How much do flight attendants make?

Flight Attendant salary

I work for United.

,The pay varies depending on how much you work.

Each flight attendant is given a schedule of 80-95 hours a month which can be traded and built upon depending how much youd like to work.

Some people give away their hours (trips) and have the ability to drop down to 0 hours a month and others like to pick up more and can work as much is legally allowed within the FAA guidelines (the most Ive seen is 250 per month).

,A flight attendant starts out earning $20.

45 and gets a pay raise each year until their 16th year where they top out at $52.


The pay starts when the flight door closes and stops when it opens at the end of the flight.

They are not paid for boarding, deplaning, delays or anything else outside that time.

There might be a day where the crew is on duty for 14 hours and only gets paid for 5 hours.

,They also get per diem for each hour they are away from their base: 1.

50 (domestically) 2.

50 (internationally).

An extra .

50 per hour is earned during night flights, 1.

00 for galley position, 2.

00 for service manager and 5.

50 for international service manager.

once a flight attendant has flown a certain amount of hours per quarter they start to receive incentive pay: an additional 5.

00 per hour.

(As per Sub-co contract),I am in my 9th year, have worked full time for 3 months, took 4 months off and worked part time the rest of the year and have earned 38,000.

What do flight attendants do after landing

I can only speak to my experience.

,After the passengers deplane, we do an after landing check for anything they left behind, if so the items get handed off to ground staff and we just leave.

,Pickup luggage like everyone.

,Customs and immigration like everyone.

,Crew bus takes us to hotel.

,Check in and collect allowance (for us in cash in local currency),Depends on my tummy sometimes I go out and get a quick bite, back to hotel then shower and sleep.

,If I have some place to go, then depends on time (if they are opened) or how tired I am, might sleep first then go out later or the other way around.

,Generally at outports (we only had 2 so itu2019s all very routine) I just go out to stock up on groceries and makeup or whatever I canu2019t get at home.

More times I just sleep.

Flight attendant career path

Become the on-board in-flight service manager.

(u201cThe buck stops hereu201d.

),Become a trainer in the f/a school.

,Become the airlineu2019s cabin-services supervisor.

Senior flight Attendant job description

I had just hired on with one of the major east coast airlines and was flying the right seat on a 727 200.

We were in route from Miami to LaGuardia.

It was a redeye and as you would expect a very boring trip.

Somehow the subject of the aircraftu2019s capabilities came up and as we had a green second officer the captain, who will remain nameless and I started weaving those exaggerated stories to bring shock and awe to the new guy.

As this conversation and the bull got deeper, the subject of aerobatics came up.

The captain was in the lead and I was just following along in support.

You always supported your captain.

He started talking about how any airplane was capable of certain aerobatic maneuvers as long as you maintained a one G loading and were smooth.

I gave him a sideways glance knowing that he was really letting the bull get deep, and I said under my breath that I was glad I was wearing my boots but if this continued Id need my waders.

,Now I have to give you a little description of what was going on in the back.

As I said it was a redeye and the stewardesses, and yes thats what they were called back then, were serving coffee and snacks.

Not peanuts but red velvet cake.

They were going about their regular routine.

Most of the windows were closed and the lights were up of course.

,Back to the cockpit.

,As this conversation continued the new guy was starting to call the captainu2019s bluff.

The captain asked him how much he had in his pocket and the bet was on.

,The captain asked me to take the plane so I shook the stick and was now doing what I loved the most.

Flying the airplane.

I looked over and he had the flight manual out and was intensely reading.

He then took the aircraft back and made the statement that he could barrel roll the airplane without anyone ever noticing.

At this I called BS, I said that I needed a snorkel even to breathe.

At this point he gently pushed up the throttles climbed a bit, then pushed the nose over to .

9 mach and preformed a perfect barrel roll at 35,000 ft.

Now he did this without spilling a drop of coffee or sliding a peace of cake onto the floor.

He preformed a perfect 1 g barrel roll.

I decided it was time to relieve myself so, in somewhat of a daze I pushed the seat back and went to the lavatory.

As I entered the cabin I expected to see some sort of commotion but to my surprise everyone was going about their regular routine as if nothing had happened.

