What are some great topics for poster making competition?

Poster making on save environment

Save girl child,Save environment, because everywhere there is only pollution released by factories, cars, etc.

Poster On Save environment with slogan

A2A!,Glad you think of our nations improvement!,Nations improvement starts from Individuals contribution.

It doesnt matter how big or small contribution it is.

,Here are some things I do to help my nation.

,#1 I use staircases every time.

No matter how tall building is.

,#2 I dont spit on the roads,#3 I dont make trash at public places and dont throw also.

,#4 I use bicycle as well as bike.

,#5 I strictly follow traffic rules excepting wearing helmet:),#6 I work for NGO weekly.

,#7 I do not use plastic carry bags,#8 I donate my old clothes to deprived poors.

,#9 I am still bachelor so I have ample savings in my account! :):),.

#10 Whenever I go to any historical place I used to be guide foe foreigners (just because I love history subject!),#11 I dont use electric iron to press ny clothes.

I use old iron which works on burned ash.

,#12 I switched off the button after mobile charged.

,#13 I have put many bowls with water for birds which will conserve many species.

,#14 My friend circle makes slogans about saving environment and stick that posters at public places.

,#15 Im an Engineering student and Im gonna change face of my nation as much as I can.

,#16 And yeah Im full humorous person.

Im full of jokes.

I tell people jokes and they laugh.

And laugh I laughing is the best medicine over any disease.

,#17 I have hacked my two friends Facebook accounts so that they wont use it again and they will utilise that time for better.

(They told me so I did!),#18 I write good answers on quora which helps many people:),For more answers see the following link.

nHow are you contributing to the betterment of India?Ill update as soon as I remember more.

Poster On save environment easy

As long as the cost is compensated by the revenues, there is a motivation to scam.

,Singaporeans tend to have more available cash on hand since we save more of our income.

As the scammer can extract more money from each successful target, it make sense to concentrate your operations on Singapore:,According to Norton Cyber Security, victims of online crime in Singapore have each lost an average of US$545 in the past year, higher than the international average of US$358 a victim.

,Singaporeans also tend to be gullible.

Many of us are brought up in a sheltered environment.

We study at proper schools, commute in efficient (ok, relatively) transport and buy and sell in licensed and regulated markets.

We live in a small, sanitary world and tend not be immune to the dangers in the reality.

,Janice told GET REAL why Singaporeans are easier, more gullible targets for scammers like her both in and out of the country.

,Australians are quite difficult and snobbish, so I need to adjust to them a lot.

I have to sound extra sweet and very loving, unlike Singaporeans.

With them (Singaporeans), I can just say anything and they will easily believe me, said Janice.

,We can never eliminate scammers, almost all of them are foreign operated.

We could only protect ourselves from being scammed.

I appreciate the initiatives by the Singapore Police Force to educate the public on such scams, we see posters on the bus stop, at the lift lobby, and this.

Save environment posters

Save girl child,Save environment, because everywhere there is only pollution released by factories, cars, etc.

Save environment posters competition

Save girl child,Save environment, because everywhere there is only pollution released by factories, cars, etc.

Environmental protection Poster for students

I agree with other posters that environmental science is a great field to study.

However, positions with environmental protection agencies are scare (and may be getting scarcer if Trump gets his way).

You may want to consider working for an industry in their environmental compliance department, e.


reducing waste streams, improving manufacturing by using more environmentally friendly materials, making sure your company is in compliance with permits, etc.

While many environmentalists might see this as u2018working for the enemyu2019, might I point out that we are all polluters and it requires grown-ups and critical thinkers to improve environmental quality.

So letu2019s discover new ways industries can do what they need do, but in less environmentally damaging ways.

To this end, a BS in more specific sciences like engineering (of any kind) , chemistry (its all chemistry when you come right down to it), material science (solar), industrial hygiene, etc.

might be a better way to go than a general science degree.

I agree we need the protesters and the regulators, but you might actually do more good and get paid a helluva more (so you can pay off your student loans within your lifetime) if you go to work in industry.

Donu2019t know if you speak Chinese, but if you do, that could be a huge plus.

You could do quality control for a US solar company that buys Chinese solar panels, or supervise installation of flood walls in China working for an international engineering firm, or create drought resistant crops for a seed company and do field tests in China.

A degree in a hard science might be a better way to go (and have more impact) than a general environmental science degree .

But not always.

Good luck!

Poster on save environment for Class 10

Thanks Sibin Nair for this question,Muthoot Finance has announced the closure of about 300 of its branches in Kerala.

