How are Indonesia and the Philippines similar in terms of people, culture, and traditions?

Indonesia and Philippines similarities

Both speak languages that are a part of the Austronesian language family.

This is due to the migration of Austronesian groups south into Southeast Asia via Taiwanu2026 but other similar words in Indonesia and the Philippines are also loanwords from India.

,The u201cIndianizationu201d of the native polities of the Philippines seems to have been mainly due to contact with Java.

Similar artifacts were and still are being found throughout the Philippine and Indonesian archipelagos.

Philippines vs Indonesia economy

I think the obvious answer here is that Indonesia is just better.

,Nah, just messing around, but that may be true.

,Proficiency in English does not equal to superior economy.

I donu2019t really know where that idea comes from.

Maybe from seeing that English proficient countries seem to fare better than the opposite? Then what do you make of France, with a score of 55 in the EF EPI((EF English Proficiency Index), (as a comparison, the Netherlands is the top with 71)).

They seem to be developing way better than the Philippines, with a score of 61, that is 14th in the world.

Compared to Indonesia, only at 51, (51st).

That is already classified as low proficiency.

,As to why the Philippines have a lower economy than Indonesia is just as simple as comparing any countryu2019s economy.

,GDP seems to be the benchmark for comparing economies, so letu2019s start with that.

,Indonesia GDP : $12,400 per capita (5.

2% growth),Philippines GDP : 8,400 per capita (6.

6% growth),Indonesia has more than twice of Philippineu2019s population, and yet, has 30% higher GDP.

This can be explained the work sectors of both countries.

Indonesia, up to the 1990s, was dominated by agriculture, so having a lot of people is actually a good thing.

,Image credit : Trade protectionism in Indonesia: Bad times and bad policyAnd unlike the Philippines, which work sectors have been pretty steady over the years.

,Image credit : A guide to the Philippinesu2019 history, economy and politicsQuite a bump there in 07u2032u201308u2032, maybe itu2019s the economy crisis, but even in a disruption like that, the sectors seem to be climbing still, at a frequent and balanced speed.

So, this should explain the GDP difference with the population.

,Speaking of population, moving on to people, according to indexmundi.

com;,Philippines pop.

below poverty line : 21.

6% (2015 est.

),Indonesia pop.

below poverty line : 10.

9% (2016 est.

),Seems that, again, Indonesia fares better on the poverty scale,Image credit : New poverty data: Is poverty falling fast enough?The Philippines seems to have been inconsistently stable through the years, meanwhile her neighbors are declining that number, year after year.

According to the picture above, 13.

1% is below the poverty line in around 2012, and in 2015, it has risen to 21.


According to the Philippines Statistics Authority, that number in 2015 is true.

The website suggests around 22%, so that is a pretty strong rise.

But in 2018, it appears to have gone down again, to 16%.

,After looking at the statistics, it appears to me, that Indonesia just fares 3 times better, at almost every data.

Except for industrial growth rate, revenues and expenditure compared to GDP, and export of goods and services.

,It is in no way mocking or condescending, but, Indonesia is just better than the Philippines.

This is from a 99.

99% objective standpoint, comparing statistics, and making a few google searches, from a may or may not be an objective source, that is a fact.

,Iu2019m not an economist, or an expert.

Just a kid who has an interest in economy, and an hour of free time.

,Sources :

Indonesia vs Philippines War

Question: which side would win the war between Indonesia-Brunei-Phillippine vs Cambodia-Singapore-Vietnam,Answer: I guess that both sides would win this war because their way to fight against each other is by making friends with each other.

,It may be the easy way for both sides to destroy their enemies - Making friends with each other.

The whole Asean countries have never wanted to intervene in the internal affairs of each others because they do not want Asean to become the Middle East 2.


Vietnam, Singapore and Cambodia would try to make friends with Indonesia, Brunei, Phillipines and take some photo, then both sides also claim a victory for this hypothetical war.

,(Asean countries leaders)P/s: not a joke - Perhaps, they have met and negotiated every years with times even far more than their visit to some remote places in their own country.

They would love to make business with each other rather conquering, annexation, or stirring up some of the internal issues of their neighboring countries.

All bestsLusia Millar

Indonesia and Philippines relationship

Recently the relationship has been warm, as the Philippine and Indonesian Presidents are in good terms, doing inter country activities, and trade.

But it wasnu2019t the case before.

Cultural differences of Philippines

These are the typical look of a security guard in Indonesian cities:,Meanwhile in the Philippines:,Attitude to guns is certainly a big difference between Indonesians and Filipinos.

Iu2019m not sure about the firearm law in Indonesia, but I think they are legal as long as you have the necessary permits.

It is said that many high profile Indonesians have rifles and guns.

But in general, owning firearm is something unthinkable for most Indonesians.

Indonesian vs Filipino face

Jesus Christ the triggering begins.

Is this a Leon Trotsky convention here? There is no equality in the world u2014 there is difference.

For the marxist egalitarians that can be hard to grasp.

As far as Indonesian vs Filipino girls, it would depend for what.

Are you looking to date around or are you looking for one girl? If you want to date lots of girls, I would say filipino, because theyu2019re both widely considered the easiest girls in the world to date and in my opinion they have prettier faces than indonesian girls.

As for a life partner, I would say that these general attributes are so close though that the difference is negligible.

However, depending on your ethnicity, I prefer a traditional European/American Christian girl though, since itu2019s much easier to relate to someone from your own culture, as far as a long-term thing goes.

Besides, from mixed kids what I usually hear is they have identity crises, being a mix of two different ethnicities and not having much of a coherent reference group.

Not easy to have to go through that.