Iu2019m staying in Sedona in January and have 2 days to explore Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend. What would be the best way to view these areas across 2 days? Sunrisesunset etc.

Sedona to Grand Canyon distance

You must not be too familiar with the Southwest.

First of all, the distances involved between your requested exploration stops would involve non - stop driving with very little time to u2018enjoyu2019 the sights.

Sedona is a neat place to explore in itself, but all the overlook roads up to the rim are closed for the season.

,Hwy 89A is your route to Flagstaff but be warned, there is a major winter storm going on right now and travel is ill-advised.

,From Sedona to the Grand Canyon is about 3+ hours in fine dry weather conditions.

Getting to Page (for antelope canyon) is about a 4 hour run at least from Sedona to Page.

Grand Canyon is closer, but you would have to arrange lodging in advance.

,From Sedona to Horseshoe bend is another 3+ hour trip.

,If you strung them all together:,> Sedona to Grand Canyon (3 hrs on a sunny day),> Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon (4 hours),> Antelope Canyon to Horseshoe Bend (This is much closer, about 30 minutes away).

,So, under ideal weather conditions, you could do this in two days, but why?

Sedona to Grand Canyon South Rim

We took a road trip from San Diego-> Sedona->Grand Canyon South Rim,Family of 4 including 2 kids(8 and 4).

,Here are some of the pics.

Read the entire blog here.

,Landscape Photography|Blogs | Nature and travel | harshgargphotographyHope this helps!,Thanks,Harsh

Sedona to Grand Canyon train


If you donu2019t have a car, your best bet is the Sedona to Flagstaff Shuttle bus and then the Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Shuttle.

,There is a tourist train from Williams AZ to the Grand Canyon.

If you have a car you might not want this, but this train might be nice if you are really into trains.

But I would still take the shuttles to Flag and then GRCA.

Amtrak does go through Flagstaff and to Williams.

You might be able to take the Sedona to Flag Shuttle, then Amtrak to Williams and then the Grand Canyon Railroad to the Canyon.

But that seems like a lot of effort.

,There is a nice tourist train through the Verde Valley.

It starts and ends in Clarkdale which is southwest of Sedona.

How long is the drive from Sedona to Grand Canyon

I drive cross-country several times per year and intentionally explore new routes due to my interest in scenic landscapes (I am a landscape photographer and mountain sport enthusiast).

,There are an endless variety of routes you could take, and there are a few things to consider:n1) How long is your trip? - I would say if itu2019s anything less than two weeks your efforts would be best concentrated on getting to California as efficiently as possible.

I-40 if youu2019re So Cal bound, I-80 if Bay Area bound.

California has a high density of amazing places, so youu2019ll see the most cool stuff by getting there fast.

If you have between 2u20134 weeks, I would encourage looking through those routes and use Google Maps to explore whatu2019s proximal to one of those main routes.

You can place pins to mark cities/parks of interest to research later.

Sometimes Iu2019ll expedite my research by reading someone elseu2019s: Lonely Planet and Moon make some of my favorite US travel guides.

If youu2019re wanting explore scenic drives, backroads, national forest or BLM land pick up Gazetteer Map for each of the cool natur-y states.

If your road trip is over a month you can start really playing with the route.

Iu2019ll outline below what my ideal route would be.

n2) What time of year are you traveling? - Regardless of the time of year you go, youu2019ll be going through many different climate zones, and accommodating this can make or break your trip.

Avoid far-southern routes (I-20 and I-10) between May and October because the heat will be unbearable.

I would recommend not doing I-70 or I-80 until mid-June and before October due to snow in higher elevations (unless you have snowshoes or cross-country skis).

