Where are the worlds greatest coastlines?

Last Frontier Palawan

Apart from Rio, US-1 and Kauai, Hawai already mentioned above, I would throw in Palawan (Coron, El Nido) Philippines.

The place has about 1700+ islands scattered in the archipelago on the pacific, and each of these islands have their own white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, and incredibly beautiful diving spots.

,Its difficult to capture it through images --- and you have to really see it to believe it --- but of the beaches/coastlines I have seen, this felt like the last frontier.


Last Frontier Beach Restaurant

Seychelles, one of the worldu2019s very last frontiers, promises adventure and breathtaking natural beauty in pristine surrounds still untouched by man.

It consists of an archipelago of 115 islands that lies just South of the Equator, and East of Kenya which stretch like an array of jewels, and even have their own unique suggestively shaped fruit, the famous u2018Coco De Meru2019 double coconut, to emphasize their seductive charms.

,The breathtakingly beautiful islands are also surely one of the most romantic destinations.

They cast a siren-like spell over everyone who experiences its crystalline turquoise sea washing the pristine coral reefs and the powdery beaches that encircle the vast granite pinnacles which emerge from the verdant green rain forest.

,THE ITINERARYDay 1: Nairobi-Seychelles-Arrival at Seychelles where you will be met by our representative who will assist transfer you to the hotel.

,Day 2: Sights of Praslin u2013Full Day tournThis tour of Praslin begins with a visit to the Pearl Farm followed by the World Heritage Site of Vallu00e9e de Mai.

After exploring this unique primeval palm forest, visit Cote Du2019Or then continue to Anse Lazio to enjoy a Creole lunch at Bonbon Plume Restaurant.

After lunch you can relax on one of the worldu2019s most beautiful beaches and enjoy a delightful swim.

,Day 3: Marine park full day Sea ExcursionnJourney by boat to discover the underwater world of tropical coral reefs at one of the Marine National Parks of Seychelles.

You will see an amazing variety of marine life including corals teeming with fish.

You can enjoy a delicious Creole lunch, and spend the afternoon swimming or simply lazing in the sun.

,Day 4: RelaxationnSpend the day relaxing and enjoying the hotel facilities like the swimming pool, spa, gym or even the movie theatre before dinner and overnight stay at the hotel,Day 5 Helicopter Scenic FlightsnThe spectacular beauty of the islands of Seychelles can best be appreciated from the air by taking a thrilling helicopter ride around the islands,Day 6: RelaxationnSpend the day relaxing, sunbathing by the poolside or in your rooms.

You may also take this time to sample some of the hotel cuisines and delicacies.

In the evening you may take a romantic beach walk as you enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery,Day 7: Seychelles/ NairobinAfter breakfast check out and proceed to the airport for your flight back to Nairobi,for more information pl contact+918527231212

Beach Resort El Nido, Palawan

Hi! I am from the Philippines.

Since the country is an archipelago, it boasts beautiful beaches anywhere in the region.

Youu2019ve got a lot to choose from depending on your budget, length of stay, activities you want to do, among others.

Among the top islands are Palawan and Boracay - they were recently voted as the best islands in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine (see The Worldu2019s Top 10 Islands).

Other popular destinations with really stunning beaches are Bohol, Surigao and Cebu.

Iu2019ve been to these islands and I must say that itu2019s safe.

Filipinos are known for being hospitable and always willing to help.

Additional factor is almost all people can speak in English so you will not have a hard time in communicating with the people.

,You may check these sites and see for yourself how these beaches are an ideal destination to relax.

,El Nido, Palawan - El Nido ResortsHuma Island, Palawan - Huma Island Resort & SpaHennan Beach Resort, Bohol - Henann Resort Alona Beach, Bohol u2022 World class resort in Panglao Island, BoholBoracay - Luxury Resort in Boracay - 5 Star Beach HotelCebu - Cebu Luxury Beach Resort - 5 Star Hotel | Shangri-Las Mactan Resort and SpaHope I was able to help you.


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SUMMER TIME | Mae Jacolo Aguilar u201cAppLeu201d on WordPress.

com: Create a free website or blogMae Jacolo Aguilar AppleI know right? Itu2019s summer and everybody seems to look forward going on a vacau2026 Where else but the beach.

