What is there to do in Amsterdam?

Crazy things to do in Amsterdam

I have been there as a single female, first time visit to Europe and the city is super easy to navigate on your own.

There are only three things that I clearly remember now:n1.

Van Gogh museum - just because its Netherlands I picked that first, where else would I see his work! It was truly an enlightening experience for me, gave me enough disequilibrium from my art ignorance, the inspiration was hanging on for so long and many things made sense later! Now I completely understand the whole movement of impressionism and I am in utter awe with Van Gogh and Claude Monet ofcourse.


Wind mills - ofcourse the only other thing I knew about Netherlands was windmills, so I took a train out of town, to the most breathtaking picturesque town with windmills better than any postcards that I have ever seen! I literally bent down and kissed the earth - it was a surreal day - clear skies, canals and windmills and that village aah.

The train journey is perfect for a single day out of Amsterdam and I think it was only 5 euros or something.


Red light district tour - this was completely crazy a choice I made, just walking around after dinner.

Coming from a small town in South Asia, as a single woman, perhaps no one would be happy to know that I actually did this tour! :) Everybody else was older or was in a group, but everyone was cool about me tagging along.

I would recommend this to anyone who is curious about this perspective! I was curious because of the whole economics and policy part of it, that they paid taxes and were given police protection - I couldnt grasp it completely until I did the tour.

It was very safe and changed my soul significantly on certain notions, especially when a real person of the district talks to you and explains to you the choices and reasons.

I wouldnt say that it was all sane and safe, and not that anyone wasnt abusive of them, there was at least one who was drunk and abusive at them while I was walking around, and I saw the police button in action and I was definitely impressed with the tax paying citizen getting the instant government service as police walked in to serve them and get the abuser out! That was something culturally interesting to learn and understand.

Places to visit in Amsterdam for free

Anyone can tell you about the museums to visit.

Its easy enough.

Otherwise, visit the VVV, the Tourist Info, and ask them for help and free maps.

Additionally, not knowing your interests, I wouldnt know what to recommend especially.

n nMy personal advice would be to go biking in the countryside.

The surrounding province, especially the bit towards Haarlem, is astoundingly beautiful.

You could take a return trip to Haarlem by train if you dont feel like biking or dont have the time.

Pick a sunny day and enjoy.

Places to visit in Amsterdam for young adults

Best Places To Visit In Amsterdam in 2020 | Photos | Fiery TrippersAmsterdam is one of the worldu2019s most popular tourist destinations and is also a cosmopolitan city that welcomes visitors to look into its beauty and history.

Here are many places to visit in Amsterdam as well as a huge array of new things that can be checked out in the city.

With the sheer amount of canals here, sometimes referred to as Venice of the North.

Itu2019s always a true pleasure with visitors of all ages coming here from various parts of the world.

It is more than its common cannabis-cafu00e9 and it is a famous red-light zone when it comes to Amsterdam sightseeing.

Well, this is a perfect holiday destination to visit where you can enjoy a great time with family and friends.

It also offers you a lot of tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

,20 Perfect Places To Visit In AmsterdamHereu2019s a list of the perfect places to discover during a travelling to Amsterdam Netherlands.

Continue to scroll down and learn about some top places to visit in Amsterdam.

This Netherlands capital city provides the finest mixture of natural and man-made marvels.

Find your answer in the list below on which places to visit in Amsterdam.

,1: Rijksmuseum- Return to the 19th centuryn2: Anne Frank Home- Learn More About This Jewish Girln3: Van Gogh Museum- Where Artists Seek Solacen4: Begijnhof- For A Peaceful Strolln5:Amsterdamu2019s West Church- Spiritually Enlighten Yourselfn6: Vondelpark- Learn The Culture And Lifestylen7: Brewery Heineken- A perfect location for beer loversn8: Red Light District- Enjoy The Nightlifen9: Royal Palace of Amsterdam- Experience The Regal Historicityn10: Bike City- Go For Sightseeingn11: EYE-Film Museum- For lovers of Dutch moviesn12: The Rozentheater- Conduct the actors watchn13: De Bakkerswinkel- Experience The View While Grabbing A Biten14: Flower Market- A Bright & Aromatic Spotn15: Canal Belt- Watch the placen16: Keukenhof- Love the greenery of Lushn17: Efteling Park- For an entertaining experiencen18: Dam Square- Where to Start Sightseeingn19: Jordaan- Shoppersu2019 Paradisen20: Amsterdam Dungeon- For The Big-Hearted Ones,1: Rijksmuseum-Return To The 19th CenturyImage Source u2014 Google | Image By u2014 GreenpeaceOne of the most famous places for art fanatics visiting Amsterdam, this museum dates back to 1809 when it was designed to house the nationu2019s excellent art and antiques in more than 250 rooms.

