Which area in London, Ontario is best for a new immigrant couple? I got ITA as a federal skilled worker and intend to stay in London, Ontario for my initial period.

Best area to stay in London for couples

Let me start off by qualify in my statements.

I have never been an immigrant moving to a new home country, so I may not be the right person to answer this question.

,I will say that a lot of the services for newcomers to Canada are located in South London near Jalna Boulevard.

You may want to visit the City of Londons page on Immigration, that discusses resources for newcomers to Canada.

Immigration PortalI wish you positive experiences in Canada.

I hope you enjoy living in London, and I hope you are welcomed warmly.

Best area to stay in London with family

The best areas are the best regardless of your nationality.

,Are you expecting to find an Indian ghetto where you think you might feel more at home ?,If so, then why bother leaving hme in the first place ?