Would you say trade unionism culture is really letting Kerala down since we have beem really struggling in creating jobs locally?Well, its a fact Muthoot Finance, one of the leading NBFC in Kerala is closing many of its branches in Kerala.

The official reason cited is continuing protests by its employees affiliated to CITU for last 15 days.

,This has sparked a wave of Anti-Union posts on social media primarily due to the usual critical ones against Left parties for spoiling Keralau2019s industrial growth.

This question in Quora represents that ideology part.

,I wish to make a detailed understanding of context of both sides in detail.

I am in the privy of some information related to Muthootu2019s HR data but I donu2019t intend to disclose here as it isnu2019t in the public domain so far.

So only quoting those in the public domain.

,,Background of the companyMuthoot Finance (Red) is one of Keralau2019s oldest NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) founded in 1887.

At the time of the founding, it was involved in general trade mainly related to rice and pulses.

The founder- Ninani Mathai was primarily a wholesaler in the town of Kozhencherry in Kingdom of Travancore.

,The nearby Kochi Kingdomu2019s finances was heavily based on Chits model and the government itself pioneered the concept of Chit funds as one of the official public saving models for the state since the 1850s.

This has influenced many Christian families of Travancore to replicate the same business model in Travancore.

Ninani Mathai founded Muthoot Chits in 1887 in an informal way as a way to increase public savings and increase a strong cash flow his trade activities.

,When his son- George Muthoot returned back after a stint in Army service, they formalized the chits funds into a company model, thus one of the first formal corporate Chit fund in 1925.

They pioneered the concept of NBFC in Travancore or probably in South India as untill then chits and similar things were mostly done in an informal manner.

Muthoot Chits slowly became Muthoot Finance in the year 1939 by diversifying into Gold chits as well as Gold loans.

,Why 1939? In the 1920s, Travancore was rapidly growing in the Banking sector and more than 50 banks rose into prominence, fuelling the economy, mostly started by the Christian community with heavy royal patronage of Regent Queen- H.

H Sethu Lakshmi Bai.

However, the power politics in the Palace led to frequent changes in monetary policies and lead to the collapse of many leading banks in Travancore since the 1930s.

This lead to a huge financial crunch in the economy.

Though this was a very challenging environment, for Muthoot, they saw a huge opportunity by initiating the concept of Gold Loan.

Most of the middle-class Malayalees do have gold in their homes as Malayalees are heavily attached to the yellow metal.

In times of distress, its often used to meet the ends.

Untill 1939, most of the gold loans were handled by local goldsmiths and scrupulous moneylenders.

There was no surety about the gold and its safety.

Muthoot offered a secured-safe environment for those who want to pledge/mortgage gold which was its key selling point and was first among to offer such quality service.

,That business clicked and there was no looking back for Muthoot.

Today Muthoot finance is Indiau2019s largest Gold Loan based NBFC and one of Indiau2019s super brand in NBFC sector.

Muthoot Financeu2019s key business is Gold Loans and as per many estimates, its the worldu2019s largest Gold loan focused NBFC with a revenue of more than Rs 30,000 crore (USD 5 Billion).

Muthoot Finance holds more than 150 Tonnes of Gold in its kitty.

,Infact Keralau2019s 3 brands (Muthoot-Red, Muthoot Blue and Manapuram) hold more than 47% of Indiau2019s Gold loan NBFC business and these companies hold Gold reserves more than the sovereign gold reserves of Australia, Sweden or Singapore.

So essentially the bread and butter of these companies is Gold mortgages made by common man,The company rapidly grew in a period of time.

Especially in 1970s when Gulf migration started and banks were nationalized in India.

Most of the ordinary men who were scouting for a chance to migrate used to pledge/mortgage their familyu2019s little gold at these NBFCs to raise money to obtain visas.

As banks were nationalized, most of them became too bureaucratic and very hard for people in lower strata and middle class to secure small personal loans.

Thus people had to depend on NBFCs like Muthoot despite of their higher interest rates and the shorter repayment period.

The subsequent Gulf boom fuelled a huge growth of these kinds of NBFCs as everyone regularly needs money for various consumerist activities and gold loans became the easiest option.

The gulf money fuelled more consumption of Gold and with more accumulated gold wealth, they convert themselves as an easy way to obtain short term loans.

That time, to get a personal loan from a bank was almost getting a US Visa of today.

So everyone went with these kinds of NBFCs.

