What will happen when you skip seat selection on airplane booking?

What happens if you skip seat selection

You lose the choice of Aisle or Window seats, and couples may be split up.

I am flying 8 routes in August and bypassed seat selection for cost savings.

I will find out then u201chow it goes.


Flight seat selection charges

I worked at JetBlue Airways.

Pleasing, even delighting, our customers was always a priority.

,If you have a confirmed ticket, you will get a seat.

If you did not select a seat assignment in advance, and the only seats available at the airport are the Even More Space seats, you will get one without any additional fee.

However, there is always the possibility that someone else cancels, or does not show up.



Is it necessary to select seat in flight

It really depends on how particular you are about your seat.

If you definitely know that you want a specific type of seat or a seat in a certain part of the plane, it might be worth it to you to reserve your seat in advance to make sure you get it.

If you donu2019t care where you sit and will be happy with whatever seat you get or are willing to take your chances when selecting your seat at check-in, then you shouldnu2019t need to pay in advance to reserve a seat.

,I, for example, must have an aisle seat on longer flights.

Iu2019m not willing to wait until check-in to try to reserve one (been burned before), so as a rule I always reserve an aisle seat when I can.

But thatu2019s me u2014 I have a history of embolisms and need easy access to the aisle so I can get up and move around on longer flights, without disturbing the other people in my row.

Do whatu2019s best for you.

How do airlines randomly assign seats

I was recently on a flight where the aircraft was almost empty (Airbus A321) and we seemed to be seated randomly around the cabin.

,An announcement was made stating that the seating arrangement was to balance the aircraft for Take-off and Landing.

,u201cSome people think we are joking when we says thisu201d.

They said.

,u201cBut we are being seriousu201d.

,Anyway, we could move after the seatbelt signs went out, but we were asked to move back before landing.


Seat assignment fees Amex

My methods require a tremendous amount of financial self discipline.

If you are not disciplined, read no further.

,Make sure every one of your credit cards gives you rewards of some kind.

Pay every bill you can with those credit cards, and PAY OFF THE BALANCE IN FULL EVERY MONTH.

I buy all my gas, groceries, cell phone service, power bills, landline phones, medical bills.

I mean everything I can possibly put on my cards, I do.

I have a Delta Skymiles Am Ex.

The most expensive part of any trip is airfare.

I use this card for most of my purchases.

For online purchases, I go through skymilesshopping, which is a portal through which you do your shopping.

Amazon is not on there, but most places I am likely to order from online are there.

Home depot, Lowes, Walmart, Macyu2019s, Sephora, Ultau2026all there.

They give miles per $ spent.

Some give more miles per $ than others.

You would be amazed how quickly those miles add up.

If you stay at an Airbnb, they have a portal for that.

Make sure you also use your skymiles credit card for all your portal shopping.

Your miles compound; you get miles for your purchases, plus you get miles from the credit card.

Kind of like double dipping.

The Delta Amex has a good sized annual fee, but they give you a free companion ticket, good for 1 year, for someone to travel with you for free.

,The next biggest expense is lodging.

Pick a hotel chain you like, and get their credit card.

I use Hilton, so I have a Hilton AmEx.

Whenever I stay at a Hilton, I use that cc.

I get 12 points per $ spent at a Hilton.

They also have an app.

You get bonus points for using the app, so I book through the app whenever possible.

Again, a good sized annual fee, but I receive well more than that in free lodging.

,Sometimes I use the skymiles card for the big stuff, and the Hilton card for smaller stuff.

,Not everyone accepts Am Ex, especially overseas.

I have two Visas.

One gives points, one gives cash back.

They each have their advantages.

One assigns a different card number to each additional card holder.

I used that card exclusively as I toured Europe.

I got an additional card for each of my two daughters, and we each carried a card.

If one card were lost or stolen, we could cancel that one card number, and we would still have the other cards as backup.

The other card I got a hefty chunk of bonus points to open.

One of the benefits is if any part of a trip is charged on that card, trip insurance automatically covers the entire trip.

I used those bonus points to pay for our shore excursions on a cruise.

,So, let me give you a real life example of a trip I took.

My daughters and I took a two month trip around Europe, and my husband flew out to join us for a leg of the trip.

Sounds prohibitively expensive doesnt it?,First class air with lay flat seats, round trip, 4 people: +-$500 in fees (at the time of booking, that was a $25K value).

Skymiles paid everything but the fees.

My backpack, +-$300, free using my husbands Cabelau2019s points.

Rail pass for 3 people, first class, unlimited travel for a month and a week, +-$2500, about $1900 was paid with rewards $, so we only paid about $600.

Lodging: Hilton Hotels about 14 nights, that I can recall, free using points.

Airbnb, we paid for about 10-12 days out of pocket.

Remember what I mentioned about the portal for Airbnb.

I am accruing for the next trip.

Everything I could pay with a card on the trip, I didu20261.

I was using a card with no foreign transaction fees or currency conversion charges, 2.

I am earning rewards towards the next trip.

,Part of the trip required out of pocket expenditures, so it wasnt totally free, but we paid a fraction of what the trip was worth.

,I have a debit card through Charles Schwab, that allowed me to withdraw local currency with no fees.

,Aside from careful credit card spending, paying in full each month, you want to book as far in advance as you can to get the best prices.

If you are planning a cruise, you can put a deposit down to hold it.

Get your air paid for, then pay the cruise in installments.

Did I mention that there are partnerships to get miles or hotel points for your cruise? Again, double dip using your cc to advantage.

,I am self employed, so I put a lot on my cards each month.

,Those are a few of my tips in a very long answer.

I hope they help.

What is chargeable seat in flight

Since my job involves a lot of travel.

Ill just write on what I think of the airline industry.

,Depends on what youre looking for in the travel.

,Indigo is a good airline.

Usually on time.

Food and emergency exit is chargeable.

They rarely use the aero bridge.

So, if you do not like to travel in the apron buses.

Its not your dream airline.

,SpiceJet is almost entirely the same as indigo except they have a scam offer called the spicemax.

And the air hostesses dress really well on weekends.

,GoAir has the best first class seats.

If you buy a first class ticket.

Its just the same seat as coach but the middle seat is empty.

,Jet Airways/konnect is one of my favorites.

Their ffp is good.

They serve good food.

Usually on time.

The stewards are very friendly.

,Saved the best for the last.

Air India.

Contrary to what people say.

Its one of the best airlines in the Indian skies.

They treat you well.

Theyre smiling.

They provide good food and most importantly.

If you ask for an extra sweet for youll get two of it and some smiles guaranteed.

Can you choose a seat after booking a flight

It depends on the airline and what type of ticket youu2019ve purchased.

For example, all of the major US airlines, with the exception of Southwest I believe, have a very basic ticket that you can buy, where you are unable to choose your seat and it is assigned for you on day of flight, unless you pay extra money.

Most regular tickets with most major airlines allow you to pick your seat, but might limit which seats you are able to choose.

The better seats, still in economy, are generally reserved for elite members of their rewards program but you can also pay a little extra to get in those seats, which might mean more leg room, closer to the front of the plain, exit row, etc.