Where is the North Pole?

Where is the North Pole located

You have to understand that there is NO Physical NORTH POLE.

There is no post sticking out of the ice.

Our globe is laid out in grid lines and just as there is a coordinate for the very spot you are at right now The North pole is a place where all the lines of longitude meet in the Northern Hemisphere it is also the point of the axis of the earth.

An imaginary line passing from the North pole to the South Pole that the earth rotates around.

When you are at the north pole you are at 90 degrees North.

There is only one direction from the North Pole and that is South.

There is no more East, West, or North when you are at the pole.

What continent is the North Pole on

The North Pole is not located on any continent.

It is in the Arctic Ocean - thus its name.

,I recall learning a rule in Geography class many (many, u2026) moons ago at Daniel OConnell School.

,u201cThe Arctic is an ocean surrounded by three continents, while the Antarctic is a continent surrounded by three oceans.

u201d This predated the naming of the Southern Ocean, I might add.

North Pole and South Pole

You can find plenty of penguins in Antarctica (as well as in parts of South America and other regions).

But there are no penguins living at the North Pole or any other part of the Arctic.

In fact, the birds live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere.

,Only two of the 17 species of penguin actually live in the Antarctic The rest prefer warmer weather.

,The reason why there is no penguins at the North Pole ? .

The fossil record suggest they evolved in the Southern Hemisphere, possibly around what is now NewZealand.

One of the main reasons why penguins were able to relinquish the ability to fly is due to the lack of land based predators, which unfortunately the artic is full of with artic foxes and polar bears being a good example.

Is there land at the North Pole

No my friend.

The North Pole, unlike the South Pole is nothing but floating ice.

,There are some conspiracy theorists that say there is a tunnel at the pole that enters into a hollow earth.

They look at one NASA image where the clouds have opened up in a circular formation, probably over land which would make sense, and that is their proof.

,They obviously have too much time on their hands and too little common sense.

Do people live in the North Pole

Nobody lives at the North Pole.

This is what the North Pole looked like when the BBCu2019s Top Gear team and their guides visited:,Itu2019s just a patch of frozen ocean.

,Lots of people live in the Arctic Circle, however.

There are even some sizeable cities such as Tromsu00f8, Norway; Rovaniemi, Finland; and Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.

,The most northern city is Longyearbyen, Norway, though u2018cityu2019 is stretching it.

It has a population of around 2000 and is located at 78 degrees north:,The most northerly permanently inhabited place is Alert, Canada, at 82 degrees north.

It barely even counts as a settlement as it has a rotating population of scientists and military personnel between zero and five people! Hereu2019s a photo of one of the environmental science labs:,Not exactly a bustling place to live.

,Oddly, quite a lot of people live at the South Pole, though none of them permanently.

The United Statesu2019 Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station has a summer population of around 200 and a winter population of 50:

North Pole temperature

No, they are vastly different places, the North Pole is in (roughly) the middle of a frozen ocean and so is at around sea level, the South Pole is in the middle of by far the coldest continent and is on top of almost 3000m of ancient ice.

,Oceans are never really cold and the ice covering it at the North Pole is never more than a few metres thick so the temperature cannot fall to the lows seen in Northern Russia, Scandinavia or Canada, the Antarctica is colder than anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Pole isnu2019t at the coldest place in Antarctica but it still gets close at -74C there are a few places in the Mountains of Russia and Greenland that get even colder than that but thatu2019s because they are higher up.

The coldest recorded place in Antarctica almost got down to -90C.

North Pole Population

Probably like the Inuits: ,Except that these people would not have to fight against Polar Bears and thus might spread a bit further than their Greenlandic counterparts.

,Otherwise, hunting seals, like the inuit would be the main activity , but penguin hunting would be another big part of the lifestyle.

,They would also indeed only live on the coast.

No people has ever lived permanently on an ice-shelf as far as I know.

,Hope this helped!