Where is the best site to visit in Las Vegas?

Best Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas

If you want to experience a different side of Vegas than the Strip, check out the Fremont St Experience (Fremont Street Experience - Downtown Las Vegas) in Old Town.

You get to see a light show on the biggest video screen in the world (free!), take a photo with 1 million dollars cash at Binions (free!), look at Sharks at Gold Nugget (also free!), and get $12 steak and lobster between 9PM and 11PM (quality is questionable and theres a long line).

Pro tips: (1) You dont have to dress up here at all, (2) the Deuce/SDX takes you here from/to the strip so dont waste money on taxis, (3) bring cash, because the ATM fee is pretty steep.

,For a fantastic view of Vegas and amusement park rides 1,000 ft off the ground (makes them so much scarier, trust me), you can go to the top of Stratosphere.

For $36/day you get to go on the 3 rides as many times as you want.

For ~$120 you get to jump off of Stratosphere (https://skyjumplasvegas.


,When you get tired from shopping/gambling/beaching mid afternoon, Mandarin Oriental (just a hotel, no casino attached) has a great tea lounge and bar on the 23rd floor.

For $38, you can get a nice pot of tea, some afternoon snacks, and a great view of Vegas from above.

My boyfriend and I split one order of the afternoon tea and it was definitely enough food & tea for the 2 of us.

,Itu2019s not a complete Vegas trip without some day drinking and clubbing.

Iu2019d highly recommend checking out one of the beach clubs in Vegas.

A lot of my favorite DJs perform in Vegas regularly and pool parties are awesome.

,If you want to go on a chill hike, camping trip, or get in some outdoor rock climbing, go to the Grand Canyon (duh!) or Red Rock National Park (Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association).

Red Rock is only a short 20 minutes outside of Vegas, has some truly stunning views, and is just all around a great place to visit and get away from the crowds in Vegas.

,If you want to be amazed by human ingenuity and like massive infrastructure projects, then the Hoover Dam is for you.

You can easily book a tour online or in person at the counter, and you get to see the inside of the dam and learn all about how engineers in the 1920s and 30s changed the landscape and solved water problems for 4 different states.

Itu2019s easily one of the most spectacular man-made structure Iu2019ve ever experienced in my entire life.

Is Hoover Dam open for tours

This has been minutely examined.

,The lake behind holds 9 cubic miles (imagine) of water.

If the whole dam collapsed at once due to say, a big earthquake, it would form an enormous wave in the narrow canyon at first.

Then as all that water flowed out, the deluge would continue for days.

,90000 people live not far below the dam, and they would be inundated.

There would be huge loss of life.

A further 30000 people live further on, and they also would suffer great loss.

,Below the Hoover dam are 2 smaller dams, which would be at risk of destruction.

If that happened, a further 0.

4 cu miles of water would be released as well.

,Much of Las Vegas would be uninhabitable due to loss of water and electricity supply, and similar but lesser effects would be felt in Los Angeles and San Diego.

,Tremendous damage would be done to irrigation and crops between these cities.

The losses would be enormous, followed by the cost of restoration.

,Further on I think some insurance companies would go bust, there would be another earthquake on the stockmarkets, and the financial consequences would be felt right around the world.

,I toured this dam in 2016, down inside, and it was impressive.

Being an engineer myself I looked for weak points, mainly the western wall attachment, but it was reassuring.

I think it is solid.

Cheapest Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas

One of the best options is a bus tour like GrayLine.

They offer a Hoover Dam photo stop, you can go to either the South or West Rim, lunch is included and they do hotel pick up and drop off.

They also offer different options for helicopter and boat rides, and reasonable prices and discounts.

Depending on which tour you choose, you can even get a self guided tour through Ethel M Chocolates included.

Bus tours of the Grand Canyon usually take 11-12 hours.

Hoover Dam tour tickets

There is a Hoover Dam tour that includes a visit inside the dam.

They do not take reservations.

You have to purchase tickets on-site at the visitor center.