What caused the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines?

Chocolate Hills in the Philippines

Geologists believe that the hills were formed through weathering carving marine limestone on top of a clay layer.

Its color is the main reason its called Bohol Chocolate Hills.

In the rainy season, the grass blanketing the hills in the Philippines gives them a soft and lush appearance.

Chocolate Hills story

The rainbow mountains of Zhangye Danxia, ChinaThe rainbow mountains are believer to be formed in a lrocedd in which different colored sandstone and minerals landed on each other for millions of years.

It is explained to be formed by the shifting of tectonic plates and later on carved by wind and rains.

,Canada has a similar mountain formation in British Columbia.

These ranges were believed to be formed by the mixture of volcanic rocks and minerals.

,The rainbow muntain range was declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 2010.

The skeleton lake of Roopkund, IndiaIt was in 1942 that Britishers (who ruled India) discovered frozen lake completely full of human skeletons.

In the summers, more skeletal remains were found floating in the lake because of the melting ice.

This lake stood at 16,000 feet above the sea level.

,It was belived for many years that the remains were of Japanese soldiers who died in the war as a result of sneaking through Indian subcontinent.

However it was found soon enough that the bones,flesh and the hair were not fresh enough and were very old indeed.

,A 2004 study conducted conveyed that the skeltal remains date back to around 850 A.


It was found out that all the people in the valley have died Because of the same reason - a blow to the head and shoulders.

It was also found that the cracks in the skulls is not because of some weapon or anything sharp but are because of round objects being thrown on them.

,The locals belived that godess became so enraged with certain group of people for destroying the sanctity of the pious lake that she rained hailstones as hard as iron.

The 2004 expedition came to the same conclusion that all 200 people died of the same reason I.

e a sudden hit on the head by some hard and round.

,Trapped in the valley they had nowhere to run to.

The remains are beleived to undiscovered in the lake for atlest 1200 years before their discovery.

,The chocolate hills of Bohol, PhilippinesThe chocolate hills are not known to be formed, but they are assumed to be made limestone which contains huge amounts of fossils from the nearby area.

It is also explained as the hills are generally covered in green grass but when they dry up in the summer season they turn into brown colour.

,There are 3 local stories as well which explain the formation of the chocolate hills :,It was believed that two feauding giants hurled rocks and Boulders at each other and the area remained with all the mess from the feaud and hence the chocolate hills were formed.

,Another story tells of a Carabao, which ate all their crops and the villagers fed it with all the spoiled crops as well.

As a result of which it defecated and hence the result of his feces chicolate hills were made.

,Another story goes to tell the the chocolate hills were formed as a result of drying up of a giants tears.

The giant namer Arogo fell in love with a mortal named Aloya who being a mortal died which lead to sorrow in giants heart and he cried for several days.

His tears dried up and led to the formation of chocolate hills.

,The Kongka La pass, Ladakh , IndiaIt has been belived that the Kongka La pass in Ladakh region of Indian subcontiment is the landing ground for many extraterrestrial activities and sightings.

Indian and Chinese government have decided for the land to be a no mans land and the watch is only from a distance.

,Nothing has been made public and governments of both the nations atte very well aware of the developments of the area.

It seems as if there is a secret agreement between the governments and the extraterrestrial beings.

,In the year 2004, a group of geologists found a robot walking in the spiti region and when the moved close to it, it disappeared.

,In the year 2012, a group of Indian army saw a flying object which could not be tracked by any machines but it was visible to the naked eye.

,Kongka la pass is a no mans land and is also inhabited.

People on both sides of the border have witnessed many extra terrestrial activities over the period of many years.


Chocolate Hills facts

Fudge brownies.

After the last brownivore was killed in the Great Plains in 1912, humans were left as the only brownie eating creatures on earth.

Why, the Brownie Bear was such a majestic animal, filling the entire horizon as far as the eye could see.

People would shoot them while riding on trains across the Chocolate Hills of Cocorado.

,Edit: Iu2019m told that a handful critically endangered Everglades Chocodiles (Crocodylus cacao) remains extant.

Roughly fifty breeding specimens are kept at the USF Jack Donald Lewis Chocodile Sanctuary just East of Bonita Springs, FL.

