Is AorakiMount Cook National Park like Switzerland?

Aoraki/Mount Cook

Not quite, but there are similarities.

This park is absolutly worth a visit.

Less mountain railways ;-), more space in general.

A mighty impressing landscape!

Highest mountain in North Island NZ

Mt Ruapehu (highest mountain in the North Island) is 500m higher than Mt Kosciuzsco (highest mountain in Australia),Mt Ruapehu is 3 degrees of latitude further south than Mt Kosciuzsco,The North Island of New Zealand has a maritime climate which moderates the extremes of summer and winter, whereas Mt Kosciuzsco is adjacent to a huge area of continent which leads to greater extremes of temperature.

Mount Tasman

This seems to be quite a subjective question as there are many beautiful mountains in the world.

Itu2019s a bit like asking whou2019s the best artist, writer or singer.

Some that I find beautiful are snow capped and are volcanic in origin.

Hereu2019s my list:,Mount Baker, Washington State (volcanic),Mount Fuji, Japan (volcanic) place of pilgrimage,Mount Robson, BC - iconic peak in the Canadian Rockies,The Matterhorn, The Alps,The Black Tusk, Whistler, BC (volcanic origin),The Lions, Vancouver, BC (believed to be remnants of a volcanic cone),Ararat, Turkey (volcanic),Kilauea, Hawaii (volcanic) Fiercely beautiful!,Damavand, Iran (volcanic) poetry has been written about its beauty,Everest, Tibet/Nepal (in all its primeval glory),Mount Hood, Oregon (volcanic) highest peak in Oregon,Mount Waddington, highest peak in BCu2019s Coast Mountains,Grand Tetons, Wyoming (u201cbig breastsu201d French),Mount Whitney, California highest peak in contiguous US elev 4,421 m,Mount Shasta, California (volcanic),Aoraki/Mount Cook, New Zealand (Highest peak in New Zealand),Mount Tasman, New Zealand,Mount Vinson, highest peak in Antarctica

New Zealand mountains

There are certainly some pretty good mountains in NZ, particularly on the western side of the South Island.

,They do the snow-capped peaks, thrusting majestically into the clear blue sky bit rather well.

Actually, there is one in the middle of the North Island that does the same thing.

Google u2018Mount Ruapehu, New Zealandu2019 if you want to learn more.

There is apparently a volcanic outlet in the middle of this one.

,There are also lots of nice green hills as well as actual mountains.

The highest mountain in new zealand is brainly

Tamil Nadu has 600 people per Sq.


One of the densely populated region in the world, so any road route will have high consequences.

If it were to be a separate country, it will be second densely populate country in the world that has an area >25000 Sq.


,For better understanding, TN has 16 times more population than New Zealand, TN has 8times more population than Sweden.

TN population is higher than France, UK, Italy, Spain, its equal to Germany and Turkey,Existing Salem - Chennai road is not the shortest route.

This new road will add to the existing road to improve the portion of the north western Tamil Nadu that are relatively under developed.

,Proposed Route,Current Route,Salem - Chennai SectorThere is a need to improve industrial growth in salem-chennai sector.

In TN most of the industrial corridor are setup in KTCC belt (Kanchipuram-Tiruvallur-Chennai).

This road will help to spread the development, between two important cities in Tamil Nadu.

Salem is long been ignored in Tamil Nadu, it is time for Salem to develop.

It will acts like a link between western and northern industrial sector of Tamil nadu.

,for detailed report for this project refer,http://environmentclearance.



pdfThis Road,Reduces the time by reducing the distance and increase the speed,7800 land owners will be affected, but lakhs of others will see increase in price,Better fuel efficiency, so less green house gas,Good connectivity to 150 villages on the route,This is new national highway, so new development along the path,Good for Salem city industrial development,,This road passes through one of the less developed portion of north west TN.

New road will connect 30 +Lakhs people between two important cities of Tamil nadu.

,This road is not just for Salem, it will open another land parcel for development with new Chennai airport and port.

This road will add into new development zone in greater Chennai zone.

,In TN, north west Chennai till Gummdipoondi getting costlier, south Chennai , till pondicherry land price is going high.

East of Chennai is limited by sea, South west Chennai (Sriperumpudur) corridor also getting filled.

The only corridor is still not explored and have good empty land and undeveloped economy is present eight lane Salem - Chennai corridor (South west and west Chennai - Salem-Harur-Thiruvannamalai-Chetpet-Chennai).

