What do pirates look like?

what do pirates look like in real-life

Just look in a mirror thats what pirates look like no peg leg and parrot no eye patch.

Thats Hollywood.

Somali pirates

I am not a journalist, just an observer of stuff.

,So heres a perspective on Somali pirates.

,Somalia is on the Eastern border of Africa.

nIt is a failed state, which essentially means the central government has collapsed.

So, there are several warlords running the country.

,Now, important thing to notice here is Gulf of Aden which borders Yemen and Somalia is a very very important trade route for the countries like India and China.

If not for Gulf of Aden through the Red Sea, the ships would have to cover a full circle across the African continent to reach Europe.

Also, Yemen is a strife-torn country.

It borders the gulf of Aden.

And, Yemen has entered the piracy league too.

Double trouble for ships.

n,,nSo, coming back.

n Somali pirates have adopted the retire early and rich policy by looting the ships that cross this trade route or are found near their waters.

Loot a lot of money and retire.


,As I said, Gulf of Aden is a heavy trade route.

So ship looting means big money for the pirates.

,nThey attack the ships they sight, capture them and hold them captive on the Somalia coast demanding hefty ransom.

Somali pirates have become so courageous that recently they were found very near to Indian waters far away from the Somalia coast.

As a consequence China and India, with international permission, carry out a joint navy operation in the Arabian Sea and attack any pirate ship sighted.

What do pirates do

Pirates did what all sailors did in those days: watched out for other ships as they sailed from one port to another.

Of course, as much as you want to find a merchant ship to rob, you really want to avoid naval vessels and other pirates.

The best place to find a merchant to raid is a day or two from a u201cdestinationu201d port, along a common trade route.

You would be more likely run into conflict with a naval vessel if you waited near an u201coriginu201d port, meaning a place where manufactured goods are loaded for shipment to some foreign market.

On the way back from the u201cdestinationu201d port, merchant ships would be loaded with whatever was used to pay for the manufactured goods.

What are pirates

If youu2019re talking about traditional pirates like those in Hollywood movies, they likely used flintlock muskets, a smooth bore muzzle loaded firearm that used black powder and often a .

50 cal round ball projectile.

Before flintlock these muskets used matchlock firing mechanisms.

They likely also used black powder shotguns and pepperguns (multi-barrel guns).

Famous pirates

The Queen Annes Revenge, captained by Edward Teach aka Blackbeard.

History of pirates



org/wiki/A_General_History_of_the_Pyrates,a 1724 book published in Britain containing biographies of contemporary pirates,which was influential in shaping popular conceptions of pirates

pirates in real-life 2021

Yes were still here.

Sorry you havent seen many Goths in the real world, could also have something to do with quarantine and covid too.

Unless youve got a goth hot spot hang out near by, you probably wont see many around.

,Like all rebellious scenes, there are people who identify only during certain periods of their life, aka a phase.

Then there are those who want to represent the extreme self expression/ fashion side, but they struggle to be able to do it daily because of their jobs.

Theres nothing wrong with weekend warriors, in my opinion.

,Ive been an extreme icon in my area since I moved here in 1994, I just got more and more extreme as the years went by.

But I also decided a long time ago that no matter what I was going to be true to myself.

,At first, I actually use to HATE being called a u201cGothu201d, partially because Ive never been a fan of being labeled.

But sometime in my late 20s I stopped fighting the title and embraced.

,Last year a bunch of my personal photos were featured the Instagram account 1990s Mall Goth and after that I kept getting my personal logo photos were being snagged and uploaded to Pinterest, to other peoples Instagram accounts, etc.

For awhile it felt like every time I logged on a friend was sending me a screen shot of my pictures being used to promo some shop, and all kinds of crazy stuff.

,But in my area I was the first really extreme 90s style goth/punk type.

My old roommate use to call me a GOTH-UNK.

When asked what I called myself I told people I was a JEDI-PIRATE.

,In 1999 I was working at the mall in my city, i had been a manager of varying levels from 1998- 2006 at 3 different locations for Hot Topic and I was part of the original store opening staff here.

I was approached by the newspaper to be interviewed about,u201dWhat is Goth?u201d Because since my influence was catching on in the area mini mes were beginning to pop up all over, and I was inspiring other young people to explore their creative self expression and find themselves.

(I took/take this very seriously, and I tried to always be a positive influence especially on minors).

Back in the 90s a lot of extreme countercultural people were pretty angry, and you were likely to be met with heavy attitude from most.

,I was very tired of being stereotypes as mean , evil, angry, etc, that I made an extra effort to kill people with kindness.

This would prove to be an exercise in futility at times.

Its really hard to remain positive and nice when you are just trying to go to work and go home after, which was impossible without getting harassed CONSTANTLY.

,I would have rude and cruel things shouted at me, I would get things thrown at me like fast food, rocks, chewed gum, open cans of soda, eggs, etc.

People would constantly tell me I was going to hell, or that I was really ugly.

No one around here wore the unnatural contact lenses yet except me, and about every few seconds Id get asked if I was wearing contacts, and u201cdid that hurt?u201d To which I would have to ask for specificity.

As Ive got a full face of piercings (most of which are now old enough to be my adult children).

And loads of tattoos.

,Ive also been shaving off my eyebrows and rocking a mohawk since 1996 and both this things got me a lot of crap.

People would constantly speculate my gender within earshot of me, which actually got me to have a decent androgynous period.

,Also if i had even a quarter for all the people who think theyre really original telling me its not Halloween.

I aways get followed around like Im going to steal, I have been kicked out for looking like I do of places, ignored when waiting for service, propositioned as though Im a hooker, feared and hated for nothing but the sight of me.

,You can totally be a goth my baby bat!!! In was going to jokingly say, u201cyour membership card will be put in the mail.

(But then this inspired me to actually make goth subculture and other countercultural membership cards that Ill personalize and send on Fiverr.

As well as Ill make a video to deliver personal messages, and or a 5 u201410 min video chat for 5$,You near have seen me around before.

Feel free to hit me up on Instagram @sindollx666x and same on YouTube.

,I slap a couple of my pics that are all over the internet in the comments.

Were there pirates in the 1800s

Jean Lafitte - WikipediaPossibly caputuring ships with a legal letter of marque, possibly not.

,Piracy was always a foggy legal line and Francis Drake considered himself a hero but given the often absence of declared war the Spanish think he is a pirate.

,William Kidd - Wikipedia went from hunting for pirates to being hung as one.

,There continue to be pirates.