Where can I find a list of all the Disney princesses?

Disney Princess list

The category of u201cDisney princesu201d is not well-defined, while Disney Princess is a well defined franchise owned by Walt Disney.

In short, there is no definitive list,If youu2019re looking for a list of love interests of official Disney Princesses:,Prince Florian (Snow White),Prince Charming (Cinderella),Prince Phillip (Aurora),Prince Eric (Ariel),The Beast (Belle),Aladdin (Jasmine),John Smith/John Rolfe (Pocahontas),Li Shang (Mulan),Prince Naveen (Tiana),Flynn Rider (Rapunzel),Merida has no love interest of note.

,If you are looking for a list of male protagonists from Disney, you can check Lena Mauveauxu2019s answer.

In the link you can also see which of those characters is and isnu2019t technically a prince in the first place.

Oldest Disney Princess movies in order

Oooh, Alex, thanks for asking! Thats a really fun question.

,The short answer is yes.

But I want to go a little more into what expectations might be affected and the implications for that.

And I want to make it clear that I dont think a film or two a year, without the relentless marketing pressure, particularly affects anyones expectations unless they were predisposed to relate to the princess already.

Its the continuing messages, overlapping, which creates cultural expectations.

So, lets put a bookmark on offering hope, false or otherwise, and see what the general message almost universally is.

Ill talk about the exceptions later, because they are important.

,First, princess narratives are by their nature anti-democratic.

A princess is not elected, and neither is her husband.

Sometimes he inherits his powers (the traditional prince,) and sometimes, like Aladdin, a combination of magic, luck, and personality get him there.

(The latter is the narrative in Horatio Alger stories, which were the 19th century prince versions of Disney princesses.

) ,Second, such narratives do not presume that the princess is doing just fine.

She has a problem, whether its being too confined in her luxurious life or being a servant.

That problem is always resolved with the assistance of a prince, or prince stand-in, and romance.

In the absolute worst stories, shes simply curious about other places, but then meets her prince and decides to stay, with no other motivation than that hes there.

,Third, the way the princess escapes her problem does not include much agency on her part.

The modern Disney princess does have some ability to influence their environment (cf Mulan) but solving the primary problem of her life is done by others: by magic, or by the Prince.

Mulan, for example, as smart and resourceful as she is -- and as physically fit, though thats not actually emphasized -- ultimately is saved from her obscure life of.



being rich and unmarried! by .



becoming rich and (probably) married.

Only the prince can save her from that.

,Finally, a princess new life is portrayed as a satisfactory solution to all her problems.

The happy ever after trope for a princess is loads of money and possessions, a nice looking male who loves her and whom she loves (there are NO lesbian princesses or gay princes!) and so, everything has fallen in line.

,There are occasional exceptions, though not usually as popular for little girls: in Frozen, the princess has some of these problems, but resolves them herself.

Mulan, and the ones who come after her, all have certain kinds of agency; though none of them except those in Frozen save themselves.

Seventeen nominated some of the princesses as kickass, most notably Anna in Frozen and Mulan in Mulan.

(Their least kickass were the oldest -- Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty -- followed by Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

)(Definitive Ranking Of Disney Princesses!)My own view is that Ariel represents everything wrong with the Disney conception of a princess.

* She sees someone, wants him, sacrifices herself to get him, saves him, and in return is rewarded with the usual.

In other words, she makes decisions for very bad reasons -- they are in the interest of neither herself nor others -- and then these bad decisions are rewarded.

The others at least make decisions which seem to be in their own interest -- for example, deciding to accept the Fairy Godmothers gift, or running away because its intolerable, or taking ones fathers place so he wont die in two of the stories (Beast and Mulan).

(I havent seen the only princess who had a mother, so cant say if her choices were made for herself or for her family.

),The degree of agency does not seem to determine popularity.

If so, The Little Mermaid would be on the bottom, closely followed by Cinderella, and those never are.

,Time reports the princesses in order of popularity, and claims that Elsa of Frozen was the most popular.

(And the Most Popular Disney Princess Is.



) However, Time was listing in order of purchases of princess-related materials on e-bay, which is rather a suspect methodology, since Frozen was the most recent princess release.

The next two were Cinderella and Snow White, who again may have been selected for reasons other than actual popularity -- such as collectability.

,Buzzfeed polled its membership, so again the response is skewed; in this case, since the target age doesnt usually subscribe to Buzzfeed.

(Aside from methodological issues common to all popular polls.

) The most popular were Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, closely followed by Ariel, from The Little Mermaid.

This may reflect the age of the respondents (ie that these were their favorites as children.

The princess with agency, Elsa, only received 9th place, and her sister princess 12th place.

(Here Are The Most Popular Disney Princesses) ,So what do the values of the Princess myths consist of, besides anti-democratic principles? I think we should stop there, and not even worry about what comes after: to teach generations of female children that their interests lie with transformation of circumstance by wealthy and powerful men is a terrible, terrible myth.

Its far worse than false hope because it focuses the girls choice on being a princess: to not worry about justice, or unequal circumstances, because the best likelihood of getting out of them is by being beautiful and marrying the right man.