,This pushed a rapid scale of expansion of Muthoot in 80s-90s.

The Muthoot family got divided into three business groups and all these three were into these Gold loan business.

However, the Red Muthoot became the largest and widespread operations.

In a time frame of 20 years, they opened more than 900 branches just in Kerala which shows the scale of operations Muthoot had untill 2000s.

Thousands or ten thousands of employees were recruited across various branches and Muthoot almost reached to its zenith.

,,So whats exactly is the problemThe problem here is a very large section of its employees of Muthoot, especially in Mid and lower levels are heavily underpaid.

Muthoot, like any Indian NBFC, doesnu2019t offer even a decent pay to its employees.

Practically they donu2019t bother much on employee welfare or growth etc.

Most of its employees are just meant to work for a few years and leave the organization.

But even those who have decades of service are never paid according to their experience.

And the company has no clear cut HR policies like Promotion policy, appraisal system, training development etc.

,But that was very much okay when it was operating as a pure single proprietorship entity in past.

Muthoot over years became a corporate giant.

And in 2008, it got listed in BSE and one of the forerunners among financial companies of India.

,But this change from a single proprietor entity to a listed company hasnu2019t been seen in its HR policies.

That still remains old fashioned.

The last pay revision came almost 15 years back,Salary Slip of a Service Assistant (a term used for Customer relationship executive in Muthoot Finance).

This person was working for 13 years in the company, yet his pay including all benefits is just 11,000 Rs, far below the official Minimum wage rate fixed by Kerala Govt.

A labourer in street earns more than 700 Rs per day, but a white-collar executive earning less than 370 Rs per day.

A news report that came recently how the majority of Muthoot employees in Kerala earns very low salariesu2026 There are people who have 27 years work experience in Muthoot, earning just 17K (before all deductions).

A Malayalam documentary how Muthoot Employees forced to strike with very low salary and how the employment conditions affected themThis poor pay structure has to lead many senior-long serving employees to feel frustrated.

So as part of pushing a collective bargaining system, these employees formed a Union (Muthoot Finance Employees Union) affiliated to CITU to seek collective action.

,But that hasnu2019t gone well with Muthoot Management and repulsive action came against those people who formed a union.

Last 2 years, they been into active talks with Management to resolve the issues, but nothing much seems to happen.

Though they formed HR restructuring plans, its yet to be implemented.

,This lead to the strike for the last 2 weeks.

,,Why Muthoot is not implementing any HR restructuring plans?,Two simple reasons,Its top management is still ruled by Muthoot family who still runs as an old-styled family enterprise rather than a corporate company with clear cut HR concepts or employee development etc.

,The biggest reason specific to Kerala- Muthoot sees no future in Kerala operations as its the market share and revenue share is declining in Kerala Market.

Why so?,Rapid Growth of Banking activities in KeralaUnlike the growth in the 1990s, things came to a rapid halt since the 2000s.

It was a period of increase in Private banks culture with the rise of ICICI, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, Kotak etc at the national level.

At Kerala level, many coop banks became modernized and started aggressive expansion operations.

This period also saw an extraordinary expansion of nationalized and private banks in Kerala.

,Keralau2019s traditional banking majors- The Federal Bank, CSB, South Indian Bank and Dhanlaxmi also revamped its operations aggressively.

For example, Federal Bank was literally on an expansion drive and by now, its one among top 10 Banks of India.

South Indian Bank which was once so limited and conservative traditional bank, all of the sudden became a new-gen bank with massive Pan Kerala/South India expansion.

So as CSB and Dhanlaxmi.

,In last 19 years, Kerala achieved an extraordinary banking penetration.

Infact Kerala is Indiau2019s most banked state with a branch in every remote corner of the state.

Its also Indiau2019s first Financial literate state nd the first state in India to achieve 91% financial inclusion rate and reaching 100% soon.

,Now this is the real threat which Muthoot facingUntill 2000s, most of the common man used to depend on Muthoot or similar NBFCs for personal loans.

A common man who is in dire needs to pay hospital bills may think of pledging their golden chain or bangle in Muthoot for few days to get a loan.

These NBFCs used to provide loan within 24 hours, unlike banks which used to take more than 3u20135 working days.

,But with rapid changes in the banking sector, most of the Banks aggressively ventured into Gold loans.

If anyone walks around any bank in Kerala, they always notice huge banners and posters highlighting Quick Gold Loan.

Almost all banks have trained their employees in checking the quality of gold and issuing a personal loan.