It will help to spread the Chennai industrial corridor.

,In Kerala CPI(M) govt is drilling the tunnel in dense national parks for road project, CPI(M) govt in Kerala trying to build railway line between Mysore-Thalaserry which runs through the dense green forest of Waianae and Kodagu.

The forest that has 45% Keralau2019s Tiger but same CPM opposing reserved forest road project in TN, that too for short distance.

We are building lot of roads in national forest but oppose the even short distance road in reserved forest.

,Most of the people suggest expanding the existing road, butExisting road will add more length, so land parcel requirement is higher not less.

,Existing road has many settlement along-with it.

People constructed their settlement around these roads.

So it will affect more people than new roads.

,Region in which the road goes has a 1.

3 times population of the country of New Zealand.

Building the eight lane road is better now then expanding the shorter road in the future.

TN is struggling to expand existing 4 lane road, due to continuous settlement along the roads.

Its is common sense not conspiracy.

,u201cHighways are not the sufficient condition for development but Highways are the necessary condition for development.

u201dI am from Dry land of Virudhunagar district (like Thiruvannamalai Dt), I canu2019t imagine any existing business without old NH-7 Highway (Now NH44).

,For those high tone protest to scrap this project, My answer isTamil Nadu is in the path of self destruction, with under informed protest, unnecessary emotion and theoretical talking point which makes less practical sense with 18th century minded experts.

,Why I support, Chennai-Salem HighwayProtest against road is mainly based on emotion and magnified facts not the actual facts.


As of now, Tamil Nadu avg age is 29, Next 10 years is historically crucial year for TN, if TN is not developing in next 10Years, then it will loose the bus.

If not now, it will be never.


Infrastructure is backbone of any development, including this one.

I am from Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, Full Sivakasi is depends on NH7, most of our Crackers, matchbox, Cooking Oil, Printing done der is transported using this important road.

NH7 is the life line for whatever business we have in our Virudhunagar dt (like Spinning, Firecrackers, Matchboxes, Printing).


TN is already seeing brain drain, most of the talented TN students are going out of TN.

State is not able to create any high paying opportunity for them.


Most of the students from the villages are moving out of villages, because, we are not able to create any job for them nearby, Job creation in villages depends on infrastructure and eco system built around that village.

This road will go through 150 villages in stretch,5.

Statue quo is very bad for TN, Tamils are not finding good paying job here, they are going for slave job in UAE/Gulf, Singapore and Malaysia,,6.

Agriculture is getting automated (its a repetitive job), With high tech farming, it is going to see job loss.

Need for huge land farming is getting outdated.

Netherlands with less than 1/3rd the size of TN is one of the top exporter of Agriculture products due to innovative farming.


Tamil Nadu revenue growth is in historic low, government is already not able to pay the salary of forest warden, TN has highest deficit now, with 55% of the revenue going only to pay govt employees, 25% of revenue going to pay interest on debt.

We are closing every tax collecting points,8.

You need better cash flow to keep your ecology alive.


People, who are protesting against these roads cant give employment to even single person.

They are unemployed, try to remove employment of others.



Protester have no idea or alternative for any development.

They provide theoretical solution without practical workability.


If history is anything to go by, Unnecessary misled protest never saved agriculture sector, neither labour market, nor environment.

West Bengal, Haiti .


etc are the best examples.

They are trying to make TN as next West Bengal.


West Bengal is the good example for TN, they were richest and better cash flow state in the country in 1980.

Now they are poor, highly debited state, with significant number of poor people, and highest brain drain in the country.

They fell so deep that, still they cant recover.

TN is exactly following the footstep of WB.


My analysis is, TN is getting doomed, seven year before, Chennai was 2nd in software export, now it is in 4th place, next year it will go to 5th place.

Jaya ADMK and Present ADMK took healthy TN to sick TN in Debt and lowest investment growth.

Now with very bad press, vested NGOs and useless WhatsApp forward, it may go down further.


Poorest people in Mumbai, Bangalore , Kochi are all Tamils and they are struggling.

,Regarding Agriculture -,It is anyway dying with or without this road.

It is one of the few areas that will be automated in the very near future, already it is happening.

Within next 20 years, Agriculture employment will see 10u201330% reduction.

Where all these people will go.

,In USA, My friend has 1000+ acre farm maintained by just three of their family members, without much labor.

They use UAV for fertilizer, Pesticide, Using cropping and harvesting machine.

