So I want to try writing a novel. Itu2019s plot is basically just the shenanigans a group of friends get up to, slice of life, is what I think itu2019s called. Iu2019m writing this for fun, but I donu2019t want it to be sloppily written, so any tips?

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A novel has at least one problem that the main character or characters take the entire book to solve.

,In Anne of Green Gables Annes major problem is to be accepted and even respected by a small parochial community.

She is an orphan and an outsider (She was not born in Prince Edward Island and, unlike Sarah Stanley in The Story Girl, her mother was not an Islander).

I assume that the French Canadian farm labourer in the book is an orphaned boy, but he is not accepted by the other children.

He does not attend their school.

Anne was supposed to be a boy and she has red-hair.

She has u201cadventures.

Each adventure is, even in an insubstantial way, linked to her quest for acceptance.

,The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has Tom getting into scrapes with his friends.

Toms overall journey through his novel, IMO, is to learn to be a responsible person.

He doesnt know he is to learn that.

He doesnt want to carry out tasks and he u2014I cant say u201ccheated because the kids did pay with their scripture tickets because they wanted to do his task for him u2014engage in sharp practices to win a Bible, a prize he wanted only because it was a prize to be won.

But Tom learns to comfort and take care of Becky Thatcher, whom his action put in danger in a cave.

He likes her as his girlfriend.

He got her into the cave.

Now he has to get both of them out.

He learns other things though the consequences of his experiences.

He didnt want to.

Hed rather enjoy his carefree childhood; but stuff happened and he had to deal with outcomes.

,So I suggest that your novel should have an ultimate direction that is not obvious in each adventure.

That would thread the adventures together.

,Have a plan for each chapter / adventure.

,Have a u201cview pointu201d character, like Tom.

The adventures happened to Huck, Joe, Becky and Muff Potter too, but the reader experiences them through Toms senses and mind.

,The view point character might be a different one in each adventure.

Be sure the reader knows who he or she is.

It is usually the person who has the most at stake.

He could be the observer /narrator, like Dr.

Watson; but remember that Watson did not really understand what he was seeing.

He reports what Holmes does.

He and we understand only when Holmes explained the story point by point as he u2014 Holmes (the main character) u2014 experienced it.

Or as the character whom Holmes captured (the man with the twisted lip, for instance) told the story behind the story.

,Dont have a crowd of characters.

Some writers might advise a maximum of six or eight participants in the story.

Dont worry about the number; but dont keep them if they are just hanging around u2014unless you need someone that hangs around.

,Allow yourself to write an imperfect first draft.

You wont find the right words immediately.

Write the words that come to you while writing.

Thinking of how you should say it will frustrate you and slow the flow to the story from inside your head to the page or screen.

You will edit and polish the story after you have written it, when you dont have to worry about what comes next.

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Travelling the Maritimes.

,Bay of Fundy u2014 Tidal Bore u2014 Flower Pot Islands.

New Brunswick,The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

,Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.

( World Unseco Heritage Site),Citadel Hill, Halifax Nova Scotia,Green Gables, Avalon, Prince Edward Island.

Famed for the Anne of Green Gables Stories.

,People from all over the world come to PEI just to see the place.

,(Japanese Tourists dressed as Anne.


Green Gables Museum

BRITISH COLUMBIA,The best - Butchart Gardens in Victoria,The worst - the Mount Polley mine spill,ALBERTA,The Best - The annual Calgary Stampede,The Worst - Sulphur piles from tar sands extraction,SASKATCHEWAN,The Best - The fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders,The worst - RCMP treatment of the First Nations,MANITOBA,The Best - Winnipeg,The Worst - Flooding,ONTARIO,The Best - Niagara Falls,The Worst - The 401 through Toronto,QUEBEC,The Best - Quebec Winter Carnival,The Worst - Anti-Islamic sentiment,NEW BRUNSWICK,The Best - Saint John,The Worst - Fredericton,NOVA SCOTIA,The Best - Cape Breton Island,The Worst - Abandoned Coal Mines,PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND,The Best - Green Gables,The worst - The Ripleyu2019s Museum in nearby Cavendish Beach,NEWFOUNDLAND,The Best - Signal Hill,The Worst - Abandoned fish processing factories

Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Yes, actually the entire island is beautiful.

Im next door to Prince Edward Island and never get tired of visiting there.

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Megan Follows.

,She played Anne (u201cwith an E!u201d) in Anne of Green Gables.

The trilogy is described, u201cMatthew Cuthbert and his crotchety sister Marilla contact a local orphanage to request a young boy who might serve as a farmhand on their Prince Edward Island estate called Green Gables.

u201d Clearly, they got a girl instead, named Anne.

,This was Megan during the first movie:,Megan was seventeen playing an eleven-year-old.

Despite the age difference, she did a fantastic job as the red-haired dreamer.

,The next film, Anne of Avonlea, was released two years later, when Megan was nearly twenty.

At this time, Anne was 18, so the ages were accurate.

,The third film, technically a mini series, was called Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story.

This film came out thirteen years after Anne of Avonlea.

Megan was 32 years old.

The screenplay was not based upon the books, so it got a lot of criticism.

,It took place during WWI, and Annes character was born in 1865.

She would have been in her fifties.

,This was Megan:,Clearly in her thirties, though she played out the character extremely well.

,A great series, 10/10 would recommend.

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I think they are about the same when it comes to popularity.

I prefer the Little House series myself.