As opening a bank account became so quick these days (unlike huge formalities of 1990s), gold loans from banks became instant.

,A branch of CSB Bank where one can see the ads of Quick Gold loans highlighted prominently.

Federal Bank offers many innovative schemes for faster Gold loans systemsAnd its damn cheap too.

Banks offer gold loans for 10u201311% per annum contrary to Muthootu2019s 12u201326% per month/tenure basis.

And the repayment flexibility is very high for banks.

They offer upto 1 year and even extendable unlike Muthootu2019s shorter period with heavy penalties.

,In short, most of these NBFCs in Kerala acquired a popular nickname- Blade Companies, due to their higher interest/processing rates which actually slices the financial capacity of people who got loans.

,This new option of faster, easier and cheaper gold loans throu2019 banks and coops pushed Muthoot and similar NBFCs to lose its sheen,Rise of Competitive NBFCMuthoot Finance is also threatened by rise of many Gold Loan NBFC brands across Kerala.

These entities which were once family enterprise also rose to prominence in the last 2 decades following Muthootu2019s footsteps.

Entities like Kosamattam, KLM Axiva and many such entities are widely expanding across Kerala and these have resulted in heavy competition and eating much of Muthootu2019s traditional share,Many of other popular Gold Loan NBFC who are aggressively promoting themselves which has reduced Muthootu2019s market base in KeralaRise of new quick finance options.

Muthoot Gold loans lost its sheen in the last 2 decades primarily because of the rise of alternate quick loans concept.

Be it in the form of credit cards, private personal loans, EMI oriented at-store purchase options like Bajaj Finance etc.

This has reduced the demand for Gold Loans as gold is primarily an emotional asset and in most of the families, they prefer to save gold from the mortgage, if other options are available.

,Loss of other business streamsMuthoot Finance in last one decade tried to reduce the loss of revenue throu2019 diversifying into other options like white label ATMs (Private ATMs), money transfer, foreign exchange, housing finance and similar.

,But none of these pushed their revenue in Kerala primarily because these options are plenty in the state.

So essentially it didnu2019t work out much in favour of Muthootu2019s new business options.

,All these factors reduced Muthootu2019s Kerala profitability.

The business of Muthoot sharply fell from 10% to 4% in the last 9 years.

Remember in the 1990s, Kerala market contributed more than 60%+ for Muthoot group.

,So as Muthoot sharply expanded its base outside Kerala which has more opportunities today.

For example, Muthoot is aggressively focused in NCR belt as much of the rural areas of UP/Haryana area have no much banking access.

Its one key reason Muthoot now aggressively uses Amitab Bachan as its brand ambassador and sponsor Delhi based teams in various matches to make a strong connect locally.

,So as they are aggressively expanding in other markets of South particularly TN, Telangana, AP, Karnataka etc, especially the rural areas where banking penetration is low.

,Muthoot Financeu2019s new brand Ambassador- Amithab Bachan with aggressive Hindi ads and Hindi taglines focus the major shift of Muthoot Finance to focus primarily in North Indian markets, particularly the rural belt.

Muthoot was the brand sponsor for IPL Delhi Daredevils untill recentlyMuthoot became title sponsors for IPL Chennai Super Kings primarily because of its fan base across South and Central India.

Having a person like Dhoni as a brand ambassador helps to expand the brand so widely across India even in rural side.

So as they became the title sponsors for Indian Kabbadi League because Kabbadi League was more watched in the rural side than urban areas.

,Coming to the current crisis in Kerala, I donu2019t think Muthoot is closing down its business because of trade union problems.

Infact Muthoot has trade union only for last 2 years and not any major strike or lockouts.

Its now only such a thing happened because of the extreme frustration of its employees.

,Muthoot Management seems to be playing well for an honourable exit from Kerala.

They cannot simply close down the business or reduce business in Kerala overnight as it will affect their ratings as well as their share values in the stock exchange.

That would send very wrong signals to the investors.

,It seems to me, they are using a traditional double game approach as done by textile mill owners to shift a factory by pushing existing employees to strike and appoint new employees who demand right to work, so as to create a clash environment and using that opportunity to project as unsustainable atmosphere for business conduct.

This would save them from an image of exiting business due to lack of profitability.

,Its so evident that Muthoot representatives are refusing any sort of talks with the agitating unions or district labour officials.

Its so unrealistic to say nearly 300 offices getting closed down just because of a 15-day strike.