,There is also a large library with a great collection of over 35,000 documents and books.

Here you will also find traditional handicrafts, medieval sculpture and modern art styles.

You can hire a tour guide from Amsterdam, or take a guided tour of this museum in your own language.

,Address: Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam, NetherlandsnTimings: From 9 a.


to 5 p.


,2: Anne Frank Home-Learn More About This Jewish GirlImage Source u2014 Google | Image By u2014 PublicdomainpicturesHowever, this is one of Amsterdamu2019s most famous tourist destinations.

Without first a visit to this house trip of this city cannot be completed.

Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl, who lived during World War II.

,She left a diary that explains the struggles her group went through while hiding from the Nazis.

This museum holds the house where Anneu2019s family was kept in hiding.

Do make a visit to this attraction in Amsterdam for a fun holiday in the Netherlands.

,Address: Westermarkt 20, 1016 GV Amsterdam, NetherlandsnTimings: 9 AM u2014 7 PMnEntry Price: It will cost INR 725/- per adults and| INR 370/- per children | Free for children below 9 year,3: Van Gogh Museum u2014 Where Artists Seek SolaceImage Source u2014 Google | Image By u2014 Rinuseversen1The Van Gogh Museum is also a perfect choice if youu2019re curious what to do in Amsterdam.

Annually 1.

5 million visitors gather to the museum making it one also the worldu2019s most famous art galleries.

Goghu2019s tragic life and exceptional talent make it Amsterdamu2019s second most visited museum.

Also one of the best museums in Amsterdam.

There are more than 200 Van Gogh paintings, 500 sketches and 700 letters on view here.

Also, it is is one best places visit in Amsterdam Netherlands.

,Address: Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, NetherlandsnTimings: 9 AM u2014 5 PMnEntry Price: It will cost INR 1400/- per person,4: Begijnhof -For A Peaceful StrollImage Source u2014 Google | Image By u2014 TripuniqIf youu2019re looking for some peace and calmness, this is one of Amsterdamu2019s best places to visit.

Begijnhof is one of the oldest homes and is mainly a collection of buildings of historic significance.

It was originally a Bu00e9guinage, and now is home to two churches, Englandu2019s Catholic Houten Huys as well as the Reformed Church.

,It has a secluded garden where you can experience a peaceful time as well as amazing stage panels designed by Mondrian.

Also, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Amsterdam.

,Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 373, 1012 RM Amsterdam, NetherlandsnTimings: 9 AM u2014 5 PMnEntry Price: INR 1350/- Per Adults,5: Amsterdamu2019s West Church u2014 Spiritually Enlighten YourselfImage Source u2014 Google | Image By u2014 NeedpixWhen youu2019re searching for churches in the Netherlands, the West Church of Amsterdam should surely be added to your itinerary.

Since Queen Beatrixu2019s wedding in 1966, this became one of the most famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam.

,In its constructions, the church has traces of Renaissance architecture as well as some elements of the Gothic style.

With a height of 85 metres, the tower is the highest in town.

The tower is a replica of the crown of the Emperor Maximilian of Austria.

,Address: Prinsengracht 281, 1016 GW AmsterdamnEntry Price: It will cost INR 500/- Per Adults

Beautiful places in Amsterdam

Anyone can tell you about the museums to visit.

Its easy enough.

Otherwise, visit the VVV, the Tourist Info, and ask them for help and free maps.

Additionally, not knowing your interests, I wouldnt know what to recommend especially.

n nMy personal advice would be to go biking in the countryside.

The surrounding province, especially the bit towards Haarlem, is astoundingly beautiful.

You could take a return trip to Haarlem by train if you dont feel like biking or dont have the time.

Pick a sunny day and enjoy.

Amsterdam attractions for adults


I had to take a good hit of Hatorade to write this, because I love my city and the good outweigh the bad by far, but here goes.

,Tourists on rental bikes everywhere.




nI get that this place looks like a big, outdoor, real-life Disneyland for adults.

However, you might be surprised that us living and working here actually use the bike-lanes to commute.

So when youu2019ve never ridden a bike before in your life, and decide to learn on the bike-lanes, youu2019re essentially learning to drive a car on the freeway.

In short: could you fucking not?,Foreign investors buying property with foreign money have destroyed the housing market nIt is nigh impossible to buy a home in Amsterdam.

You either make enough to not care, or you are one of the majority living and working here, and canu2019t afford to buy, so you pay out your ass to rent.

Or move to Purmerend.

The reason is because of tourists.

They come in such quantities that foreign and local investors actually buy up a shit-ton of property to rent out as airbnb apartments.

That jig is now up due to government intervention, but it hasnu2019t deterred investors to keep buying and driving the average price to u20ac430k(!).

Itu2019s insane.

A working couple, each making more than the Dutch average can not buy a place in Amsterdam.