Well, let me bring you the beautiful beaches of the Islands of the Philippines!Letu2019s head over to Palawanu2026,It is about 420 kilometres (260 mi) south-west of Manila, and about 238 kilometres (148 mi) north-east of Puerto Princesa, Palawanu2019s capital.

A managed resource protected area, it is known for its white-sand beaches, coral reefs, limestone cliffs and as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago.

,El Nido is currently ranked #4 in Condu00e9 Nast Traveleru2018s list of u201c20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World.

u201d CNNGo has called it the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines for its u201cextraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem.

,El Nido, being one of the most diverse ecosystem in the country, is protected for its unique flora and fauna, and pristine geologic formations.

These include:,limestone cliffs, the home of the swiftlets50 white sand beaches,5 types of forest (the lowland evergreen rainforests found in the mainland and islands such as Miniloc, Lagen and Pangulasian; semi-deciduous forests; forests over limestone;,beach forests; and, the mangrove forests found mostly around major rivers and creeks in the mainland),3 major marine habitats16 endemic and 10 threatened species of birds (including the Palawan hornbill, the Palawan shama, the Palawan tit, Palawan scops owl, and the Palawan peacock pheasant),6 species of marine mammals endemic to Palawan(including dolphins and its native dugong)the Palawan tree shrew, the Palawan stink badger, the Palawan spiny rat, the Palawan anteater, and the northern Palawan tree squirrel4 species of endangered marine turtles (hawksbill, olive ridley, leatherbackand green sea turtles)100 species of corals, 45 of which belongs to the genera of hard corals 813 species of fish,the towering marble cliffs and enchanting lagoons to its 100 white sandy beaches, lush jungle and mangrove forest, prehistoric caves and waterfalls, ElNido is one of the top tourist destinations in Palawan, which is often referred to as the u201cPhilippinesu2019 Last Frontieru201d.

In the Novemberu2013December 2007 issue of the National Geographic Traveleru2018s magazine, Palawan was chosen as one of the best travel destinations in the world, and particularly, it recommended El Nido and the Calamianes Islands.

In 2012, CNNGo, the travel news website of the international news agency Cable News Network, declared El Nido as the Philippinesu2019 Best Beach and Island destination.

,*AMAZING BEACHESSeven Commandos BeachAn isolated beach that is located on the mainland, but only accessible by water, due to the mountainous terrain.

Unlike most remote destinations in Bacuit Bay, there is a multi-story, high end resort here in addition to cottages and tent camping sites right on the beach.

There are quite a number of small permanent structures throughout Seven Commandos.

It is also a popular stop on island hopping tours.

,Simizu IslandA small island surrounded by clear waters of El Nido, rock formations and a scene of towering mountains.

A good place as a lunch area for Island Tour A.

,Bacuit BayBacuit Bay is dotted with islands and islets, most of which are inhabited.

Its clear blue waters are teeming with marine life.

It is home to dugongs, turtles, manta rays, species of fishes, coral reefs, and the occasional whale sharks.

There are over 30 dive sites ranging in depth from six to more than thirty meters.

,Cadlao Islandis the largest island in El Nido, occupying a land area of 10.

06 square kilometers.

Among all islands, it is the closest to town proper and has the highest peak that towers up to 640 meters above sea level.

It is known for its white sand beaches, gradually sloping sea floor, hidden lagoons, and nature trails through its lush forest cover.

One of these nature trails leads to the charming saltwater Makaamo Lagoon.

Surrounded by mangroves, the lagoon is best enjoyed in silence at sunrise or sunset when the birds feed.

There are a number of beaches on Cadlao, including that at Bocal Point, Natnat, and Paradise Beach on the southern side of the island.

Sabang Beach in the north-east offers good snorkeling opportunities, though some visitors may recognize it as one of the settings for the Scandinavian TV show Robinson Expedisjonen, the predecessor to Survivor.

,Dilumacad IslandDilumacad Island has a beautiful white sand beach stretching to some 300 meters that is ideal for picnic lunches during island-hopping trips.

There is an underwater tunnel at its northern side and a fringing reef on its southern end.

The island is also called Helicopter Island because its limestone cliffs resemble the shape of a helicopter when it is viewed from a considerable distance.

The island itself is small by land mass, but is rich in vegetation and has a thick, dense rainforest, along with some bare rock, that seems to rise directly out of the deep blue sea.