When I had finished and the shaking of my body had settled, I asked the senior stewardess to bring three cups of black coffee to the cockpit when she had a chance.

She looked at me, and I could tell something was bothering her and I thought I knew what it was.

I asked her if she was okay, and she just nodded.

I went back to work.

A few minutes later she came in with the coffee.

Now normally she would spend a few minutes chatting but this time she handed us to cups and left.

The remainder of the flight was uneventful and we landed five minutes early.

,A couple of weeks went by and I hadnt seen anything of either the new guy or the captain.

I had moved into the left seat and was now flying a midwest route.

I received a call from the chief pilot, and he wanted to meet with me, so we set up a time and place.

When we met we sat down across from each other and stared at each other.

I thought it was a review since my promotion.

I was wrong.

He related a report that was filed by a senior stewardess about an unexplainable occurrence.

I asked what that might be.

The chief pilot then told me that on a particular redeye flight from Miami and LaGuardia while serving coffee and cake she happened to look out an open window and noticed that she could see lights above and to the right of the airplane.

Now this was unusual because the coast was of course to the left and below.

I asked what the captain and second officer had said and they blamed it on what must have been an odd reflection of some type.

I agreed and that was how the report read.

,A few years later I heard that there had been an investigation into the captain and he had been dismissed for not having a pilotu2019s license no less any kind of type ratings.

You see, he had flown B 17s in Europe during WWII.

After the war he applied for a job and the carrier assumed he was fully credentialed, proving the old adage that assumption is the mother of all screwups.

He had worked for the airline for over 30 years.

,Yes that was a flight that was close to the top of my most memorable flight list.

But I know that you can barrel roll a 727.

Flight Attendant job description pdf

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Flight attendant skills

Keep in mind that the primary role of the flight attendant is to ensure passenger safety, not serve drinks.



Its why I find the term air hostess that seems to be frequently used in Asia to be rather offensive.

,But to focus on the specific qualities and abilities needed to be an FA (not in any priority order, but some are more important than others):n,Enthusiastic,Friendly,Takes pride in personal appearance,Great people skills,Able to take control in emergency situations ,Loves customer service,Loves to fly,Speaks other languages,Does not have domestic encumbrances that would unduly impact their work schedule availability ,nIn the US at least, flight attendant positions are very highly coveted, and are therefore very hard to get.

Some have noted that its easier to get into Harvard than get an FA job.

Flight Attendant duties and responsibilities Resume

CHANNEL ID FOR MORE UPDATES,ANDING RESPONSIBILITIESKeeping a check on the stock of duty free good.

,If any articles are lost and found, making a list for the same.

,Forming a list of cash and stock left after the landing of each flight.

,SKILLS NEEDEDBecoming an air hostess requires specific set of skills to ensure that passengers receive the bets of the best during their fight time.

The skill required include but are not limited to the following:,A positive attitude,Team player,Good appearance,Calm and composed,Sense of responsibility,Language proficiency,Pleasant voice and personality,Communication and interpersonal skills,Working under stress,ELIGIBILITY /QUALIFICATIONS FOR BECOMING AN AIR HOSTESSThe candidate needs to have the following in order to be eligible to work with an airline:,Age Bar: Between the age group of 18 u2013 26 years.

,Height requirements: A minimum height of 157.

5centimeters is required with proportionate weight.

,Marital status: Unmarried or married (depends on the airline),Eye Sight: A normal vision of 6/6 or 6/24 is required in both the eyes,Language: Should have mastery in spoken English and other languages as required,Passport: Should be eligible for an Indian passport,Medical fitness: Should be medically fit,Complexion: Fair to clear complexion,Education: Any graduate degree or a 10+2 degree in hospitality,COURSES FOR BECOMING AN AIR HOSTESSThere are various institutes which offer certificate course, diploma and degree programs which can take one, a few steps further in becoming an airhostess.

These course focus on imparting a vast number of skill in field including emergency management, catering training, navigations skills and more.

,CERTIFICATE COURSESThese course can be taken for a period of one year after finishing +2 in any recognized field.

These include: