What are some examples of Cambodian cultures that copy from Thailand?

Thailand culture examples

I have learned history, It shows that Cambodia have been around since 1st Century and their language and culture are created around 8th century, Thailand which was born in the late 13th Century was heavily influenced by khmer.

BUT Cambodia was destroyed by war so they lost everything, their culture, their tradition, their ancient statue(have been taken by Thailand during war) and even their foods name.

And then France come to colonize Cambodia and Cambodia became a country again, Cambodia try their best to bring back their old culture by looking at Thailand because Thailand was influenced by them first after all.

Nowadays Cambodia and Thailand are fighting for who is the owner of culture and everything else, but the answer Thailand was heavily influenced by Khmer empire first so yeah Cambodia is the owner.

Thailand culture and society

Japan,Korea, Bangladesh, Srilanka have elected government and to a large extent even Thailand is a democracy.

In pakistan it is an elected government rules the country though military may have a significant role.

,In the west at some point of time authoritarianism existed.

Germany Hitler rule was an example.

,Family and society parents may have a significant say in the Eastern countries and it is touted as a virtue .

Thailand lifestyle

Hi John,Whats an average lifestyle in Pattaya is the more difficult question And how much does it cost is easier to answer.

,Well theres alsorts.

The guys that hang around Walking St regularly and eat in restaurants while living in a high end condo might easily burn through 5000 bucks or more a month.

At the bottom end the guy who lives in a little room and has a beer outside the 7/11 and lives off market and stall food might squeak by on 600 or 700 bucks.

And I know an old German guy a really keen cyclist who lives on a 500 Euros pension per month with his GF.

,So its possible to live quietly and cheaply on say a 1000 bucks and like a rockstar, party every night, on 5000k up.

Tradition of Thailand

Thai people like cold - the colder the better! (that is until they experienced some of the real u201ccoldu201d like 0 and below, most tend to consider 18u201320 cu00b0 u201ccoldu201d),Isan (Norteastern) people like to eat meat (as in beef or buffalo) and like to eat it raw or very rare.

However when they went for chicken, they want it to be as done and dry as possible.

Traditional NE chicken BBQ are treat like pull pork, very lean meat + very long cooking time which make the meat so dry and hard but also heavily intensified the flavour.

,this one look plump and juicy - this is so wrong!!We eat charcoal in dessert long before the Japanese popularise it.

Unlike the J-bamboo charcoal, our is made from coconut garb and actually impart intensed flavour and aroma and not just make thing black,We smoke our cookies - and a lot of our sweets.

Despite the sound of that, most people donu2019t appreciate it (sad),you donu2019t like it? why?Vegetarian festival is possibly haunted! In fact, many who practiced grusome mortification ritual claimed to be possesed and are forced by the spirit to participate against their will! Many actually try to run but found themselves ended up at the same spot with ever more holes every years.

,quick, we need an exocist!One of Thai mytical creature is the Weretiger! Unlike Werewolf who are cursed human that transformed into the beast, Werertiger are the actual tiger(ess) who can transformed into a lady for having eat so many in her life.

,donu2019t talk to a hot chick in the wild, like ever, sheu2019s no chicken and you are about to get uglyThailand believe that the Buddha used to deny people monkhood for racial reason - in this case that reason is the guy is a dragon disguised as man

Thailand culture and religion

The reason why the Southern of Thailand is not part of Malaysia.

Well, the simple answer is u201cThere was no MALAYSIA at that timeu201d.

Actually that region consisted of many Malay states and each state has its own ruler.

In the three southern most provinces, this region used to be the kingdom before.

However, it was annexed by Siam led to the separation from the rest of penisular states.

Even, the time of UK stepped in this region.

It was never colonised by UK which is different to other states.

After UK gave the independent status.

The Malay states then formed the federation.

If you insist that they share the similar culture language or religion.

Thailand can claim Xu012bshuu0101ngbu01cennu00e0 in China or Shan state in Myanmar etc.

Using the criteria of the same ethic same culture same religion.

But we cant.

Because they existed there before the formation of Modern state.

Essay about Thailand culture

Letu2019s look at BTS, the legends of Kpop.

(History),At first Kpop was culture shocking to America.

Many people disliked BTS and there were MANY bad opinions about them.

,But then BTS started to get famous in Korea and spread out to small countries like Thailand and Japan, and famous Americans started to collaborate with BTS.

,The world saw this and became more interested in BTS and BTS started to get famous in America.

,If you ask why they are famous,,-They look good,-Their songs are good and catchy,-Far ahead music and music videos,-Crazy dancing skills,-Good vocal,-Good rap,-Their good personalities (can be weird sometimes),Ok I will stop here because if you know me I write essays about them so.

,Americans would be shocked in a good ways because they have EVERY single thing to be a good artist.

,If you still donu2019t understand, Iu2019ll help you,-First watch all these music videos,Mic drop (ft.

Seve Aoki),Not today,Spring day,Dna,Boy with Luv (ft.

Halsey),You will like it.

,Then pics for bonus

Thailand culture food

Both are great places but NOT now.

I would wait on Thailand due to political instability and wait on Egypt until there is a Covid vaccine.

However, that said, both are great places to visit when better days come.