify a plane, and make it go to space.

And he reads this answer before designing.

Now hereu2019s how he design process happens:,Wings are useless in space so, lets get rid of them.

,Because the plane has to travel at such a high speed, he needs really big fuel tanks.

,And also really big tanks to hold oxygen.

Again, because of the u201cno air in spaceu201d thing.

,Ramesh also thinks that the whole plane can become more efficient if we throw away some empty fuel tanks somewhere in the middle of the flight.

,Since now the plane has no wings, it is better to launch it pointing upwards, rather than pointing sideways like conventional planes.

,The plane designed by Ramesh will look something like this at the launch.

,And when the government officials come to witness the first flight of Rameshu2019s plane, they realized that he blew up millions of dollars of research budget designing something that have been in existence since the 1950s.

,I think you get the point here.

With the current design constraints, itu2019s just not possible to go to space in a conventional plane.

Domestic flight height

All commercial flights are preferred to fly at an height of 30000ft to 33000ftu2026 as their engines are most efficient at that altitudeu2026

How fast do commercial planes fly

Airliners are around Mach .

79 these days, for fuel savings.

Private jets are faster, military cargo jets slower.

International flight height

I think you probably mean an ATP or airline transport pilots license.

A CPL doesnt afford one much opportunity to make international flights for a living.

As far as I know, if you arent too tall to fit in the cockpit, or too short to work the stick and rudder (and see out the window), there arent limits.

I dont know this to be true, it just doesnt sound right to me.

There are hight requirements and restrictions in the military, but airplanes can be piloted by little people with modifications to the airplane.

All of this would probably be subject to company policy, the country one is based out of and what rights that country affords the disabled, and so forth and et cetera.

On the other side of that coin, the modification it would take for Shaq to fly a Citabria would be so absurd as to not be worth it; itd basically be a bubble placed over a hole in the top of the cockpit with a HUDu2026Im sorry but I cannot deny that that mental image made me laugh hysterically!

How high can a 747 fly

B747u2013100: 45,100ft,B747u20138:43,100ft,These are absolute celings and in practice you would never fly this high because you would be on the verge of stalling, which is very dangerous to do at 500+KT.

,I have personally been up to 41k ft in a B747u2013400 on a 12 hour flight.

This is about as high as you will go in any commercial aircraft, regardless of what the book says it can do.