Fun fact: this is where the nationu2019s leading experts are studying how to contain the invasive species of Florida Man (Homo floridensis).

Valley in the Philippines list

Note: This answer was written 2014.

Under a different president, different era.

Its 2020 now folks, and I have vastly different feelings.

,Feels like being at the forefront of a new era.

,There are a lot of young people trying to change the country.

,Social entrepreneurship is getting more interest.

Community-building and inclusive growth is the primary motivation for these new startups.

In the process these companies are generating employment for the otherwise jobless mothers in the community.

They are also both upgrading the technical skills of the people and at the same time, ensuring they go through some sort of financial literacy education for a more stable future.

,There is also a Filipino design and maker movement going on.

If you check out the bazaars, lots of young people are selling beautiful Made in the Philippines products, and usually, by their own design and/or handcrafted.

When I say maker, these are all still in the realm of lifestyle products not tech, but well see what the future might bring.

,Filipino expats are coming back to the country and are intent on making a change.

The most prominent of these groups are from Silicon Valley trying to liven up the startup scene here.

They also have enough clout that they can effect some change in the government.

,EDIT: I thought Id make this better by adding a list of people and companies making great leaps in helping the country.

,Some social entrep companies:,Hapinoy, enabling small enterprises or sari-sari stores, Hapinoyu2019s Mission and VisionGawad Kalinga, developing world class products and services, http://www.


com/NewGKonomicsSocial entrepreneurship and the design movement sometimes go hand-in-hand, and here are some of the companies in this sphere:,Habi Foot Wear: http://www.


com/about/Jacinto and Lirio, eco-ethical notebooks and covers: http://www.


com/#/aboutus/,Rags2Riches, fashion and home accessories: http://rags2riches.

ph/about/#missionExpat groups:,PhilDev, bringing entrepreneurial culture and skills into the science and engineering education system in the Philippines

Mountain in the Philippines

Caraballo Mountains.

The Caraballo Mountains is a mountain range in the central part of Luzon island in the Philippines, situated between Cordillera Central and Sierra Madre mountain ranges.

The mountains serve as the location of the headwaters of the Cagayan River, the longest in the country.

,Borders on: Cordillera Central; Sierra Madre; .



,Range coordinates: 16u00b08u203237.

8u2033N 121u00b010u2032.



,Provinces: Nueva Ecija; Nueva Vizcaya; QuirinoElevation: 1,588 metres (5,210 ft),Central Panay Mountain Range.

Central Panay Mountain Range is the longest mountain range in Panay Island, running through the center of the island of Panay in the Philippines.

The highest point is Mount Madia-as standing at 6,946 ft.

(2, 117 m) located on the border of Antique and Aklan.

,Range coordinatesu200e: u200e10u00b045u203246u2033N 122u00b08u203222.



,State/Provinceu200e: u200eAntiqueu200e, u200eCapizu200e, u200eIloilou200e, u200eAklanPeaku200e: u200eMount Madia-asElevationu200e: u200e2,117 m (6,946 ft),Cordillera Central (Luzon)The majestic mountains of the Philippines lie on its largest mountain range, the Cordilleras in Northern Luzon.

With a total area of 18,300 kmu00b2, the mountain range has been declared as an administrative region which includes the provinces of Benguet, Abra, Kalinga, Apayao, Mountain Province, and Ifugao.

,Range coordinatesu200e: u200e17u00b020u2032N 120u00b057u2032Eufeff / ufeff17.




,Peaku200e: u200eMount PulagElevationu200e: u200e9,587 ft (2,922 m),Countryu200e: u200ePhilippines,List of Top 10 Mountain Ranges in The PhilippinesPosted by: reporter October 28, 2015, in Travel1) Mount ApoLocation: Davao del Sur,Elevation: 2,954 m,Image credits: WikimediaA source of pride of the Bagobo tribes, Mount Apo is the highest peak in the Philippines.

In addition to the three major summits with steep and mossy trails that make each traverse a challenge, the mountain has Lake Venado in its crater.

Conquering Mount Apo is considered as every mountaineeru2019s finale.