,New technology in Agriculture -Indoor farming, Multi level soil-less farming, Green House farming, Hydroponic farming .


etc are coming up, will change face of the agriculture.

You can restrict the road project but you cant restrict the engineering and automation.

,Farm automation in next 20 years.

So, quoting farmers for everything is getting irritatingly baseless.

Farmers are struggling, stop doing poetic justice to poverty.

There is nothing called beautiful poverty.

,I support, protester to protest on slight change in route alignment and better price for the land, not outright ban on road project.

,Our state is in the bad position, now we are making it worst.

Let us say kudos for closing the 2nd largest company (by revenue 14000 Cr) operating in Tamil nadu.

Instead of protesting in-front of TN pollution control board, vested interest motivated protesters to protest against a private entity.

,My take on many recent protest in Tamil Nadu,Hydro carbon Project in Cauvery delta - Fully oppose (economically un successful, environmentally very degrading).

,Neutrino Project - As a PhD student from IISc-Bangalore- Fully support it, with the assurance from Govt of India that, it wonu2019t be used to store any Atomic wasteKanyakumari International Port - Fully Support it,Gail pipe line - Oppose, no use for state, bad alignment,Sterlite Protest - I am not a fan of Vedanta group.

It is one of the most corrupted companies in the world.

But no corporate company will work as NGO.

That why, we have rules and regulation.

It is responsibility of Tamil nadu Pollution control board to make sure that pollution is in control.

I will blame corrupted TN pollution control board which was toothless to regulate and monitor pollution failed on its job.

13 people dead but none from TN pollution control board got punished.

I support the protest infront of TN Pollution control board.

Only employees of the company should be allowed to protest infront of the company.

General public should protest infront district administration asking for justice.

,Kudankulam Atomic Power Plant - As a PhD student in Electrical Engineering, I was not happy with new untested Russian Technology on this scale.

Its a massive project with first time, India installed single 1000MW generator and Transformer.

But I have no faith in NPCIL to operate the plant in highest safety.

So I oppose it.

We can do without it .

CAG finds chaotic financial management in Kudankulam Nuclear Power ProjectEcology Vs Economic DevelopmentEconomical development is relatively destructive to ecology, but poverty is more reason for ecological disaster (e.


Haiti, Mozambique, Madacasgar.



Tamil nadu govt is in huge revenue deficit, significant number of forest warden post (for freaking National park) is vacant.

Tamil nadu also have large vacancy in TN pollution control board.

It is least equipped to handle any ecological problem, you need better economical development to protect your forest.

Thats why Finland, Norway, New Zealand come as the pioneer in ecological preservation.

No poor country is doing well environmental conservation.

To protect your ecology you need development.

There is always a trade off,In India, Agriculture is the biggest reason for ecological disaster, due to dams, the conversion of forest, wetlands into cultivated area.

Over use of fertilizer, pesticide.



,After, reading Piyush Manush and Co Conspiracy thoery-Part-II, let me explainAnswer to the conspiracy iron ore theory.

,The iron ore in the two mountains are minuscule compare to Chhattisgarh , Odisha or Jharkhand.

,SAIL plant in Salem is not even contribute 0.

4% of overall revenue of SAIL.

It is small plant with very limited and saturated product mix.

,Even without this road they could mines iron ore.

Not every mine require national highway.

,Mine tender or environmental clearance is nothing to do with road project.

They have to apply separately,,They can actually skip many mountain if they want to construct road from the Kavthi malai.

For Kanja malai this road is required, old road only will work.

Kavithimala has nearby state highway, so no need for this NH.

,Also tender for road and mineral mine is totally different.

One donu2019t make another viable.

Regarding the actual land area required, there is no lie just a miscommunication,Regarding all the arrest, These three got arrested for every road project even the village project.

These kind of police action is due to bad management of Edappadi, he has no idea how to govern the state.

This is also due to lack of good spokesperson to the government.

ADMK operated like this for last 35 years, it is not new.

But people do not have confidant on ADMK govt.

Jaya had a respect and people trusted her.

Edappadi canu2019t put anything to the public, He canu2019t even talk properly.

,Creating conspiracy theory is very easy, Let me also create my own conspiracy theoryDutch Shell company sold petrol the day before yesterday to Jindal company lorry, .

At the same time Savitri Jindal was eating Idly, It means she is trying to occupy Tamil nadu by idly.

