Apart from the Kawasan Falls and the Whale Watch, what can a tourist do, explore, or try in Cebu?

List of Beach Resort in Cebu south

There are too many things to do in Cebu City to list here, so check out one of the online guides; however, I will give you some highlights.

First, the malls are absolutely gigantic and contain any store, restaurant, or entertainment that you could possibly imagineu2014 my favorites are the terraces of the Ayala Mall and the SM Seaside mall, which has its own ice skating rink and a park on the roof that has a great view of the city skyline.

An houru2019s drive south gets you to Simala, a huge church/monastery that sits on top of a mountain, or take a half hour drive to the Temple of Leah, which sits on a hill overlooking the city.

To sample the local cuisine/shopping, head to the Carbon Market or the Fuente Osmena Circle.

,If you get tired of being in Cebu, you can jump on the OceanJet and take a two-hour ride to the island of Bohol, where you can visit the Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier Sanctuary, or the Alona Beach resort area on Panglao Islandu2026 Hope this helps.

Affordable beaches in Cebu North

Just how u201cvery pooru201d are you? Without knowing more, I really couldnu2019t say.

Some people think existing on $1,600 per month in the US is poor - especially if you live in Los Angeles or New York City.

If thatu2019s you, then you CAN live on less in the Philippines.

I lived there for 2 1/2 years.

I lived in Cebu City on the island of Cebu for around $800 per month.

And English is widely spoken by mostu2026 some good, some barely passable but understandable.

,My second choice is the city of Merida, Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula across from Cancun on the other side.

It is a VERY safe city and quite attractive.

There is a strong but friendly Police presence and even Federales in the main town square.

Itu2019s only 30 minutes by bus to the town of Progresso on the beach north of the city.

,Merida is VERY affordable.

I rented a room in a house for 2400 pesos which today is $128.

84 and I had so-so internet and house privileges.

Some places are even less expensive.

Knowing a little Spanish helps.

,Merida, Mexico is FAR from being a dangerous border town filled with cartel violence.

It is a wonderful colonial city that represents u201cOld Mexicou201d very nicely.

Many people fall in love with it, and quite a few u201cwesternersu201d retire there for good reason.

The food is wonderful and very, very cheap.

I hope this helps.

Beach in Cebu South

Disclaimer: I have never lived in Cebu long-term, but have only visited.

Some of the best things about Cebu are a lot like the best things in California.

You can get to all kinds of different places on a day trip.

You have Cebu City with its business and malls, kind of like a smaller Manila but with less crowding, less pollution, and less traffic.

,You also have historic sites like Magellanu2019s Cross,and the Santo Niu00f1o Basilica, which also hosts one of the best fiestas in the entire country (Sinulog).

,You have beautiful mountains like Osmeu00f1a Peak:,Waterfalls like Kawasan Falls,and Tumalog Falls.

,Further south you can swim with the whale sharks (butanding) in Oslob:,But please donu2019t touch them as it can harm them.

,And while you are there, visit Sumilon Island Resort.

,While you are in Cebu, you will meet lots of friendly people.

,You will not easily run out of things to do, and the prices are quite a bit lower than in Manila.

,One of the negatives about Cebu is that, since it is not Manila, some things may not be available, but fortunately not that many since Cebu City is pretty large in its own right.

For Americans, think of Cebu as Chicago to Manilau2019s NYC, which I suppose would make Davao into LA.

But Chicago doesnu2019t have beautiful beaches and diving spots less than an hour away!,The public transit network in Cebu is not as good as Manila.

On the other hand, it is not as crowded either.

You will find yourself walking a lot and riding jeepneys.

,But on the positive side, they jeepneys seem much better maintained than in Manila.

,And like any city in the Philippines, you will see beggars,including children.

,And Manila doesnu2019t have a monopoly on slums, though there are much less in Cebu.

,Overall though, Iu2019d say that Cebu is one of the best places in the Philippines.

It is certainly the best I have visited.

Private beach Resort in Cebu

I currently reside in the Philippines, but prior to that I travelled here about 6 times when I was living in China.

This country is a great place to enjoy a holiday.

With over 7,000 islands you canu2019t imagine how many beaches that means!,Most of the luxurious, or better beach resorts, are owned by westerners who are married to Filipinas.