,2) Mount PinatuboLocation: Zambales, Tarlac, and Pampanga,Elevation: 1,486 m,Image credits: WikimediaMount Pinatubo is considered one of the most beloved hiking destinations by the mountaineers for two reasons.

First, the trail is not too easy, not too difficult.

Second, a hiker is rewarded by the stunning view of the turquoise water of the crater lake.

You may drown your sweatiness in the lake if the conditions permit.

,3) Mount Pico de LoroLocation: Cavite,Elevation: 664 m,Mount Pico de Loro is named after the summitu2019s close resemblance with a parrotu2019s beak.

Most hikers will find the rare flora and fauna a delight during the hike as well as the beautiful views of the forests and beaches.

While it has a rocky summit with steep, forested terrains, it can still be considered as a beginner-friendly mountain.

,4) Mount PulagLocation: Benguet,Elevation: 2,922 m,Image credits: Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS - WordPressDubbed as the Playground of the Gods, Mount Pulag is the highest peak in Luzon.

The two most famous trails at the Ambangeg (the easiest) and the Akiki (the hardest).

Various types of vegetation are met along the trails u2013 a pine forest, a moss forest, and vast grassland.

Also, the mountain is home to Benguet pine and dwarf bamboo.

Standing at the summit, you will have a 360-view of the Cordillera.

,5) Mount MakilingLocation: Batangas and Laguna,Elevation: 1,090 m,Image credits: Juan Day Blog - a life in the day with JuanA home to Maria Makiling, a goddess who protects the mountain and its treasures, Mount Makiling is one of the most mystical mountains in the archipelago.

One of the highlights of hiking this mountain is seeing the Rafflesia flower, an exotic flower that is also regarded as the worldu2019s largest flower.

,6) Mount MarivelesLocation: Bataan,Elevation: 1,388 m,Image credits: Adventure is out there.

Travel changes you.

Mount Marivelesu2019 present slopes are the pastu2019s battlefields.

Hiking the mountain requires at least 5 hours and the trails are both rocky and sunny.

Halfway across the trek, you will see a river to cool off.

At the summit, savor the picturesque of the Corregidor Islands, Mount Pico de Loro, South China Sea, and Manila Bay.

,7) Mount BanahawLocation: Laguna and Quezon,Elevation: 2,170 m,Image credits: Pinoy Mountaineer - Your Guide to Hiking in the PhilippinesAnother mystical mountain is Mount Banahaw not just because of fairies and goddesses in the area, but it is also said that aliens are taking refuge in this mountain.

The mountain is also commonly visited by hikers and non-hikers alike during the Holy Week.

Divine apparitions and miracles are said to be happening here during those days.

,8) Kitanglad Mountain RangeLocation: Bukidnon,Elevation: 2,938 m,Kitanglad Mountain Range consists of five mountains, the highest of which is the Mount Dulang-Dulang.

The best thing about hiking the mountain range is seeing rare animal and plant species such as orchids, brown deer and cloud rats.

Definitely, you will need high levels of endurance to reach the summit; not for the faintest of hearts.

,9) Mount Kanla-onLocation: Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental,Elevation: 2,435 m,Image credits: ExperienceNegros - Chronicles of life and living in Negros IslandThe mountain is named after Kanlaon, a legendary prince.

Even the mountaineers themselves will agree u2013 Mount Kanla-on is the most beautiful mountain in this side of the planet.

Its features are a caldera at the north and an active crater at the south.

There are also natural gardens, hot springs and mini forests along the trails.

,10) Mount Guiting-guitingLocation: Romblon,Elevation: 2,938 m,Image credits: ClimbMountaineers claims that Mount Guiting-Guiting is the ultimate hiking experience.

Guiting-guiting literally means u2018saw-toothedu2019 so you have to traverse along vertical and jagged rock peaks.

Not to mention, the mountain has 87-degree slopes as well as a number of deceiving summits.

,Tallest Mountains In The PhilippinesRank,Mountain,Elevation (feet),1,Apo,9,691,2,Dulang-dulang,9,639,3,Pulag,9,587,4,Kitanglad,9,511,5,Kalatungan,9,265,6,Tabeyo,9,250,7,Ragang (Piapayungan),9,236,8,Tabayoc,9,226,9,Singakalsa,8,914,10,Clawit,8,901