What are you doing over the lock-down period?

Things to do in Maldives at night

EAT , SLEEP , REPEAT,Chilling with my Netflix, and satisfying my craving with home made delicacy!!!,Lockdown has taught me the real meaning of love , life .

,What is family, and value of each meal, which brings us more closer.

,Knowing our real heros who fought day and night , doctor, solider, nurse , police .



Maldives honeymoon duration

Maldives is a hot spot for honeymoon and couples all over the world think of taking a Maldives honeymoon package.

The good news is that itu2019s not very expensive.

A trip package to Maldives can be as cheap as INR 40,000 per person.

For a Maldives honeymoon package, you may get packages starting from 1-1.


It depends on the trip duration and many other factors such as stay, travel itinerary, etc.

But it wonu2019t cost much and you can have a nice romantic honeymoon in Maldives within your budget.

Why Maldives is famous for honeymoon

YES! YES! YES!Maldives is literally heaven on earth.

And you can trust my words because I was once a travel consultant for luxury destinations like Maldives and Seychelles.

Not just that, Ive lived there for a month and stayed in 8 resorts from low end to the super high end ones.

Here are some photos of the resorts Ive visited.

,This is JA Manafarus water villa with pool.

(5 star resort)Olhuveli Resort & Spas Water Villas.

(4 star all inclusive resort)This is Soneva Fushis famous sandbank where they bring their guests for a sunset cocktail party.

(5 star plus category)Maldives is a one island one resort concept and its a popular honeymoon destination mainly because of the privacy that youll get to experience during your stay.

So dont hesitate and choose Maldives for your honeymoon.

u2764ufe0f Im still a travel consultant and I can help you guys book your trip.

,Happy honeymoonu2728

Is Maldives good for honeymoon

Yes Absolutely.

,I had been there for my honeymoon,truly its a best made place for honeymoon.

,Why choose Maldives, reasons are:,There are small private islands with less people, which gives lots of privacy.

,The water,the breeze, the villas just add up with that great pleasure.

,There are special complementary goodies and offers for honeymoon couple (by some resorts),We stayed in Aadran club & Aadran prestige hotel groups.

Its was a 6 days 5 night trip.

,The resort provides breakfast and dinner ( some even lunch).

,If you are a non vegetarian its a heaven for foodies.

The sea food here is the best.

,Carry USD dollars for spending especially for water games etc.

There are variety of water games you can play.

,The water villas are mesmerizing, plan to stay in both land resort and on water Villas.

,Never miss a spot to take lot and lots of pics!!!

Unique things to do in Maldives

First and foremost is water sports .

Choose an island to do water sports !,Buy tuna fish paste,Stay with a maldivian family in public island