Can you take metal cutlery on a plane?

Can you take metal cutlery on a plane

Iu2019ve brought a spoon more times than I can count.

,Knives are going to be a problem.

Can you bring a knife on a plane in checked baggage


You canu2019t.

The TSA will take it away from you.

Even if you canu2019t kill someone with the toothpick or tweezers on them, the same canu2019t be said about the knife blades.

Put it in your checked baggage or better yet, leave it at home.

That way you wonu2019t get it taken away from you when you forget to put it back in your checked bag on your return trip.

,Interesting note: At the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA, there is a collage of Swiss Army knives that were confiscated from passengers by the TSA that are sealed in polyurethane/resin.

Can I bring forks on a plane


After Thanksgiving 2019, I tweeted u201cAskTSAu201d to ask the same thing- and they responded that you can bring dinner forks and spoons onto a plane in your carry-on luggage, but only a butter knife that has no serration, so I did with no issues.

Can you bring tools on a plane

Nail tools can be a bit of a hassle to bring on a plane, but if you have someone to help you pack them, theyre usually not a problem.

Just make sure the tools are small enough to fit in your carry-on bag and that they dont require any batteries or other power sources.

Can you bring a comb on a plane

Just bring yourself.

Everything you need will be given to you.

Everything you bring will be put in storage.

And anything you want but dont need, dont worry about it.

,Going to basic training us a bit like going to prison.

Nothing you bring with you will be useful or allowable.

So only bring the absolutely necessary things youll need to have through the 24 to 48 hours itll take you to arrive at Bootcamp.

In particular you should have your personal identifications so you can board a plane, your service record issued to you at MEPS, $20 and a phone card just in case.

You should also dress appropriately for the season, keeping in mind that it could be chilly in the evenings.

Other than that you will not need anything else.

,I know most people cant live without their phone, but its best if you leave it home.

If you must have a cell phone get a cheap burner phone.

If youre into EDC (Every Day Carry) let it go this time.

You dont need to bring knives, pocket tools, pens, bottle openers, battery packs, headphones, fancy combs, flashlights, etcu2026 none of those things are necessary.

,Keep it simple and just bring yourself, what they give you at MEPS, and a wallet with the basics.

If you follow these tips youll be fine.

,Good luck on your journey my friend.

Can you take metal spoons on a plane

Iu2019ve brought a spoon more times than I can count.

,Knives are going to be a problem.

Can you bring plastic forks on a plane


Iu2019m a flight attendant of 34 yearsu2026US Flag Carrier, sou2026I know a bit about this.

,Firstu2026there is nothing wrong with taking your shoes off while you are SEATED, provided you have foot covering (socksu2026long haul, Iu2019d suggest support stockings, butu2026socks) Please do everyone a favor and wear clean socks, especially if your feet are odorous.

Once you leave your seat to walk and stretch or go to the galley for a drink, or to the lavatories, PLEEASE wear shoes!,Since safety is a flight attendantu2019s primary function on the aircraft, our concerns in that regard are just thatu2026your safety.

While the planes are u2018cleanedu2019 between flightsu2026they arenu2019t CLEANED.

They are simply quickly vacuumed and tidied.

Sometimes during the flight (especially in first and business class), glasses get broken, platesu2026whatever.

After a quick pick up of the obvious by the flight attendants, after the plane landsu2026cleaners may vacuum, but generally only where they see debris.

So some residual glass may remain embedded in the carpet, and potentially into your feet.

On long haul flights, the lights are typically turned to very dim so that you can sleep.

So what if youu2019re in the aisle seat, at night, and your foot happens to wander out into the aisle? Some unsuspecting fellow traveler could easily step on your foot in the dark.

BAD way to wake up! When the lights go off at night, it is next to impossible to see what has inched its way into the aisle from the behind the legs of the guy in 37Ju2026backpack strap, plastic fork, childrenu2019s toys (legos are killer).

You get the idea.

Worst case scenario? God forbid we should have to evacuate the aircraft for any reason.

Assuming that the plane is upright when it stops, and still intact, there will still be hazards in the cabin on the floor AND outside.


I canu2019t tell you what is on that floor in the lavatories.

Letu2019s just say that some men arenu2019t very specificu2026seems theyu2019re happy if they hit ANYTHING.

In their defense, turbulence is never very helpful.

So that liquid on the floor? JUST might NOT be water.

Are you sure you wanna find out? Itu2019d be bad enough barefooted, butu2026imagine your socks.

They are generally made of absorbent material, meant to keep your feet dryu2026so they in essence, act like a sponge.

You just used the lavatory and now your feet are soaked with God knows what.

You walk out of the lavatory and thru the cabin, bringing that mystery liquid all thru the cabin and to your seat, where, eventually, you will put your shoes on.

OVER those same socks.

And just imagineu2026those same socks walking thru the galley where all of your meals are preparedu2026 Get where Iu2019m going here?,Not only that, itu2019s disrespectful to your fellow passengers and to the the crew.

,Oh yeahu2026and please donu2019t put your feet on the tray tables (people EAT there), or on the head rest of the seat in front of youu2026shoes or no shoes.



,Hope this helps.