Who are some of the best travel vloggers on youtube?

Best female travel vloggers on YouTube

travel YouTubers to followSorelle Amore.

Its hard not to fall in love with this quirky, travel-loving female powerhouse.




,Sailing La Vagabonde.

These two Australians have lived out their dream of sailing the oceans of the world with absolutely no previous sailing experience.

,Fearless and Far.




,Dave and Deb.




,Drew Binsky.




,The Bucket List Family.

,I Am Aileen.


Top travel vloggers on YouTube

Hey Nadine, Travel Channel, pDrop in Transit, Lonely Planet, and Waydeu2019s World Hawaii are all good channels.

English travel vloggers

Use English.

Why Hindi? English can be understood by many more people in India than Hindi.

Just 40 per cent people know Hindi.

Remaining 60 per cent people various other languages and English is the common link language amongst Indians.

Especially it connects North and South.

Best travel vloggers on YouTube Reddit

Here are my favorite YouTubers :,MKBHDHe makes tech videos.

Being a tech guy myself, I like his take on recent tech a lot.

I also like his u2018Dope Techu2019 series.

,CGP GreyHe is an American who lives in London.

He makes educational videos, most of which are rapidly spoken in his own style.

I like his videos a lot.

,Philip DeFrancoThis guy is awesome.

He delivers news in a show he calls u2018The Philip DeFranco Show.

u2019 He delivers news, and expresses his view on them, all the while trying to be unbiased.

Also, he asks his viewers about their opinions; something that the traditional news media doesnu2019t usually do.

,Vsauce 1, 2 & 3 (Michael Stevens, Kevin Lieber & Jake Roper),They make science-related videos on the Vsauce channels, which are quite intriguing.

They talk about everything from coincidences to time travel to paradoxes.

Every science geek musk check these channels out.

,LEMMiNOThis guy is an educational YouTuber from Sweden.

His channel was previously called u2018Top10Memesu2019 and he used to do list videos about topics ranging from space to reddit mysteries.

Now, he makes videos that are more in line with documentaries, usually about historical u201cmysteriesu201d.

,His videos are interesting, well researched and well, rare.

He doesnu2019t upload very often, as he goes to weird lengths for research, which takes time.

So, if you need an example of u2018Quality over Quantityu2019, this channel is definitely one.

He spent 5 years searching for the origin of this symbol.

Travel YouTube channel ideas

Here is a YouTube Profitable Niche formula:,Views+Viral+CPM+Scale+Cost of RevenueMost views are in the entertainment niche.

It is kids content, games, top 10s, DIY.

,Chances to go viral.

Again it is kids content, games, top 10s, DIY.


The highest CPM is in the English speaking countries and western Europe.


My team and I were making 150+ videos per month and generated $30-65k in revenue.

I could make 300-1000 videos per month.

How? I had to hire more video editors, photo editors, voice actors, and scriptwriters.

The more videos, the more changes come of them will go viral,Cost of Revenue.

You have to control your costs.

Always hire the best professionals at a reasonable price.


Couple travel vloggers

List of travel vloggers from Kerala who travel abroad take vidoes .

,Santhosh george kulangara : He is the torch bearer to everybody in Kerala to travel abroad!,Trip couple : Most underrated part time vlogger based out in USA,Mallu traveller : Most genuine adventure short temperd traveller Vlogger .

,Jithumpa : upcoming

Travel vlog description for YouTube

This is something Im actually struggling with myself, but I can tell you my thoughts on the topic.

,There are two things that you should worry about when titling your vlogs:,SearchabilityYou increase searchability by adding relevant keywords to the title.

For example, you could title your travel vlog Epic Waterfall in Utah, which would hit on people who might be searching for waterfalls in Utah.

Its also a good idea to repeat these keywords in both the video description and the tags.

,Interest levelYou also want the title to be something that piques the viewers curiosity.

I just peeked at Casey Neistats channel and his latest video titles are It was worth it, Shed kill me for saying this and They saw me NAKED.

Those titles dont necessarily explain the video, but they definitely get you interested! Combine it with a provocative thumbnail and BAM, a million views.

,Heres my hypothesis.

For bigger vloggers, focusing on interest level is key because theyre going to get a ton of views no matter what.

The more interesting the thumbnail / title is, the more of their subscribers are going to see it in their feed and click to watch.

,For smaller vloggers, searchability is king.

Its important that your title is interesting, but it also needs to be as searchable as possible, since search ia a huge discovery mechanism for newer vloggers.

But keep in mind, even if your video is title Visiting Montreal, you could still have an interesting or provocative thumbnail to grab a potential viewers attention.

,And it goes without saying, but never try to dupe your viewers.

The title and thumbnail should ALWAYS be relevant to the video.

What good is a viewer wholl never subscribe and leaves after 30 seconds? Not good at all.

,Hope it helps!