,That assumption goes far deeper than merely believing that if youre beautiful you can escape -- that, after all, has a very small grain of truth (though its far truer that if youre not attractive, youre almost certain never to escape your material circumstances if youre a girl).

It goes to disrupting the entire narrative which built our country, and other democracies in the world; it sets up the desirability of having royalty, to enable women to live a better life.

Wealth and power become goals, not community.

,Contrast with stories which would feature a female hero as an organizer, or the daughter of one; where varying life conditions were celebrated despite the lack of material wealth; where a girl saves herself and her community by strength and boldness.

We know that the stories we were told over and over as children remain written in our head and guide our lives.

To have stories where the monarchic arrangements are not presented as morally wrong, and what one should aspire to is to achieve power -- with love as the instrument for that achievement, or occasionally the result -- is by its very nature taking a child down a path which, if realized, is still wrong.

The fact that in the process they encourage super-femininity, despair for those with un-princesslike bodies, and a definition of love as rescue from material problems just makes it worse.

,I do not approve of the Disney princesses.

I wish mothers and fathers wouldnt tolerate their childrens fascination with them (though I know the marketing strategy makes it nigh-impossible to resist).

I wish instead they would buy them the same shiny dresses and play Spy at the ball or something better to aspire to.

For me, that would be a compromise; one could work on the shiny dress syndrome later.

,, ** I also think that movie represents the greatest befoulment of a story; Hans Christian Andersens original was at best bittersweet.

She sacrificed herself, did not win the Prince, was doomed to leave the sea forever, and every step she took pained her, besides the inability to speak.

The egregious addition of a the Evil Ugly Woman Witch archetype did not help.

Nothing in the Disney version had depth or nuance.

Who is the third Disney princess

I have news for you,Star Wars has been a feminist campaign since the second scene of u201cA New Hopeu201d when this feisty 5u2032 tall Princess shows up and doesnu2019t bow down to anyone.

A Disney princess she ainu2019t.

,By the third movie, sheu2019s selling female empowerment through body image,And in Episode 9, itu2019s still crystal clear who is in charge, even if she hasnu2019t gotten any taller.

,Of course, she isnu2019t in Episode 1u20133, but itu2019s still clear who is in charge, her mom.

Who is the fifth disney princess

This is ElsaOne of Disneyu2019s important and relatively new princess.

In Frozen 2 itu2019s revealed that she is the fifth spirit who can control the other spirits which is Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

,Here are her abilities:Cryokinesis,Molecular Moisture Inversion,Molecular Moisture Conversion,Able to give Life,This is IcemanOmega level mutant and one of the X-Menu2019s powerhouses.

,Here are his abilities:Thermokinesis,Cyrokinesis,Hydrokinesis,Molecular Moisture Inversion,Molecular Moisture Conversion

Who are the 15 Disney Princesses

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Who is the fourth Disney Princess

Belle, mainly u2019cause she looks like my wife.

Our first Valentineu2019s Day, I gave her a video of B&tB as a gift (along with Casablanca).

,Second place, Jasmine, u2019cause sheu2019s got the best costume, and the first time my wife and I danced as a married couple, it was to u201cA Whole New World.

u201d,Third, Esmeralda.

The only one whou2019s kinda naughty.

But nice.

Plus sheu2019s menaced by the most villainous of all the villains, which awakens my protective instincts.

,Fourth, tie between Cinderella and Aurora.

They both kinda remind me of Jane Bennet.

Drop-dead gorgeous, but so genuinely sweet, they donu2019t seem aware of it.

,Ariel, just u2019cause I got a thing for redheads.

,Tiana, u2019cause I know sheu2019s Catholic (she got married in St.

Louis Cathedral), a great cook, and lives in one of my favorite cities, in addition to being a knockout.

She does have the singular disadvantage of spending a good part of the movie as a frog.

,Finally, in last place, Snow White, although this is a tough field, and sheu2019s a game competitor, who I very much admire.

Plus she was first, so she set the standard.

,Have never seen Pocahontas, Brave, Frozen, or Tangled.

And Jane from Tarzan doesnu2019t quite strike me as the iconic Jane (all those others from previous movies, yu2019understand), so I canu2019t quite count her as a Disney princess.

Is Raya a Disney princess


At least, not from what I can tell.

Raya is a warrior.

First of all, I canu2019t even tell you how excited I am for Raya and the Last Dragon.

I never thought Disney would have a Southeast Asian-inspired movie.

The trailer came out today, and it was excellent.

,If you couldnu2019t tell from my last name, Iu2019m half Filipino.

I donu2019t see a lot of mainstream Southeast Asian representation in mainstream media, and Iu2019m honestly so hyped for Raya.

,Hereu2019s the trailer:,This is probably one of the best things about 2020.

The action scenes look so good (and theyu2019re inspired by Filipino Martial Arts), and the plot is fun and engaging.

Also, if anyone wondered what I look likeu2026 I look like Raya but with curly hair lol.