So shell company with the help of Dutch govt through offering 100 litre petrol to naveen Jindal try is trying to wwn Tamil nadu.

They may sell the state to Space Alien, when they visit earth because lord Vishnu will take kalki avatar to kill ravana.

Again he is a south indian.

Indian government may sacrifice Tamil Nadu, so Vishnu avartar Kalki wonu2019t destroy India.

This theory has similar stupidity.

,PS- I dont want to get into all the conspiracy theory stuff.

I never reply to them.

They are spreading rumor like Tamil Nadu is center of the earth, everyone across the world, working day and night, sitting and thinking of how to ruin or sell Tamil Nadu to space aliens.

,I will never vote BJP or INC.

Till now i had not voted for ADMK, DMK and PMK.

Once voted for MDMK, MNM, all other times NOTA.

,Stop calling anyone who supports this project as Modi bhakth.

This will only force them towards toxic, hate filled parties like BJP.

This narrow attitude of liberals increasing the TN BJP support base.

The same mistakes, American liberal did to many who supported Trump policy on Trade and insurance.

,Tamil Nadu has less mineral resource in India compare to other state of comparable size.

No one is try to rob the non existing minerals of Tamil Nadu.

New Zealand mountains South Island

Depends on exactly what you want, of course:,The 150km Otago Central Rail Trail cycleway (thats the official page) through Central Otago is oddly popular.

Old gold-mining area.

Wine-growing region.

Its free (they all are).

Its in the same general area as Queenstown; a stunningly beautiful alpine ski place and a region popular in summer, too.

,More of the trail:nYouTube and YouTubeWikipedia: Otago Central Rail Trailn,,nThe National Cycle Trail network/Nga Haerenga consists currently of some 22 tracks , each well-described here: The New Zealand Cycle Trail.

Its something of a national showcase and you can find trails across tussock, through bush, and alongside rivers.

These are all managed by the Department of Conservation.

,This site is a great place to start, and rates and describes the difficulty of each track and plots elevation, showing any climbs.

It notes points of interest and the general nature of each track.

,An extract:,,Re-opening the 1860s County Dray Road and exposing the long forgotten settlements of Zalatown, Gibbstown and 8 Mile will provide the opportunity for visitors learn stories and appreciate the endurance and hardships of life in the historic goldfields in a unique valley setting.

Department of Conservation Area Manager Bob Dickson,and,The Rimutaka Cycle Trail is a fantastic way to explore the landscapes and history of the Wellington region.

The trail terrain is varied, without being too challenging, and takes you through bush, open countryside and rugged coastline, for an unforgettable cycling journey - all on the doorstep of the capital city.

nJonathan Kennettn,,.


referring respectively to the The Old Ghost Road (West Coast of the South Island), and Rimutaka Cycle Trail track (north east of Wellington), the last 10 km of which will be finished by June 2015.

New Zealand mountains map

Well, itu2019s a good thing you asked an actual Geologist, because this was a lot to untangle.

Letu2019s begin:,u201cDo you believeu201d,First off, this isnu2019t a religious beliefu2014not to me anyway.

Either the continent exists, or it doesnu2019t.

,Now to the fun part:,Zealandia:,Well, first off Zealandia is a microcontinent, not a true continent, and second off, it isnu2019t (and was never) a myth: itu2019s literally in the name: it has something to do with Zealand.

,Specifically New Zealand:,(Wikipedia image),See the pink lines around New Zealand and New Caledonia? Thatu2019s the entire extent of the continental crust of Zealandia.

,Why itu2019s mostly submerged, you ask?,Well, Zealandia was attached to Australia until the Late Cretaceous, when a rift formed and split the two apart.

Itu2019s common when that happens for a continent to subside, and this naturally makes it possible for the landmass to get flooded.

This would have taken a few tens of millions of years, but it got the place flooded.

New Zealand happens to sit on a convergent boundary, so it was able to locally reverse the trend, though this took a while.

,Now letu2019s discuss the other two:,Lemuria:,Lemuria was a hypothetical land mass proposed by geologists in the 19th Century, to account for similarities in fauna throughout the Indian Ocean.

You have to understand that this was before Alfred Wegener proposed continental drift (1915), or Henry Hammond Hess proposed seafloor spreading.

,It also predated when Keith Runcorn and Patrick Blackett both used paleomagnetism to demonstrate that India was indeed once in the southern hemisphere (and would have somehow had to slice through Lemuria to get to Asia.