,Pangulasian IslandPangulasian has 750-metre (2,460 ft) wide stretch of powdery white beaches in El Nido, which is very ideal for sun bathing, sunset viewing, and other beach activities.

The waters fronting the beach are clusters of coral reefs that make this area a good snorkeling and diving site.

A trail located in the middle of the island is a good place for birdwatching, especially during early mornings and late afternoons.

The trail ends at the peak of the island and provides and an excellent 360-degree view of the Bacuit Bay and nearby islands.

,Vigan IslandLocated near Pangulasian Island, Vigan is also referred to as u201cSnake Island,u201d because of the fine natural sandspit (s-shaped sandbar) that u201csnakesu201d off it shores.

The sandspit is clearly visible only when the tide is low.

On both sides of the sandspit are shallow swimming areas.

,Cudugnon PointCudugnon Point is an important anthropological site, where jewelry and pottery dating back to the Song dynasty (960u20131279 CE) were yielded.

The anthropologists believe that the cave dwellers were from Borneo, and travelled across the ancient land bridge that connected Palawan from Borneo.

The crevices of its cave roof are inhabited by barn swallows and insectivorous bats.

,Matinloc IslandMatinloc Island, the longest slim island in El Nido, has a secret beach, which is a pocket of white sand beach at the corner of a sinkhole, that is inaccessible by boat and surrounded by steep rock walls.

To reach it, divers must swim underwater through a narrow crevice in a rock wall.

At noon, the sun streams in through the opening, allowing a play of light and shadow against its limestone walls.

The beach floor drops abruptly.

According to local legend, this beach inspired Alex Garlandu2018s novel The Beach, which was written while the author was in El Nido.

,Secret BeachKulasa BeachAside from the Secret Beach, the island is also famous for the Kulasa Beach, a 100-meter beach strip of fine white sand located at one of its coves.

The sea floor surrounding the beach slopes gradually and the water deepens only after about 10 meters.

There are four dive sites around the island with the one at the south tip of Matinloc being the deepest at 39 meters.

,Pinasil IslandPinasil Island has a cathedral-like cavern accessible by dinghy and kayak.

Its cool interior is lit at certain times of the day by sunlight coming through an opening at its peak.

This one of important sites for the busyadors or the birdsu2019 nest gatherers.

,Aberawan RiverAside from its several islands and beaches, tourists can also enjoy a mangrove tour along the Aberawan River where they can watch egrets roost among the mangrove trees at the mouth of the river.

,Ille Cave12,000 years ago, El Nido was inhabited already by humans.

Archaeologists found human and animal bones, potteries and even traces of 8,000-year-old cremation at Ille Cave.

Ille is located at New Ibajay, a 45-minute drive from the town center, and is frequented by tourists.

,Poblaciu00f3n (El Nido town proper)Nestled around the towering marble and limestone cliffs and green hills, the town proper is a thriving tourist center where most cottages, bars, and souvenir shops can be found.

,Marimegmeg as Las Cabanas beachJust one kilometer south of Corong-Corong, Marimegmeg beach is home to one of El Nidou2019s very first resorts.

Named Las Cabanas resort, tourists began incorrectly referring to Marimegmeg as Las Cabanas beach, and the name stuck.

There is a zip-line between the coast and a nearby island that you can access via a footpath behind the beach.

,Balay TubayA 90-year-old house turned into a bar along Calle Real where paintings and handicrafts of local artists are put on display.

Every night, live music is performed there then.

Originally owned by Sabas C.

Robles, the grandfather of Judge Sabas Robles Acosta, father of Andrei Ustares Acostau200au2014u200athe Palawanologist.

,Nacpan BeachA 4-kilometre (2.

5 mi) stretch of powdery white sand and pristine azure waters which is 45 minutes to an hour away from downtown El Nido via tricycle.

This rocky peninsula offers signature views of the twin beaches after a short vertical hike up the trail, but the land was purchased by a private developer in 2016.

The developer has plans to build a luxury resort on the grounds.

Protests to the sale and the building have come in the form of squatters attempting to reclaim the land.

The battle between these two parties has resulted in the property being watched 24 hours by an armed security guard.

,Duli BeachA surfing spot of El Nido.

One of the mainland tour that become famous than nacpan beach one day.