,Its so suprising, Muthoot even refused to attend a meeting called by Kerala High Courtu2019s Arbitration Council.

When the employees did a strike in 2018 Dec, Muthoot group went to court to seek legal means to declare the strike illegal, which the court didnu2019t oblige.

Instead, they referred to Arbitration Council to resolve the crisis and they called a meeting twice which Muthoot refused to participate.

So as even a meeting called by State Labour Minister last day was ignored by the management and the meeting postponed to another date in the near future.

And the crisis is still going on as no kind of legal deliberations happening between Management and striking employees.

,Muthoot protest: Truce meeting called by Minister fails as management fails to show upWhy scores of employees of Muthoot Finance in Kerala have risen in protest,Where Employees went wrong?I feel, there is a mistake from the side of employees too.

While I donu2019t condemn their right to strike and their right for collective bargaining, they did a major mistake by forming a union affiliated to a political trade union.

Political trade unions work better in organized sector and in the government sector.

In a private establishment where the employment engagement is primarily based on hire-fire mode with no permanent job security system, a political oriented trade union makes little effective.

,The more grave situation is politicization of employees concerns.

While employees have a serious set of concerns and issues which they need to get redressed throu2019 collective action, by associating with CITU, they almost got a political color.

The opponents of CPM in Kerala have heavily used this incident to attack the government and the party to project it as Anti-Industrial etc.

If we look social media pages, most of the right-wingers in Kerala are highlighting this matter to such a large extent to taint their political rivals - the left party (which is natural in politics) In short, the topic is now discussed more as an ANTI-LEFT POLITICS rhetorics than a serious HR issue faced by its employees.

,Screenshots of a fake video (an old dated video) that became viral yesterday heavily circulated and propagated by RSS/BJP leaders.

The video shows 2u20133 men entering into a branch and dragging a lady in the counter, which was shown as an event happened yesterday in a Muthoot branch by CITU leaders to shut down the office.

Even former DGP of Kerala (who recently joined BJP) along with many others were prominent in sharing the fake video to discredit their political opponents.

The video and post was removed once they realized it was fake.

But it made its purpose as it widely reached many who many not aware, it was a fake video.

This kind of politically oriented propaganda has hijacked the professional crisis of its employeesAnother problem is that, once the strike came under CITUu2019s banners, many party workers got into the strike who are unrelated to the issue.

We can see many local CITU leaders who have no direct connection with employees in the agitation.

Whats more irritating is to see CITUu2019s headload workers (mostly goons) trying to give a sort of protection to the striking employees? How come Headload workers involved in an agitation associated with NBFC Employees?,Headload workers getting involved in a strike associated with a strike of white collar workersAnother problem is that, a lot of petty leaders of CITU got involved in this crisis.

They are power-arrogant and works in typical strike pattern as done with government bodies.

If you are doing a dharna in a govt office, its very likely you block entry of those who are ready to work and sometimes scuffles etc may happen which public doesnu2019t care at all.

After all, its been a pattern for a long time.

But doing the same pattern in a private office gives very WRONG SIGNALS to private investors.

If one has to strike in a private enterprise, it needs more creative ways, unlike the 60s-70s style pattern.

By doing so, CITU has alienated many middle-class working professionals in supporting the just cause of the employees.

,Coupled with strong propaganda unleashed by Right-wingers, most of the common middle-class people do think this strike is WRONG without seeing the plight of the employees.

So essentially the employees need to be blamed as they literarily gave politics to hijack their professional crisis.

Thirdly, I think there should be an understanding of working mode of private enterprises.

Employment pattern in Private enterprises cannot be driven in old-styled public employment concepts.

Yes, the staff of Muthoot are highly underpaid much like many other NBFCs.

But it is something known to all.

No one believes Muthoot will pay like State Bank of India or Tata Capital etc.

So the primary purpose of employment in companies like Muthoot should be building experience and identify newer avenues of growth, rather believing in old styled employment concept of sticking to one company untill retirement.

Its where many senior employees lost the plot.

They continued working with Muthoot for years for a pittance and never scouted for opportunities elsewhere (or probably never got so).

,So essentially doing an old-fashioned lock-down strike only ruined their image as Muthoot who were intending to reduce Kerala operations, got valid excuse at expenses of this strike.

In short this strike helped Muthoot Finance more than its employees.

,,Anyways, Muthootu2019s reduced operations have not much to do with this strike, but essentially they got a perfect valid cover-up/justification in name of so and thereby created a bad name for Keralau2026