,Of course the final nail in the coffin for Lemuria came when the ocean floor got mapped in the 1960u2019s and 70u2019s, by Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezan.

They were able to do this because Sonar was now available for use, and this allowed for the mapping of the floor.

Anticlimactically, there was no continent hiding on the Indian Oceanu2019s floor: just some islands and perhaps a microcontinent or twou2014all with islands associated with them (Mauritia and the Kerguelen Plateau).

Either way, no large continent in the middle of the ocean:,Map of the Indian Ocean, from Wikipedia.

And in case any expanding Earth idiots blight me with their pestilential presence: see that faint dark line along the western side of Indonesia? Thatu2019s a subduction zone.

There are similar zones along most of the western side of the Americas, the Aleutians, and much of the Eastern Pacific.

We havenu2019t even discussed the collision zones, which are also convergent boundaries.

Itu2019ll come in handy discussing New Zealand.

Point is, you are promoting falsehood, and will be reported if you bang away on your keyboards.

Sadly, all this cornucopia of really awesome information was lost on certain chooks in the occult community: the seized on Lemuria as an explanation for their ganja-hut fantasies, and ignoredu2014and continue to ignoreu2014the mountain (or rather, literal mountains) of evidence that shows there is no Lemuria; there was no Lemuria.

I hear it a lot as an explanation for Atlantis, or some other bollocks airy-fairy place.

,That leaves us with Mu.

,Mu:,Yeah, that one was made up whole-cloth by some early u201carchaeologistu201d named Plongeon, who was trying to study the Maya, without first deciphering their script (Hint: if youu2019re claiming to base this on Maya writing, and are saying this before the 1950u2019s, youu2019re nearly 100% certain to be wrong.

And youu2019re an ahbal.

The guy also believed he found freemasonry guff in Maya ruins, so I guess he was Ahbal squared).

He equated Mu with Atlantis, which shows: 1-he might have been on Ganja, and 2-He never read the original story of Atlantis, which Plato makes abundantly clear was allegorical.

Maybe because of the Ganja.

,This was then picked up by known bullshit fiend* James Churchward.

The said bullshit fiend then claimed it was Lemuria, but this time in the Pacific Ocean, since it apparently dawned on him that the Indian Ocean wasnu2019t an option (or maybe he just hated anything to do with Indiansu2014I donu2019t know),Mu, as proposed by Bullshit fiend Churchward.

Keep that extent in mind.

And you can be assured there are no lost continents hiding in the Pacific either:,http://freeworldmaps.

comAlso, I chose this one as there is no vertical exaggeration.

Some silly billy might deliberately say it proves them right or something.

Notice how Zealandia is quite conspicuous.

Now, look at the area proposed to have Mu.

You may notice a whole lot of nothing, beyond some island arcsu2014which are clearly not the fuck-off massive continent of Churchwardu2019s fantasy (the Emperor Seamount Chain is prominent in the Northern Pacific.

Itu2019s what happens when a hotspotu2019s been raging for too long: the plate kept moving over it, and produced the result you see).

Doubtless some bullshit fiend will then claim Zealandia was Lemuria, Mu, or both, but Zealandia was long drowned by the time the first hominids were ineptly waddling around on two legs.

In fact much of New Zealand was already under water by 80 MA: the place is know for its plesiosaur remains (there are dinosaur remains too, but these are not as common).

It was only its position on a convergent plate boundary (aka collision zone) that even allowed for New Zealand to exist as we know it today, but even so over 90% of Zealandia is still submerged.

,Also, you donu2019t get to move the goalposts just because you realize you were too patently full of shit the first time.

You accept you were wrong, and move on.

,So to sum up:,1-Zealandia is real.

,2-Lemuria was a hypothetical landmass that was disproven, but picked up by occultists wierdos.

,3-Mu is just plain bullshit, and was at time equated with Lemuria (moving goalposts FTF!!),4-Zealandia should not be equated with works of fiction.

People who do, are delusional.

,*a bullshit fiend is someone who is like William Randolph Hearst: whoever makes up sensational or exaggerated bullshit for any number of reasons.

It started as a play on u201ccocaine fiendu201du2014a bullshit concept Hearst made up to sell drug prohibition to the ignorant masses.

Actually the original was u201casshole bullshit fiendu201d, since he actually used u201cNegro Cocaine fiendu201d in his newspapers.

Racist fucku2026