A woman was rejected by a man and after the rejection, each time they saw each other the man would avoid eye contact. But, after the woman loses about 20 lbs, the man sees her again he & doesnu2019t avoid eye contact. What do you think that means?

When a man avoids eye contact with a woman


,u201cDoesnu2019t avoid eye contactu201d doesnu2019t necessarily means anything.

It doesnu2019t even mean that there was a contact at all.

If it meant something, it is that he isnu2019t uncomfortable around this particular woman.

,But if I know the woman in question, and she asked me the same thing, I would say that perhaps she is overthinking a little about pointless things.

,Either she ask him straight away or drop it.

Avoiding eye contact Psychology

There is no one psychological mechanism that covers everyone who looks away to avoid eye contact.

,A few (around 1% or 1.

5% of the population) have autism, and some people with autism are uncomfortable with eye contact.

,Some people are simply shy.

Others look away if they find someone attractive.

Others look away because thatu2019s what they were taught to do.

,So it really varies a lot, why someone looks away.

what does it mean when a girl wont make eye contact

This means one of two things:,You totally creep her out.

You look at her with rapey eyes and she wants less than nothing to do with you.

,She likes you.

A lot.

So much so that you intimidate her.

So much that she doesnt want to seem desperate or needy and she knows that you can get any girl you want, and she doubts she is hot enough for you.

What does it mean when someone avoids eye contact when talking

This is a very culture-specific question.

Many Western cultures value eye-to-eye contact as a manifestation of sincerity.

,Some Eastern cultures do not.

They find eye-to-eye contact overly aggressive.

Children are taught from an early age to not look into anothers eyes directly.

Eye contact Psychology facts

No, that is not true, itu2019s a silly superstition or wishful thinking that has nothing to do with u201cpsychological facts.

u201d Being unable to get someone off your mind is happening entirely in your own mind, nobody elseu2019s.