Can you travel the world on $1500 a month?

Where is Chocolate Hills located in Bohol


,Yes, you can definitely travel the world but to some extent.

Just like everything in life, there are limitations with a $1,500 budget for a month.

,Assuming that plane ticket back and forth US to a low-cost country is not included in the budget and that $1,500 is for one person only, letu2019s get on to one of your options.

,Philippines, a tropical archipelago located in Southeast Asia is one of your wide variety of options to travel to.

,From white sunny beaches,,to breathtaking mountains,,we have it here.

,In case pristine white sand is quite overrated to your liking, we have black sandy beaches too.

,Heck, we even have chic pink shores!,Perfect place to get tan.

,Finding unique landscape? Banaue Rice Terraces is the place to visit.

Sadly, the land is slowly weathering away.

I highly recommend to take in its majestic view before itu2019s gone.

,Or you can go island hopping in Siargao.

You can stop in areas you like and swim there with fishes.

,Experience the sea of clouds in mountainous areas.

After having a trek to the top, breathe in the clouds.

A place like heaven.

,We also have the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

This is where tarsiers, a branch-hugging species from Tarsidae family, live.

Quite like a little monkey with overly big wide eyes.

,Great destinations aside, $1,500 budget is equivalent to a rough estimate of Php 75,000.

Imagine what things you could experience with that money.

,You can go to hostels or guesthouse instead of hotels if you want to save.

You can also ride public transportation like jeepney or bus over taxi if your frugality wins.

Food is not expensive especially if you go to small eateries at the sidewalks.

,There are many other affordable countries like Philippines out there.

The question is, are you ready for some adventure?

Chocolate Hills facts

Fudge brownies.

After the last brownivore was killed in the Great Plains in 1912, humans were left as the only brownie eating creatures on earth.

Why, the Brownie Bear was such a majestic animal, filling the entire horizon as far as the eye could see.

People would shoot them while riding on trains across the Chocolate Hills of Cocorado.

,Edit: Iu2019m told that a handful critically endangered Everglades Chocodiles (Crocodylus cacao) remains extant.

Roughly fifty breeding specimens are kept at the USF Jack Donald Lewis Chocodile Sanctuary just East of Bonita Springs, FL.

Fun fact: this is where the nationu2019s leading experts are studying how to contain the invasive species of Florida Man (Homo floridensis).

Chocolate Hills brochure

In the future, my family wants to visit Japan.

Im curious if theres something to enjoy in Japan for me, if I enjoy something like the Grand Canyon or Chocolate Hills, but not the Eiffel Tower or Disneyland?You asked me for an answer, but I cant because Im not Japanese.

,I want you to find out all your judgments through travel brochures, world news, or ask Japanese people.

Chocolate Hills Complex

PhilippinesPhilippines has about 7,641 island, only 2,000 of these island are inhabitable.

We are surrounded with body of water.

,We have beautiful beaches, beautiful terrains, mountains and lakes.

,Boracay: The famous white beach, located at western visayas.

,Puerto Princesa: Famous underground river, also located at western visayas.

,Coron Island: third largest island in the country, located at northern Palawan,Hundren Islands: island totaling 124 on low tide and 123 on high tide, only 3 of them have been developed for tourism,Taal Volcano: a complex volcano in the middle of the lake.

It is the second active volcano in the Philippines with 33 historical eruption.

,Banaue Rice Terraces: 2,000 year old terraces that was carved handmade into the mountain of Ifugao by the ancestors.

,Mayon Volcano: The cone is considered the worlds most perfectly formed volcano for its symmetry.

,Chocolate Hills: 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 kilometers.

They covered in grass, but during the dry season it turns brown (like chocolate),These are just few of our tourist attraction.

,*Itu2019s more fun in the Philippines*Image source: Google

Chocolate hills Picture

Note: Iu2019m not convincing you to visit my countryu2026,Shimzu Island, El Nido, PalawanMarlboro Country, Basco, BatanesKalanggaman Island, LeyteChocolate Hills, Carmen, BoholEnchanted River, Surigao.








,u2026but are you convinced?

Chocolate Hills Bohol map


Thatu2019s how I would describe the various countrysides in the Philippines.

From Luzon to the Visayas to Mindanao, this little dot on the map has a lot to offer.

7,107 islands all in all.

There are several places you could go to for a quiet respite, retreat if you will or family gatherings or team buildings.

,This is Nayong Pilipino in Clark Pampangau2026.

,The pic below is in Tagaytay,Our Banawe Rice Terraces,The pic below shows the countryside in Baguio,This one below is in the Cordillera,The pic below is the Chocolate Hills in Bohol in the Visayas,Countryside, still in Boholu2026,Below is Sierra Madre,Thereu2019s a lot more where this came from.

This is just a birdu2019s eye view of what the countryside looks like in various places.