How much would it cost from Birmingham to Dubai in the Emirates A380 first class (in February 2020)?

How much is Emirates First Class to Dubai

How much would it cost from Birmingham to Dubai in the Emirates A380 first class (in February 2020)?What on earth is the point of asking this on Quora?,Please justify why you have not asked this question on the Emirates Airline website?

Emirates First Class price from India to Dubai

Some are just wealthy and can afford it.

,Most, I suspect, are like me.

I have never booked a first class seat, but have flown up front many times, upgraded because of my frequent flyer status.

,The quality of the seats and the service is noticeable, especially in Air Emirates, where you now get a private berth.

Singapore comes a close second.

,You might also check some of the discount business- and first-class services.

,I booked an around-the-world through one of them.

My flights went from San Francisco to Dubai, Dubai to Delhi, India.

From Delhi to Frankfurt, Germany, then back to S.


The first leg on Air Emirates was in first class.

The second leg was on Lufthansa, also in first class.

But the quality of seats and service on Emirates was far, far beyond what Lufthansa had to offer.

,A year later, I booked another trip through another discounter.

It went from S.


to Hong Kong, then to Bengaluru, India.

From there to Singapore, then Sydney, Australia and back to S.


This trip was all in business on Singapore and Air India.

The final leg was first class on United, where I was upgraded because of my status at the time as Global Services and a 1-million miler.

,Singapore outshines the others by a long mile.

Even business class in Singapore is at least equivalent to first class on United.

,Earlier this year, my wife and I flew business class to Mauritius via Dubai.

This flight takes about 30 hours door to door.

The Air Emirates business lounge in Dubai includes showers, hot meals, spacious lounges and best of all, private boarding onto the plane.

,This flight was also booked through a discounter at just about half the cost of Air Emirates regular business class price.

,It was definitely worth it.

Emirates First Class ticket price Dubai to London

Original Question: How much does a first class ticket in an Emirates A380 cost?Perhaps stating the obvious, that very much depends on where youu2019re flying to and from!,But as an example on a route Iu2019ve taken on several occasions, a first class return on an Emirates A380 from London Heathrow (LHR) to Sydney (SYD) via Dubai (DXB) leaving next week would cost me around GBP7,990.

In comparison, an economy ticket on the same flight would cost me around GBP1,130, around 1/7th the first class price.

,I said u2018aroundu2019 because thereu2019s a slight variation depending on day and time of dayu2026,Thanks for the A2A.

Emirates First Class cabin

Singapore Airlines.

And if you depart from Changi Airport, you have even more perks such as checking in from a private building exclusively for Suites and First Class passengers, exclusive channels through immigration and customs and lounge access where, if you are a Suites passenger, you have access to an internal lounge within the First Class lounge at Changiu2019s Silver Kris Lounge that even regular First Class passengers are excluded from.

Emirates First Class price from USA to Dubai

Im speaking from experience of international flights from Australia (to Europe and USA a few times, and New Zealand).

I always flew economy when I was in my 20s because I could just afford it.

Then in my 30s I saved up for longer and flew business and took less holidays, but its worth it for the lie flat bed which means Im well rested and can hit the ground running when I arrive.

Ive been upgraded to Emirates First Class twice- The first time was a surprise upgrade when I checked in from NZ to Sydney.

I loved the massage chair, the pod-seat with the closing doors, the silver service meal set up and the restaurant style menu to choose meals and drinks from, the fresh, tasty food, the HUGE bathroom, and the shower I got before arrival with heated floors to step out onto.

The service was nothing short of perfect.

The second time was an upgrade from Emirates Business Class when my passport was stolen in Rome and the insurance company sent me home from my holiday 3 weeks early with a big EMERGENCY stamp on my temporary passport.

The lounge in Dubai where I waited for my connecting flight had sleeping couches with blankets and the most amazing transit lounge (so huge and opulent!).

I loved it so much that Ive saved for even longer to go on my next trip and have bought First Class Emirates to London for a transatlantic cruise, then First Class Emirates back to Sydney from San Francisco.

The price difference is about $7000 over the economy fare, but the experience is truly priceless for what you get, and the way you feel when you step off the plane at the other end.

Business Class is great, but First Class is worth the 2 years of saving for me.

Emirates A380 First Class ticket price

The ticket prices depends on where you are going and where you are going, generally the first class tickets are very expensive and are opted by very few or really rich people.

,All the prices I am going to tell you are based on what was told to me by my agent(Thomas cooks).

I am going to tell you the prices which i inquired for a trip to Dubai from Delhi(29th May to 5th June).

So the prices were as follows:,These prices are for round trip,Economy class- it cost me around 23000 INR .

,Business class- 82000 INR.

,First class- 120,000 INR.

,So after i got to know about the price, I instantly chose Economy class.

,But yes once you should try the first class because its like the royal treatment and amenities in the sky (you could even take a shower and a bottle of champagne).

,I feel that going to a place in a first class is not a very good idea because you are getting a very cheap deal and that to for the same place and they also serve food (not as good as in first class).

When i first traveled in a first class I was super excited about that but at last i thought it was not a very nice idea as the money is earned with so hard work.

,So its better to invest your money in Other activities (sky diving, adventure park), the best is to spend in shopping.

,Choosing a very costly flight is good only for once a life time experience, same is with hotels as most of the time you would be exploring the city i=or the country and why to spend 10000u201315000 INR in hotel rooms when you could even get cheaper and you only have to sleep and use washroom, even cheap hotels have good services.

Emirates First Class bar

Emirates was still taking deliveries of the A380 in 2020 so it will probably be some time before they stop using them.

,In general though the operators of A380s will probably trim the first class cabin size and/or features in their smaller planes, probably the main one would be the shower which I rarely used anyway.

Having showers available on arrival would be a suitable compromise for many and you would get more than 5 minutes of hot water.

,As others have indicated the bars are a business class item, they would probably disappear as well or be smaller, this one on the Qatar A380u2019s is probably over the top.

,There is sufficient width in an A350 to provide most of the individual first class cabin features but you would have less of them.