In that respect, they know what the customer is looking for in the way of service, facilities and entertainment.

,The beaches can have either blinding white sand, yellow sand, brownd sand and black sand.

There is a certain attraction with the white sand because that is what we see and perceive to be the most picturesque photos of the worldu2019s best beaches.

Places I have been to:,MINDANAOSurigao - The city is so-so but the surrounding countryside is both varied and beautiful.

Mostly black sand beaches in and around the city area, but Mabua, about 20 minutes by tricycle, is a spectacular pebble beach.

The water there is some of the cleanest, clearest and pristine in which youu2019re ever likely to swim.

Islands off the coast, Dinagat and Siargao have white and yellow sand beaches.

Siargao is a real tourist place popular for its surfing.

,Davao - Very big city, has everything you need in the way of shopping and facilities.

Great hotels, nice beaches, murderous traffic.

Lots of things to do there, highly recommended.

Crocodile Park, Eagle Park, Eden Nature Park, Waterfront Hotel, museum, itu2019s all there in Davao.

,Samal Island - a 10 minute ferry ride from Davao to the island.

This place is made up of resorts and just check which one appeals before you go.

Tricycles and motor bikes await you at the Samal pier to whisk you to whichever resort you have chosen.

White sand beaches, crystal clear water, snorkeling, although thatu2019s best on the other side of the island, and did you know that on Samal there is the biggest Bat Cave in the world.

No, itu2019s not Gotham City either! Over 3 million bats are hanging around inside the cave.

Stay upwind, the smell is horrendous.

All that batshit.

But fascinating to see and little is known about it.

There is a waterfall or two to visit in the centre of the island.

Organise your transport, look after your driver and you will have a great day, or two, or three.

,Butuan - Maybe it will grow on you but it didnu2019t do a lot for me.

No beaches anywhere close to the city, you need to go to -,Cabadbaran - small town but thatu2019s where the black sand beaches are.

,Mati - a 3 hour drive from Davao and itu2019s a coastal town with beautiful beaches and resorts where you can sleep in huts that are built over the water.


White sand mostly, crystal clear water, a couple of surprisingly modern restaurants.

The drive from Davao itself is worth the trip.

Along that coastal drive there are many, many resorts at which you can stop and enjoy a swim in the warm, clear waters.

,LUZONManila - Shithole.

Traffic jams, polluted, and apart from some of the major shopping centres, not a lot of things of interest to see.

Trying to get to them is a nightmare anyway.

Greenbelt, Mall of Asia and the newly built Venice lookalike shopping precincts are nice places to spend the day.

,Subic - Obviously a US Naval area, but nice sand beaches with lots of entertainment along the beach front in the way of restaurants and KTVu2019s, Videoke, Clubs.

,Olongapo - Just another town that borders Subic.

There is security crossing the bridge from here to get into Subic.

,Puerto Galera - Nice beaches, the White Beach was anyway.

Lots of Ladyboys working at the beachfront bars and restaurants add a bit of interest to a night out! :) You can book a hotel online but my suggestion is to get there at a reasonable time of day and wander along the beach area and find your own.

Rates are negotiable off season.

Island hopping is highly recommended and bring your snorkel.

Being towed along by a banqa with your head in the water riding over endless coral reefs and feeding fish with bread while in the water will be highlights of your trip there.

Boat hire for all day is about 1000php, but everything is negotiable.

Best to do it through the hotel, less chance of being scammed.

,CEBUCebu - horrendous traffic but the place is a hive of activity.

Lots of things to see.

the best beaches are owned and kept private by the resorts so staying at a resort is not a bad idea.

However, the number of hotels is astounding and there is definitely one to fit your budget.

Historic tours and a trip out to where they make guitars are highly recommended.

Hire a taxi for half a day, cost is 800 - 1200.

There are some nice free beaches away from the city.

The airport is on the adjoining island of Mactan, joined to Cebu by a bridge.

From Cebu, you can get on ferries every hour at the port leaving for other beautiful places like Bohol.

Cebu is the industrial capital of the Philippines, hence the traffic and the population.

,PANGASINANAlaminos - here you will find the 100 Islands and this is a place you want to stay for at least three days.