,My Ideal Route- nNYC>Philly>DC>Harpers Ferry MD>Front Royal VA to take Blue Ridge Parkway to Hwy 33> Seneca Rock WV> Take Hwy 219 to Lewisburg> Damascus VA> Asheville NC> Take Hwy 74 to Chattanooga TN> Nashville> Ponca AR> Witchita Mountain WMA OK> Palo Duro Canyon TX> Pecos Canyon NM> Sante Fe> Abiquiu> Pagosa Springs CO> Bluff/Monument Valley UT> Capitol Reef NP> Hwy 12 through Boulder and Escalante> Zion NP> Grand Canyon NP North Rim AZ> Flagstaff> Sedona> Valley of Fire NV> Red Rock Canyon NCA> Death Valley CAnBest done in May or September over a period of three week or more.

Iu2019m pretty confident that this would be one of the most impressive ways to experience the diversity and scale of the American landscape.

Tucson to Sedona to Grand Canyon

Really, what CANu2019T you do? Depending on the weather, Arizona is pretty much everything you need in December:,Hiking, both in the forest and the desert,Golf,Play in the snow (skiing, sledding),Go fishing,The Grand Canyon,Hunting,Sedona,Biosphere 2,The Airplane Graveyard near Tucson,Kartchner Caverns,Meteor Crater,Old Scottsdale,Tombstone,The list goes on.

This is why Arizona is so densely populated with tourists in winter.

Grand Canyon day trip from Phoenix


There is a reason it is one of the Natural Wonders of the World and why over 4,500,000 people from all over the world visit it every year.

If that is all the time you have, it is still worth it.

I have taken many relatives and friends on day trips from Phoenix to the South Rim.

Start early.

It is about a 3 hour drive to the Visitor Center depending on traffic.

,There is a $35 entry fee to the National Park unless you have an Annual National Park Pass or get there before the National Park Service (NPS) open the Toll Window.

,My typical tour with relatives and friends of the South Rim is about 4-5 hours.

If the Hermits Rest road is open (which is likely from November to March) I drive out to Hermits Rest at the far west end of the Grand Canyon Village area.

I stop on the way back and go out on Maricopa Point.

I head to El Tovar for lunch and walk along the Rim from Hopi House to Kolb Studio and back.

Then I drive to the Desert View Tower at the Far East end.

On the way back Ill stop at Grandview point and sometimes at the Ruins.

If we still have time, Ill take my guests to the Visitor Center by Yaki point.

Then we had back to Flagstaff for dinner and the drive home.

,If the Hermits Rest Road isnt open, you either have to take the shuttle bus or skip it.

I think its worth the time because you get a little bit away from the hustle & bustle of GC Village.

If you are physically fit, I also think its worth the time to go 1/2 mile (past the tunnel) to 1 1/2 miles (the first rest house) down the Bright Angel Trail.

But for most people this is an extra hour or two.

Even if you get 100 yards below the rim you get a radically different perspective that a Rimmer will never see.

In Winter the trail could be icy.

YakTrax, Microspikes, or In-Step Crampons can save the day.

nThere is a nice General Store at Grand Canyon Village with groceries and supplies if you need them.

You can rent Yaktrax, Microspikes, or in-step crampons at the General Store.

nHere are some of my photos.

Most of these you wonu2019t see on a day trip.

Sedona to Grand Canyon North Rim

Closest major airport to Sedona is Phoenix.

Grand Canyon - North or South rim? North rim would be Las Vegas.

South rim, Flagstaff is nearest city, but it probably has a small airport, so a small passenger aircraft.

Otherwise, Phoenix is nearest major airport.

Is Sedona or Flagstaff closer to Grand Canyon

That would depend on what youre looking for.

If youre planning on staying in Arizona for a while and are only planning a one day trip to Grand Canyon, Id recommend Sedona by far.

If youre on a road trip passing through Arizona (east to west or vice-versa) and want to be closer to the road, then Flagstaff is your best bet.

On the other hand, if youre looking to be near the park, but would prefer more budget-friendly prices, then youll want to stay in Valle, which is the town halfway between Flagstaff/Williams and Grand Canyon