Theyu2019ve simply been driven out.

,The city has become allergic to other peopleu2019s funnThis one might seem contradictory and hypocritical seeing my first point.

Amsterdam has become a place where any noise, activity, event or anything really that bugs someone, gets a complaint.

nnOne of the repliers at the top here is an example.

I understand why theyu2019re frustrated, but I grew up on the Brouwersgracht, lived on the Realengracht and eventually moved to the North for a reason: the neighbourhood changed into a tourist attraction.

But thatu2019s ok.

Neighbourhoods change.


Itu2019s unreasonable to demand that canals become quiet dead-zones, because you want some quiet time while living in the most busy area of the city.

If you choose to live there, you do so willingly accepting what that means.

Donu2019t complain because others are having a fun day on the canal.

n nExcept Bierfietsen.

Those things can go straight to hell.

,Five year permits means that awesome place you love will be gone in 3 yearsnA big strategy of our city council is to grant creative startups temporary permits to change an old warehouse or abandoned building into a buzzing restaurant or hip shared office space, in order to improve the neighbourhood and start up that sweet gentrification they love.

nnItu2019s happened in Westerpark, itu2019s happened in Oost, itu2019s still happening in Bos en Lommer and now finally also in Noord.

Local, abandoned nothing-places are turned into awesome gems that make you enjoy your neighbourhood and potentially decide to move there.

Then one day *poof*, that coffee place or restaurant you love is gone.

nnWhy? Five year permits to increase the real estate value.

And now that the land is valuable, fuck you hipster barristas with your successful coffeeshop that the whole neighbourhood loves.

Weu2019re going to build apartment buildings with 60 units each that only expats and foreign investors can afford.

n n KNSM island is a perfect example of the end result.

Never been there? Well, why would you.

Thatu2019s my point.

,Assholes on bikes.

nPeople on bikes are some of the most inconsiderate assholes around.

Try to cross the street and see how many bikes stop or make an effort for you.


Crosswalks here mean nothing.

Stoplights mean nothing.

nnAssholes on bikes will literally almost kill a pedestrian on a crosswalk, swear at them for getting in their way, overtake several bikes and doing so get completely in the way of oncoming traffic, then merge back in front of the people they just passed and then slam their brakes and stop & turn suddenly to get on the sidewalk - thereby getting in the way and almost killing the people they just passed.

nnMy theory is, because everything is within cycling distance, people are perpetually underestimating travel time, and as such always rushing.

nnThat, or theyu2019re just inconsiderate assholes.

,The fucking Taxis.

nIf you live here, I donu2019t need to keep going.

You know.

n nTheyu2019re overpriced, ridiculously so.

Theyu2019re rude.

They will not pick you up if the ride isnu2019t long enough.

And worst of all, they are fucking maniacs on the road, like cockroaches swarming on a breadcrumb.

nnTheyu2019ll hold up traffic for two minutes because theyu2019re checking out a potential ride, then speed through a red light and fuck up an intersection, because fuck waiting on other people.

nnTheyu2019ll unload a group of seven assholes - in the city for a stag party (how original) - in the middle of the road, in front of Central Station, holding up a 15 minute line of traffic, whilst having a place to park their ridiculous car 15 meters further up ahead.

nnI might hate these fuckers more than anything else in this city.

nnedit: itu2019s been a few years since I wrote this and glad (or sad, actually) to see the points still stand.

However, I want to clarify for some of the comments - because some of you are taking this literally: this was written with a hint of satire and exaggeration - hence the foul language, the hyperbole and lack of nuance.

Donu2019t take life too serious, folks.

itu2019s short enough, might as well have some fun while weu2019re here.

Best restaurants in Amsterdam

My wife recommends Bird, which has 2 places on Zeedijk (also near Nieuwmarkt) facing each other, number 72 and 77 (one is restaurant, the other one is take-away).

Both are supposedly pretty good, but the take-away I hear very good stories about.

Places to visit near Amsterdam by train

Anyone can tell you about the museums to visit.

Its easy enough.

Otherwise, visit the VVV, the Tourist Info, and ask them for help and free maps.

Additionally, not knowing your interests, I wouldnt know what to recommend especially.

n nMy personal advice would be to go biking in the countryside.

The surrounding province, especially the bit towards Haarlem, is astoundingly beautiful.

You could take a return trip to Haarlem by train if you dont feel like biking or dont have the time.

Pick a sunny day and enjoy.

Jordaan, Amsterdam

If I were you, I would get an anonymous OV-Chipkaart -u20ac7.

00-, and top it whenever needed.

This card will allow you to take trams, subways, buses, and trains - which could be useful as you plan on going to Amsterdam.

,(OR Id rent a bike.

Rotterdam is not that big really, depends on where you are located, but if you dont mind walking, it should be fine.