Should the Summer Olympics be divided into two smaller Olympic events?

Affordable team building venues

While it is true that many venues remain unused after an Olympics, it would be unfeasible to hold two Olympic events in two different countries.

No matter how the Olympics are divided, each country will build venues that will be unused in the future.

Now, two countries have extra sporting venues.

,The purpose of the Olympics is to support global unity, and that is much harder to two when the athletes are separated.

Most of all, it would hurt smaller countries, who may only be able to afford for one team to go to an Olympics.

The host countries dont gain anything, they just lose less.

,The logistics of holding two Olympics defeat the original purpose.

,Thanks for the A2A, Tuan!

Beach Resort for team building

Jim Corbett area is great area to go for Team Outing, I have my self executed number of team building programs for various organisations, this area has it all, open spaces, river to take a dip, mountains to do various activities besides tracking and if you want to meet the king of jungle and Mammoth this is the place for you.

,If you are in central or southern part of the country and travel to north can be a problem than try Goa (any of the beaches and they have ample sea sports),Further down - close to Chennai is Mahabalipuram, again whole of lot resorts with huge open spaces for any activity,In Kerala is the famous Kovalam Beach where again similar facilities are available.