Island hopping obviously is a great way to relax.

Thereu2019s an island full of bats.

Thatu2019s it! Just bats hanging from the trees.

Caves to swim in, giant clams and coral to snorkel over, rocks to climb to the top of the island like Governoru2019s Island.

Nice people in the Pangasinan area too.

,Bolinao and Patar Beach - resorts with white and yellow sands.

Pick anywhere you like to stop.

Thereu2019s a lighthouse there as well.

Hire a tricycle for a day to take you everywhere including to the floating restaurant.

You get served your food on a houseboat which is being towed by a motorised banqa.

If that doesnu2019t make your day youu2019re hard to please.

Donu2019t forget the Enchanted Cave.

You wonu2019t believe where you are swimming.

,PANAYIloilo - this is where I live now and the new area of the city is fabulous.

Riverside walk with all the restaurants is just a great place to dine and have a relaxing evening.

SM City is right there as well, and thatu2019s as good as a shopping centre you will get in Iloilo.

There is a Robinsons as well and a central SM in the main city area.

The usual traffic in the older city area but they decided to make better roads on the outskirts, so the traffic is not so bad.

The airport is quite large and fairly new.

There is a golf course out that way too.

Lots of hotels with affordable as well as luxury accommodation.

I live in Tigbauan, about kms outside of Iloilo.

,Places I have been to also include: Nogas Island, Concepcion (highly recommend a trip here and you can then island hop to places like Sand Bar Island, a gem that not a lot of people know about).

Guimaras Island is a very big island about 30 minutes ferry from Iloilo port.

Getting around Guimaras can be tricky so either hire a car or a taxi for the day.

There are so many things to see and do particularly on the other side, the far side, with island hopping and deserted beaches.

,There are a few more places I have been, too numerous to mention.

Thereu2019s no doubt I have seen more than most of the locals, but that was the reason for coming here to live, right? Lots of areas in the Philippines are not well known, or popular, so you can be the only person on a beach, or the only person at a waterfall or a hidden lake.

Iu2019ve only touched on the different attractions at the places I have been to.

Once the government tourist bureau gets its act together and markets the country like they do in Thailand, for instance, then more people will find coming here is a great alternative to Indonesia,Thailand, Vietnam and China.

,I hope that answers the question!

Private Beach Resort in North Cebu

The Philippines, another famous destination because of its pristine beaches and islands, also have tropical beach resorts near Manila and in island destinations like Cebu and Siargao that have striking resemblance to those found in Bali.

,Compared to Bali, the Philippines has a lot more options for a peaceful trip to the beach.

Here you can find many that feel like your own private beach, from the pink sands of Tikling Beach to the beach forests of Flower Island.

The Philippines is also rich in marine life and has many spectacular snorkeling spots.

,Bali is part of Indonesia, a country located in the southern hemisphere of Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is by far the worlds largest archipelago and spans an area of almost 2 million square kilometres between Asia and Australia.

,Beautiful Uluwatu Cliff in BaliBali is located in Indonesia, a transcontinental country that is mainly located in Southeast Asia, with some of its islands making part of Oceania.

,The island of Bali is situated in the Bali sea, which forms the south-west part of the Flores Sea.

This sea spans an area of 45,000 square kilometres and is home to a huge diversity of marine species.

Warm waters and strong surf to the west make for excellent swimming, snorkelling, scuba, and surfing conditions, depending on where you are on the island.

,Drone shot of a beach in BaliBali is part of Indonesia, a country located in the southern hemisphere of Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is by far the worldu2019s largest archipelago and spans an area of almost 2 million square kilometres between Asia and Australia.

,Baliu2019s capital city is Denpasar, which is home to the islandu2019s main international airport.

Denpasar will, therefore, be the first stop for many people travelling to Bali.

From here, it is easy to arrange transport to other parts of the island.

,Denpasar is located on the south side of the island.

and is the location of many popular holiday destinations and attractions.

Check out the Jagatnatha Temple, the Turtle Conservation and Education Center, and the Bajra Sandhi Monument while youu2019re in town!,Moreover, you will find numerous food places, spa & massage centres and other fun things to do in the Denpasar area.