Very safe for a surfer pure sands, good waves every september to march and no almost waves during the season of summer.


Almost the same in nacpan but Duli is not busy or crowded.

Still not convinced? Watch thisu2026Have a fun-tastic SUMMERSCAPE EVERYONE!,Originally published at httpmanzanamaia.


com on April 16, 2018.

References:,Wikipedia:youtube,u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014-,I do not own pictures and video please see google and youtube

Buko Beach Resort

If you have to mix business with pleasure, youll be limited to the environs around Manila, where land travel is a pain because of the awful traffic conditions.

Be sure to ask for local suggestions or have a Filipino friend guide you around.

Download Google Maps of the local areas.

Below are some of my suggestions:,La Mesa Dam - its a forested park, reservoir, and watershed in the north of Quezon City.

Another similar site is the UP Balara water filtration plant where you can have a picnic and a swim in the pools.

On the way there and back you can drive by the Quezon Memorial Circle, University of the Philippines Diliman campus, Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park, and the Ateneo de Manila campus, for a sight-seeing tour.

The only working carillon (bell tower) in the country is in UP Diliman and you might catch the bells being played in the afternoon at sundown.

,If you like visiting museums, try out the Ayala Museum in the Greenbelt Makati business area.

Thereu2019s a small art gallery showing scenes about the history of the Philippines at the 5th floor of the Gateway Tower in Cubao, Quezon City.

The Museum of the Central Bank of the Philippines along Roxas Boulevard shows the different historical currencies of the Philippines and other governments.

,Take a tour of Fort Santiago in Intramuros (the walled fort), Rizal Park, and the National Museum in Manila City.

The various hotels and pubs in the Ermita and Malate district have all sorts of night life available.

The University of Santo Tomas, which is older than Harvard University, has a good museum of historical and religious artifacts.

,Check out the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Smart Araneta Colisseum, the Kia Theater in Cubao, and other theater venues where they have concerts by visiting international artists.

You can then swing by any of the music bars and lounges were very good local cover bands can belt out amazing renditions of international music hit songs.

,Catch a ferry ride across Manila Bay to Corregidor Island for a sidetrip to a World War II battleground.

You can stay there overnight and take a boat ride to Bataan for a drive up to the Shrine of Valor at the peak of Mount Samat with its gigantic cross and battlefield memorials.

Visit the town in Bataan where traditional Filipino mansions and old houses have been relocated and rebuilt as if it was a town in the 19th century.

,Take a trip to College of Forestry at the University of the Philippines Los Bau00f1os Campus near Mt.

Makiling, Laguna, and take a dip in the hot springs along Pansol.

Sample the Original Buko (young coconut) Pie sold along the highway.

Drive over to Hacienda Escudero and have lunch in the famous water picnic restaurant there as well as visit the museum.

You can enjoy watersports in a lake if you take a longer drive to Caliraya or San Pablo, Quezon, or CamSur.

,You can drive to Tagaytay City in Cavite to see the view of Taal Volcano Island in Taal Lake.

Drive up to the ruins of the Palace in the Sky to check out the entire countryside.

If youu2019re adventurous and fit, you can take a day-long hike up Mount Batulao or take a boat ride to the Volcano Island and hike to the volcanic crater and cliffs.

,Drive along the new scenic zigzag highway beyond Cogeo and Antipolo in the direction of Camp Capinpin in Rizal province and have lunch at the hilltop Sierra Madre Hotel.

,Drive to any of the beaches in Batangas, Bataan, Zambales (Subic Bay), Quezon (Lucena, Lucban, Sariaya, or Pagbilao), or Aurora (Baler for surfing) for an overnight stay in one of the seaside resorts.

Watersports are a big thing at certain resorts.

,Take a bus for a two-night stay to Baguio City (u201cThe City of the Pinesu201d) and visit the Philippine Military Academy at Fort Del Pilar, Burnham Park, and other Baguio City spots.

,Take a ferry ride from Batangas City to Puerto Galera on Mindoro Island and stay for two days snorkeling among the corals.

You can also go to Anilao in Batangas, Verde Island, or Marinduque Island for scuba diving.

,Drive to Clark in Pampanga to take a flight in one of the ultra-light aircraft.

Or go to the horse stables and ride a horse as if youu2019re a cowboy on a ranch.