What is your biggest u201conly in Chinau201d moment?

Floating lantern festival called

Transport during the Spring Festival(u6625u8fd0)This is the largest seasonal migration of human beings,About 3 billion people a year join the operation.

,It is equivalent to moving the total population of Africa, Europe, America and Oceania once.

12306, Chinas largest railway ticket sales website, uses Alibabas servers.

,This year, Alibaba easily handled the traffic of the double 11 Shopping Festival, but when faced with the traffic of the Spring Festival, it collapsed.

,You can see the sea of humanity crowded airport.

,There are also bus stations full of people.

,Of course, as the most important mode of transportation in China, railway.

There are so many people there that you faint.

,Once upon a time, there was a joke about the train of Spring Festival: I spent 20 minutes climbing to the toilet of the train and found that the washbasin was full of peopleu2026ud83dude0c,Those who cant buy tickets, even in their own motorcycles, start a long journey of thousands of kilometers.

,Why do Chinese people want to go home during the Spring Festival? This culture is really different from the West.

Since ancient times, Spring Festival is a festival for agricultural civilization to celebrate the arrival of spring.

It means the recovery of everything and the beginning of agricultural production on the earth.

,Therefore, as the lunar new year, it has always been the most important festival in the hearts of Chinese people.

Since the reform and opening up in 1978, the Spring Festival and the Transport during the Spring Festival have been linked.

In 1978, Chinas urban population was only 78.

39 million.

,With the beginning of urbanization, hundreds of millions of young people from rural areas come to work in cities every year.

,Chinas rapid urbanization has produced a large floating population,Some of them choose to settle down, some return to their hometown and continue to travel between the city and the countryside.

But they all have one thing in common -- to visit their hometown during the Spring Festival.

,They often choose to purchase new years products, buy large packages of gifts, and bring their new lovers / newly married lovers / children.

Embark on a journey home to visit parents, children (There are some children left in their hometownu7559u5b88u513fu7ae5), and family and friends.

,They set out in the early morning.

No fear even in the cold.

Whether they finally become rich or continue to work hard.

Home is their biggest concern.

You can see many touching moments on the way to the Spring Festival.

,Happy mother and son, they feel happy to return home.

,Soldiers and their girlfriends, one year apart, had a small wedding on the platform of the station.

,Remember to call! Baby,Armed police carrying injured people.

,Tired people, they never give up the belief of going home.

,The high-speed railway attendant, after finishing his last work, rushes home at the last moment of the new year.

(millions of railway attendants in China serve the Spring Festival transport every year, they often cant go home at all, and they cant see their family),Its worth it to be home.

,Family reunion dinner.

,Then the family happily wrapped the dumplings and waited for the new year.

,On New Years morning, set off firecrackers.

,You can find that no matter how fast time goes by, Chinese peoples concern for home will not change at all.

,1990su2191 2019u2193Once upon a time, there was a very popular song, which spread all over China.

Its name was often go home to have a look.

,In primary school textbooks, there is a nursery rhyme describing the Spring Festival in this way:u7a97u5916u7684u6708u513fu5706u53c8u5706uff0c(Chuang wai yue er yuan you yuan),the moon outside the window is round and round,,u5168u5bb6u6b22u805au5403u6c64u5706u3002(Quan jia huan ju chi tang yuan),the whole family gets together to eat Tangyuan,,u6b63u6708u5341u4e94u5143u5bb5u8282uff0c(Zheng yue shi wu yuan xiao jie),the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month,,u5bb6u5bb6u6237u6237u5e86u56e2u5706u3002(jia jia hu hu qing tuan yuan),and families celebrate the reunion.

,In ancient China, there is a poem describing the spring festival like this:the old year has passed in the sound of firecrackers, drinking Tusu wine in the warm spring breeze.

,The rising sun is shining on thousands of families.

They all take down the old Taofu and replace it with a new one.

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Delta variant: Which Asian countries are seeing rising cases?By Reality Check teamnBBC News,The Delta variant is contributing to a rapid rise in Covid cases in parts of Asia causing a severe strain on health infrastructure in some countries.

Vaccinations rates are relatively low in many Asian countries, leading to fears the virus will continue to spread.

,What has happened to case numbers?The Delta variant has been identified in at least 132 countries worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

,It has been described as the most transmissible of the variants identified so far by the WHO.

,In Asia, a number of countries, including some which were relatively successful in containing the coronavirus last year, have seen sharply rising cases.

,China is seeing a fresh outbreak in some provinces, the largest in the country for some months.

And Japan, currently hosting the Olympics, is in the midst of a dramatic increase in case numbers.

,But Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam have also all been experiencing sharp increases.

,Malaysia,Malaysia has now become one of the hotspots in Asia, and saw a record of 17,786 new cases on 31 July and daily deaths at a record high of 219 on 2 August.

The country has been experiencing shortages of beds, ventilators and oxygen.

Despite being in lockdown, some citizens have taken to the streets to protest at the governments handling of the http://pandemic.

At the end of June, around 70% of the samples sequenced in Malaysia were linked to the Delta variant, according to Our World in Data.

The proportion of Malaysians fully vaccinated is higher than in some of its neighbours - but is still at only 21% of the population.

,Bangladesh,Bangladesh, which has a long border with India, has experienced an upward trend in cases since mid-May.

The Delta variant was detected in 100% of the tests sequenced in the country up to 12 July.

