Whatu2019s the film Dune about?

Scenery drawing easy and beautiful

5 stars with a caveat.

(no caveat now because Part 2 has been confirmed)If I have seen a more stunning movie I cannot remember it.

This movie makes Star Wars look like a joke.

The way they play with perspective is something to behold.

,You know how every movie shows the big CGI shots in the trailer, thatu2019s not the case with Dune.

Every 2 minutes there is a new scene that blows you away.

You can see the culture in how the buildings look and in how the scenery plays.

It exudes awe, terror, and beauty at all times.

,Then we get to the action scenes.

They are not jumpy or hard to follow, nor are they muddled or cheesy.

Each action scene is easy to follow, thrilling, and a visual treat.

,Denis Villeneuve is miles beyond exceptional as a director.

He is truly the best director working today with prior movies like Sicario, Prisoners, Blade Runner 2049, and Arrival.

I would say Dune is his best work yet.

Itu2019s no small feat to adapt a book as complex as Dune to the u201csilver screenu201d so skillfully.

,Adding to the visuals is the music of Hans Zimmer which is at its best maybe ever.

The orchestra swells as the scene plays out, giving you goosebumps and drawing you into the moment.

Each moment of the movie- from the dark to the light are perfectly accompanied by perhaps the best soundtrack since the original Star Wars films.

,The characters were fantastic in this movie.

You have the young and somewhat lost Paul played by Timothee Chalamet, the hardened Gurney played by Josh Brolin, the loyal Duncan played by Jason Momoa, and the deformed monster Baron Harkonnen played by Stellen Skarsgard.

Everyone delivers a top-tier performance.

,Now the story is good.

I worried that the pure scope of Dune lore would be too much.

I feared the film would either ignore most of the lore or cram too much of it in making the film clumsy.

Somehow, neither happens.

Dune includes all the important lore bits that make it so fantastic and yet it feels natural and real.

,There are no holes in the story at all nor are there any moments that make you think u201cwhat?u201d.

Everything fits nicely and the story itself is very engaging.

,There is 1 issue- this is part 1 of 2 and it feels like it.

Instead of being like the Avengers and making each movie feel like a complete film and also a part of a large series- this movie very much is part 1 of multiple parts.

,The film ends with a cliffhanger and virtually nothing resolved.

This is in an effort to make sure no lore is missed or forgotten and that the movie follows the book.

I personally like this choice.

,Part 2 could be one of the greatest films ever made and I hope it is.

However, part 2 is not greenlit so if there is never a part 2- this movie is a flop.

How to draw nature realistic

My team and I have taught thousands of people from all different vocations, ages and levels of natural ability to be able to draw realistically over the past 20 years both in the real live world and online.

See the u2018beforeu2019 and u2018afteru2019 images below for ideas of what people can do when they study my course.

In the image to the left of each realism drawing you can see the varying levels of ability that people come to us drawing at.

On the right you can see their charcoal drawing that they have created just 64 hours into our course.

So I have the undeniable evidence and I know that almost anyone can learn to draw.

,I say u2018almostu2019 because some people really do struggle to understand the tutorials and video demos.

But these people usually have a battle in their mind - not necessarily their hand.

There has been about 5 or 6 people in my entire 20 years as an art educator who I had to help a way lot more than others (but they also finally made it to being able to draw realistically.

),In summary, so long as you have an encompassing complete art course that takes you .



How to draw nature step by step

Draw a lot.

nDont be precious about materials.

Dont use fancy art board or moleskines.

Get a big newsprint pad or a stack of cheap legal pads from Staples.

You want to draw as much and as quickly as possible, without being worried about wasting expensive paper.

,Draw fearlessly.

nUse a pen or Sharpie.

No erasers, no correcting fluid.

Fill the page completely as fast as you can.

Use loose scribbles and gestures.

Dont sweat details.

Use The Force -- let go your feelings, young Skywalker.

Get it right the first time or start over.

Try to push each drawing to completion, but if youre really not happy with where its going, toss it in the recycling and move on.

Also try drawing without looking at the page.

Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by the result.

,Draw light, not objects.

nSquint your eyes at the scene until all you can see are big blobs of light and dark.

Draw those.

Try to ignore boundaries of objects; let those emerge from the natural boundaries of light and shadows.

,Draw repetitively.

nGet a stack of 3x5 index cards.

Set up a simple still-life, a bowl of fruit or whatever, and draw it on every single index card.

Do it from different angles, distances, etc.

Use simple lines and dont spend more than two minutes on each one.

,Draw fast.

nGive yourself thirty seconds to do an entire scene.

Use big newsprint and a Sharpie.

Ignore details.

Use wide, loopy gestures.

This is an especially important exercise when you get started drawing people, where its easy to obsess about faces or hands or feet without ever getting to the overall pose.

One out of ten 30-second drawings you do will be amazingly good.

,Draw everything.

nBowls of fruit and people are always nice, but try drawing whatevers around: rocks, tangled computer cables, a brick wall, a rumpled bedsheet, wrappers and packaging, flaking paint, a movie poster, other works of art, a comic book page, an eggbeater, the underside of a table.

Imitate other artists you admire.

Copy your favorites as exactly as possible.

,Theres no such thing as talent.

nEverybody who draws well got there by practicing, practicing, practicing, formally or informally.

The only thing that separates you from the masters is the Gladwellian ten thousand hours.

Get to it, and have fun.

,Some drawings I likeThe illustrations in Roger Penroses book The Road To Reality are delightfully minimalist.

I have no idea what the math means, but I enjoy thinking about the drawings.



com/photos/ethanhein/sets/72157603018401540/detail/,Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud is a deep dive into the nature of art through the seemingly innocuous comics medium.



html,See tons of interesting art, drawn and otherwise, in my Flickr favorites.




Very very easy scenery

You need to define which country you come from.

Each country has their own rules abut who they let into the country and even if you have money it can be very difficult.

You are competing against locals for jobs, if you have health issues or bringing family members it can be difficult.

Do you speak the language of the host country? If you cant speak the language you are limited in what you can actually do there.

Things like scenery eye candy and whether you are accepted are entirely arbitrary and subjective and outside the realm of immigration.

I live in Japan which compared to other countries is relatively easy to move to you can get permanent resident status or even become a citizen.

,Europe is hard to move to for Americans unless you have specific job skills, a visa and a sponsor for your visa.

France for example has a lot of labor disputes and unrest at the moment.

Many countries are now anti-immigrant.

Australia and New Zealand are hard unless you are independently wealthy and can get an investment visa which starts at around $100,000 in investment capital.

Japanese investor visa is about $50,000.

Easy scenery drawing for kids

hi!! Kids are so creative even Im also a kid.

So let them only use their creativity to draw or for practice, you can open Pinterest or google and select a picture and say your kid to draw that and show it to you after completing.

They can draw house, flower, simple scenery, tree etc.

But dont give a complex topic to them.

,Thanking you.