How was (was it legal or illegal?) a retired police officer from the Lanesboro, MA police department, Paul Maloney, able to run a license plate number on the behalf of Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort?

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Mountain Peak Resort

You got me on this one.

These programs are used by current officers and approved civilians working for law enforcement.

A retired officer is just thatu2026.

retired and no longer authorized to use these programs.

The use of these programs are highly monitored.

I know of times where a retired officer will ask a buddy still working for the agency to do him a favor a run someones name for one reason or another.

If caught, the buddy might be looking for a new job.

Even if you are still working and use these programs for your own personal inquires you could be disciplined or fired.

Law enforcement monitors these programs daily.

The agency I worked for you had to put your individual I.


number given to you when hired to get into the system, so there is a permanent record of who accessed the computer.

If a supervisor sees an entry that seems to be a little suspicious, your ID# is listed and he/she knows right away who used that computer and why.

Im not going to lie, a lot of officers get away with it because these programs are used hundreds of times a day and its impossible for a supervisor or individual monitoring it can not go through every entry.

Most pretty much can get away with it.

If I noticed many entries into the system by one officer, I would check what those entries were for and if its suspicious to me, I would be having a very serious chat with that officer and go from there.

The ONLY person to use these programs have to be authorized and yes, working.