Amid rising cases, the country had lifted curbs and lockdown ahead of a major religious festival in JULY.

IT re-imposed a stricter lockdown after the festivities, but has relaxed it again.

July saw the highest number of cases and deaths since the pandemic began.

Although it was earlier than many other countries in starting vaccinations, the rollout in Bangladesh has generally been slow.

,People return to the capital, Dhaka, as restrictions easeIn April, Bangladesh was forced to suspend vaccinations because exports of the AstraZeneca vaccine from India were halted.

The rollout has now resumed with supplies of Chinas Sinopharm and the Pfizer vaccine provided through the global Covax vaccine sharing scheme.

Less than 3% of the population of Bangladesh had been fully vaccinated as of 1 August.

,People return to the capital, Dhaka, as restrictions ease,Hospitals in Thailand are overwhelmed,Thailand,The countrys daily cases and deaths were at a record high on 31 July.

The recent rise in cases and deaths in Thailand has been attributed in part to the Delta variant.

The Thai government recently said that 60% of cases were linked to the Delta variant with the figure as high as 80% in the capital, Bangkok.

,The country had recently opened up to tourists, but the government has now announced strict curbs which will be imposed from 3 to 19 August in 29 provinces.

Health officials have said that 90% of hospital beds in Bangkok and 80% of beds nationwide are occupied, and the authorities are keeping increasing numbers of people in isolation at home if they have mild or no symptoms.

,Hospitals in Thailand are overwhelmedVaccination rates have also remained low with at least 25 vaccination centres shutting due to shortages of vaccine supplies.

Only a little over 5% of the population was fully vaccinated as of 25 July.

,Pakistan,Case numbers have been rising sharply as the country undergoes another coronavirus surge, fuelled in part by the Delta variant.

At the end of May, about a third of cases sequenced during the previous two weeks were recorded as being the Delta variant.

The exact spread of the variant is difficult to map as Pakistan does not have the capacity to do lots of sequencing of coronavirus tests.

The UK is offering support to Pakistan and other countries so that they can carry out more sequencing.

Some parts of the country have imposed lockdowns, but Pakistan has low levels of vaccination, allowing the virus to spread more easily.

Less than 3% of the population is fully vaccinated.

,Vietnam has put restrictions in place in Ho Chi Minh and other cities,Vietnam,The country had managed to keep Covid-19 under control through testing, effective contact tracing and border restrictions until April this year when the Delta variant was detected.

Until early July, Vietnam had reported less than 100 deaths since the start of the pandemic in 2020, but that had risen to more than 1,300 by 1 August.

,Vietnam has put restrictions in place in Ho Chi Minh and other citiesAround 85% of total coronavirus cases were reported in just the last month.

The health minister recently said that that the Delta variant was destroying all anti-pandemic achievements - but it is unclear how many cases are linked to the Delta variant.

Despite restrictions in place, cases continue to rise, with Ho Chi Minh City the worst affected area.

The vaccination programme has moved very slowly with only 0.

68% of the population fully vaccinated as of 1 August.

What particular term is used for sky lantern

This is what the Earth looks like from space when there are no fireworks happening:,And here is what it looks like when there are fireworks.

Can you see the difference?,No? Thats because the amount of air pollution caused by fireworks is minuscule in comparison to the size of the atmosphere and given how infrequently they occur, it really doesnt matter, so just sit back and enjoy the dazzling light show.

,If you are worried about pollution, make a New Years Resolution to help do something about pollution that does matter, like this:,or this,or this,Edit:,Ok, so some has asked in the comments for some more stats to back up this answer.

To be fair, the person asking in the comments has a point - my answer could be more rounded, sou2026,Fireworks do produce a significant amount of short-term air pollutants including smoke, burnt and unburt chemicals or metals.

These pollutants come in the form of potentially dangerous micro-particulate matter, graded PM10 or below (pollen and dust is in the category of PM10, for example, at less than 10 microns in diameter.

Some of the pollutants from fireworks are PM2.

5, which is particularly nasty for your lungs if you breathe it in).

,The biggest contributor to particulate pollutants is potassium nitrate, which makes up three quarters of a typical firework.

After the fireworks has burned, potassium carbonate remains.

Potassium carbonate has been used in the past in much greater quantities as a fertiliser and to protect crops from frost damage.

,Health officials warn against directly inhaling the smoke produced by fireworks.

This is not usually a problem during major firework displays because the explosions happen high enough and with enough wind to blow smoke away from crowds of watchers.

,When measuring air pollutants on a daily basis, you will see a significant spike on the day of a major fireworks show.

However, the impact is localised to a very small area, so is not considered material from the perspective of the total planet.

According to one article by Forbes on this issue, the July 4th fireworks probably contribute to less than 0.

01% of global anthropogenic atmospheric pollution on that one day.

Further, since major fireworks shows are usually very infrequent, the impact on the environment is only minor in the medium to long term.

,So, in short:,Fireworks do pollute, adding dangerous particulates to the air and poisonous metals and chemicals that fall to the ground,These emissions should not be inhaled, but,The effect is very short lived, and,It occurs on such a small scale that it is not considered a significant pollution issue (less than 0.

01% of global air pollutants).

,So I still hold that fireworks should be enjoyed and we should focus on the more pressing environmental issues.

Laser shows can be thrilling too, so there is still a place for those also.